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Adams County, Mississippi

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19th Century Newspaper List Duke University
A History of Mississippi Cotton Mills and Mill Villages  By Narvell Strickland, 1998 -
A study of the history of cotton manufacturing in the state. It is available at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, and public libraries at Natchez, McComb, Magnolia, Wesson, Stonewall, Meridian, Winona, Kosciusko, West Point, and Tupelo. 
The book examines the historical development of cotton mills in Mississippi, from the first mill at Natchez in 1834 to the demise of the Sanders's conglomerate of cotton mills in the 1950s. It visits the antebellum mills at Natchez, Bankston, Woodville, State Penitentiary, and Jackson; the post Civil War mills at Wesson, Stonewall, Cornith, Natchez, and Meridian; and the twentieth century mills at Mississippi A&M College, Tupelo, McComb, Bertha-dale, Natchez, Kosciusko, Laurel, Starkville, Magnolia, Meridian, West Point, Winona, and Yazoo City. How the turbulent years of the Civil War, the radical Reconstruction, the Great Depression, and World War ll affected Mississippi cotton manufacturing is reviewed. 
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi Reprint of the 1891 Edition; The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1978
Callon, Sim C. and Smith, Carolyn Vance; The Goat Castle Murder; Plantation Publishing Company; P.O. Box 17842 - Trace Town Station, Natchez, Mississippi 39120, 1985; LC Number 85-081116 -
Dred Scott Decision - Natchez Daily Courier, 1856 .-
Hogan, William Ransom and Davis, Edwin Adams, Editors; William Johnson's Natchez; Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London, 1951, 1979, 1993; LC Number 68-25203; ISBN 0-8071-1855-9 -
Hubbard, Sylvia Booth; Ghosts!; QRP Books, Brandon, Mississippi, 1992 -
James, D Clayton; Antebellum Natchez Published by Louisiana State University Press, 1968. A history of Natchez up to the Civil War. 

Submitted by John Alvey

Kane, Harriet T.; Natchez on the Mississippi; Bonanza Books, New York, 1957
Jack W. McNatt 
2216 Hickory Ridge Drive 
Valrico, FL 33594 
Phone: 813-685-2855 
E-mail: grampy@sprynet.com
Natchez Historic Society David Malatesta
602 S. Wall Street
Natchez, Miss. 39120
Phone (601) 446-9554

Work number & address:
Reynolds-Malatesta Funeral Home
420 John R. Junkin Drive
Natchez, Miss. 39120
Phone (601) 442-7726

Natchez Indians Selected Bibliography Compiled by Jim Barnett, Director
Division of Historic Properties
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Oliver, Nola Nance; Natchez: Symbol of the Old South Published by Hastings House, New York, 1940. 

Primarily pictures and descriptions of old Natchez houses but interesting 

Submitted by John Alvey

Randall, J. G. and Donald, David; The Civil War and Reconstruction;  D. C. Heath and Co., Lexington, Massachusettes, 1969 -
Roland, Dunbar, LL.D; History of Mississippi; Chicago-Jackson, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1925 -
Short, Mrs. Hazel S. (Mrs. Melvin B.); The Guice Family in America. Sterlington, Louisisan, 1970 -
Snith, Reid; The Majesty of Natchez; Paddle Wheel Publication, Montgomery, Alabama, 1969 -
The Descendants of the Jersey Settlers of Adams County, Mississippi, Frances Preston Mills, Editor; The History of the Descendants of the Jersey Settlers of Adams County, Mississippi. Hederman Brothers, Jackson, Mississippi, 1981 -
The Genealogical Committee Natchez Historical Society; Monuments in the Natchez City Cemetery. McDonald's Printers, Natchez, Mississippi, 1981 -
The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817; Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1981 -
The Scully and Bauer Families Of Natchez, Mississippi; 1996; Ellen Pack
For Old Times Sake
The WPA Guide to the Magnolia State - Compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the Works Progress Administration. First pub May 1938 by Viking Press. University Press of MS, Jackson & London, 1988 --

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