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My family is listed as living on Beat 1, Adams County in the 1900 census.  Can anyone tell me where this area was located and if it is still there. Thank-you. 
Friday, December 22, 2000
Debra White Hayes
Can anyone give me the name of a Catholic Orphanage in Natchez in the early 1900's?  My father and his two sisters were there for about a year while their mother obtained a job to support them.  Year was 1916 or 1917.  Thank you in advance.
Saturday, September 23, 2000
Elizabeth Grimes
Agnes Plymouth DeCAMP is found on the 1920 Census for Adams Co., MS as an Inmate at the St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum.  I would like to find out about how to get records from this facility.  How do you contact the Catholic Archives or the Bishop in Adams Co., MS?  Any help or suggestions appreciated. 
Sunday, March 19, 2000
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Lynna Kay Shuffield
Interested in history of Arnot area, particularly families or persons residing in the area in the time period of the 1920's.  What was the community like, etc.
K. Houchin Bates
Looking for any on-line maps of antebellum-period Mississippi
history.  I need a map that shows the Adams County plantations. 
Sharon A.
Looking for information on SMITHLAND PLANTATION.  Where was it located?  Was there more than one location? Thanks.
Ruth Spillers
Looking for information on the OLD ECLIPSE PLANTATION in Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi.  My great grandfather George Carr HOLMES was born there in 1852.  Any information on HOLMES or CARR is appreciated.  07/24/99
Looking for sources of information on the Bingaman Rangers. Books, articles, etc. 07/17/99
Audrey Bingaman Patterson
Attempting to find information on a Hunter Plantation or a plantation located in Natchez, MS owned by the HUNTER family prior to the Civil War.  My family would have been slaves on this particular 
plantation. 07/17/99
Monique Cola
Looking for a girls school which was in existence around Natchez, Brookhaven or Union Church around the early 1900's. 
Coley Scott
Can anyone give me info on a King's Daughters Hospital in Natchez.  I was told I was born there.  Is this hospital still in existence.  Is it a Catholic Hospital?  Can I request hospital records from there?  Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.  Surname - SLATER
Levin WAILES, 1768-1847, was Surveyor General of the Miss. Territory and a very famous guy; he's no kin of mine, but I wrote an article on him which Gerri Newton put on the web at "http://www.rootsweb.com/~msadams/survey.htm".  He is buried at "The Wailes Cemetary", "in back of the old Wailes Home at Washington", which I believe in the 1800s was called "Mead Villa". Can anybody tell me whether it still  exists, or where it is or was? Put me in touch with its owner? Please reply, if you can. "Bless your heart".
David Bagwell,
Mobile, AL
I'm searching for information on a familyBible.  Genealogical pages from this Bible have been reported as being available from the MS Dept. of Archives & History in Jackson.  I have searched for it in the archives on two separate occasions with the assistance of two librarians, but with no success.  Names in the information are BRECKINRIDGE, CARSON, GALE, GREEN, & others. Dates entered run from 1768 to 1899.   The Bible is said to have belonged to Mary HUTCHINS GREEN.  HUTCHINS & GREEN's settled in the Natchez district in the eighteenth century.  I have a photocopy of this handwritten genealogical information  which includes Mary HUTCHINS GREEN & her husband, Abner GREEN.  They lived in the Natchez area & reared their family there.  If anyone has information on where the original sheets may be or perhaps has a better copy, or if you have suggestions of where I can pursue this further, please let me know.  01/23/99
Mary Page
Looking for information on Trinity Cemetery, that had it's beginings on Nicholas Rabb and William Clark land. When I
was there in the early 1980's there were about 3 stones standing. One of them was Martha Clark Rabb, wife of Nicholas Rabb II. I know 12 Rabbs nad Clarks are buried there.  If you have information on whether the cemetery is still there I would like to know. 01/23/99
Jean Holley Day
Looking for information on the Natchez, MS police dept. for the years of 1921 thru 1930.  11/18/98
Wade Guice, Jr.
Looking for info on Mississippi Sate Military [Militia?] around 1917, Adams Co, MS, specifically a NATIEL [Nathaniel?] STU METLE branch.  10/25/98
Wade Guice, Jr.
What area of Adams Co. would have been considered City of Natchez South for the 1850 census  --- and what churches would have been in that area.   10/17/98
Am interested in names of people that settled the Jersey Settlement and more about the Settlement itself. 
Thank You.  09/22/98
Harriet McAulay Eagle
Seeking info about Natchez Post. Was this a military post? A fort? If so, under what government? How long did it exist? Where would records regarding the Post be located? I am trying to get info about Dr. David Phelps who was a surgeon at the Post.
Shirley McCluer
I am looking for information from the Catholic Orphan's Home where my grandmother and her brother, Ruth Florence and Thomas Ashley, were left in 1891.
Can anyone give me any information regarding the location of a Confederate Veterans home in this part of Mississippi?
Kirk Lipscomb
Can anyone tell me what happened to the plantation Ivanhoe? It belonged to some of my ancestors?
Ray and Carol Rick
Was there an I.O.O.F.  (Odd Fellows) Lodge in Natchez in the 1861 to1866 time period?  Where are the records and who is the custodian?  Thank you.
David W. Bernard

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