Pensioners for 1908

Original book can be viewed at the library of the Alcorn County Genealogy Society. Copies can be ordered from them. Transcribed and submitted by Vicki Burress Roach

Pages 206-211 in original book.
Each pensioner drew $25.65 unless otherwise noted by the name.
Anderson Annie A.
Austin J.N.
Baker C.W.
Barker W.C.
Barns? W.L.
Bennett C.D. Mrs.
Bobo Rosa Ann
Bonds Dovie
Boone Nancy A.
Boyd M.C. Mrs.
Brice James
Briggs M.F. Mrs.
Broadaway N.E. Mrs.
Brooks D.A.
Browning O.?N. or C.N.? (drew $75.00)
Burcham W.
Burns R.A.
Burrow Martha J.
Burrows A.H.
Busby J.H.
Bynum Luke
Bynum W.M.
Callahan W.H.
Calvery Jno. O.?
Cameron M.C.
Carter J.B.
Choate D.
Clay Bettie E.
Clemmons Dorcas L.
Coke R.F.
Coleman S.M.
Cunningham Wm.
Dalton Lizzie
Dancer Narcissa
Dees Jno. P.
Dillingham Jim?
Dilworth M.E. Mrs.
Dobbins C.F.
Driver Tennie
Duncan C.P.
Enoch M.B. Mrs.
Faircloth M.E. Mrs.
Fields R.J. Mrs.
Finlay? S.E. Mrs.
Forsyth Creasy
Fryar Mary A.
Gibson? James
Ginn Jackson
Gipson Mahulda J.
Glover E. Mrs.
Goans? Alford
Grace V.A.
Green T.F.
Griffin E.A. Mrs.
Grimes R.U.?
Gutherie Mary E.
Harper H.J.
Harris W.P.
Haynie E.D.
Haynie Raechal
Hearn C.C.?
Henry Bella
Honnell P.A.
Hooker A.?M.
Hopkins A.J.
Houston W.T.J.
Hudson L. O. Mrs.
Huff O.M.
Hyneman B.F.
Jones G.O.
Jones M.E. Mrs.
Jones Nannie M.
Jones Sarah A.
Joslin Mariah
Keith Nora E.
Kennedy W.R.
Kincaid J.R.
Lamberth Julia
Lamberth M.J. Mrs.
Lancaster M.?P. Mrs.
Lewis William
Little Calven
Lowery G.W.
Martin Nannie J.
Mathis Eliza
Mathis J.C.
Mattox Sallie
McKinnon C.A.
McLean Angeline
Melvin Carrie E.
Meyers Sam H.
Mills T.M.
Mincey J.M.
Mitchell W.H.?
Monroe Sarah
Moody M.
Morris Susan
Mosely Mary A.
Moss Angeline (drew $75.00)
Moss Jno.
Murdough Horace
Murrah W.H.
Nash Elizabeth
Nelms Nancy
Page Thos.
Paschal L.?P.
Patrick Nancy
Patton A.T.
Petty G.W.
Poindexter F.H.
Polk ?.E.
Porterfield John
Potts E.
Raper Sara
Ray F.C. Mrs.
Reynolds D.H.
Ridings? N.S. Mrs.
Robinson S.?T.?
Rowsey Tempie
Sanders Cinthea
Savage James R.
Savage M.L. Mrs.
Scarberry Joe
Searcy F.J.
Smith Amanda
Smith Jno.
Smith Phoeba
Smith W.H.
Smith? Levi
Snow? Eli
Spencer Jane E.
Stevenson Mary
Strickland G.W.
Strickland Julia A.
Studdard R.M.
Suitor M.
Tassell J.B.
Taylor M.J. Mrs.
Thrasher J.T.
Tremier? O.F.
Vanderford A.?T.
Vanderford J.J.
Vandiver E.B.
Voyles Elizabeth
Wade Ellen
Walker Frances A.
Webb L.?
Webb Mary E.
Whitehurst A.E. Mrs.
Wigginton Jno. R.
Wilbanks E.?
Willbanks J.S.
Williams Ollie Mrs.
Wilson John K.
Winston G.D.
Wood Mabel

September 25, 1908

Returned to State Treasurer $102.60 as per receipt hereto attached.

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