McPeters Funeral Home Records 1928

McPeters Funeral Home
Alcorn County, Mississippi

McPeters Funeral Home was one of the first funeral homes in Alcorn County, MS. Prior to operating a business as a funeral parlor, McPeters served the public as McPeters Merchants.
These records were transcribed by Janice Switcher and Helah Wilson. Sincere thanks go out to Bill and Judy McPeters for the reproduction of these records.
March 26, 2007


Allen, Mrs. Mary Clementine
07-26-1928 - 12:45 a.m. Corinth, Miss
Widow of G.E. Allen
Father-J.D. Barton, Tenn.
Mother-Miss Meadows, Tenn.
Order by- Mr. & Mrs. J. Tom Irvine
Services & Burial at Greenfield, Tenn
Page 136

Arnett, M.W.
10-10-1928 - 9:a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Hanette Arnett
Charge to Children
H.A., C.L. & T.E. Arnett
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 189

Arnold, Horace (Colored)
06-05-1928 -1:p.m. Corinth, Miss
Wife-Florence Arnold
Colored City Cemetery Alcorn, Co. Miss.
Page 105


Beazley, Emma
01-17-1928 -11:p.m. Corinth, Miss
Father-Walter Beazley, Va.
Mother-Miss .Abbott, Va.
Order by Mrs. Julia Dilworth
Burial -Union Pant., Ga.
Page 5

Beene, Mrs. Eulah Irene
12-17-1928- Corinth, Miss
Husband -Rufus Beene
Father-R.A. McIntyre, Tenn.
Mother-Miss Stark, Tenn.
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 225

Bell, Charles Walter
No birth information
01-28-1928- Washington, D.C.
Son- C.W. Bell, Jr. Atlanta, Ga.
Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Bennett, Caroline
Place of death- Chattanooga, Tenn
Date of Funeral- 03-15-1928
Widow of J.A. Bennett
Order by Mrs. Ross Bassett
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Alcorn Co, Miss.
Page 56

Bishop, James Oliver
01-24-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-J.A. Bishop- Ala
Mother-Miss Carpenter- Miss.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 10

Blackard, Roland
07-31-1928- 6:30 p.m.-Corinth, Miss.
Father-M.C. Blackard- Miss.
Mother-Miss Gray- Miss.
Burial –Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 140

Blakney, Mrs. B.
02-09-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Husband -A.N. Blakney
White Sulphur Springs Cemetery
Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 37

Bodes, Mrs. Liza Jane
01-21-1928- 9:30 a.m. Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband -T.W. Bodes
Father- Mr. Crum- Miss.
Mother-Miss Graham- Miss.
Order by J.R. Bodes
Crum Cemetery
Page 8

Bond, William Aird
05-26-1928-1:a.m. Corinth, Miss
Wife-Annie Bond
Father-Tom Bond- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Holliman- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, Miss
Page 99

Bragg, Mrs. Addie
65 yrs. old
03-08-1928-8:p.m.Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Jack Wingo, ALA.
Order by M.C. & Mack Kimmons
and Millard Shaw
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 48

Braudaway, James William "Buddy"
09-28-1928- Corinth, Miss
Wife-Bertie Harris
Father-Frank Braudaway
Mother-Miss McLemore
Order by Perry Braudaway
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 179

Brawner, J.C., Jr.
8 hours old
Died 04-25-1928
5:30 p.m.-Corinth, Miss
Father-J.C. Brawner
Mother-Miss Latch
New Hope Cemetery
Page 83

Brawner, Clyde Baxter
12-29-1928 -7:45 p.m.
Alcorn Co., Rienzi, Miss
Father-J.S. Brawner- Miss
Mother-Lizzie Bonds- Miss
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 237

Brawner, John Earnest
02-03-1910- Miss
12-30-1928-4:a.m. -Corinth, Miss
Father-J.S. Brawner- Miss
Mother-Lizzie Bonds- Miss
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 238

Britton, Infant Girl
Stillborn- Corinth, Miss
04-29-1928- 8:30 a.m.
Father-Robert Britton- Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Velma Gray - Tenn
New Hope Cemetery
Page 85

Brown, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
03-13-1928- Corinth, Miss
Father-J.P. Kilpatrick, Ga.
Mother-Miss Thomas, Tenn.
Order by C.J. Brown- Sturgis, Miss
White Sulphur Springs
Counce, Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 53

Brown, Helen Louise
07-12-1928 -10:15 p.m.
Corinth, Miss
Father-A.L. Brown- Miss
Mother-Ruby Glisson- Miss
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery- Glen
Page 126

Brown, George
07-16-1928-4:a.m.-Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Tom Brown- Ga.
Mother-Miss Carter- Miss
Order by L. Bynum Rainey
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 128

Brooks, William (Colored)
35 yrs. old
06-26-1928- Chicago, ILL.
Wife-Willa Mae Brooks
Telegram to Pearl Crawford
Services at St. Marks
No Cemetery Listed
Page 116

Burcham, Lela Bernice
03-01-1928-Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Hughie Burcham
Mother-Miss Kenner
Blakney Cemetery
Page 40

Burney, Phebia
Widow of-Jas B. Burney
07-19-1928- Burnsville, Miss
Father- Jos. Smith- Tenn
Mother-Miss Wilson- Tenn
Order by J.L. Trim
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss
Page 131

Burns, Thomas Henry
Father of "Chief " Burns
No birth listed
02-06-1928- Jackson, Tenn
Remains shipped from
Jackson, Tenn. by Griffin
Order by Mrs. W.A. Burns
No cemetery listed
Page 19

Busby, Mrs. J.E.
09-24-1928- Iuka, Miss
Husband- J.E. Busby
Father-John Cutshaw
Burial -Iuka, Miss
Page 178

Bynum, Joe V.
12-21-1928-11:30 p.m.
Corinth, Miss
Wife-Opha? Honnoll
Father-George Bynum- N.C,
Mother-Miss Dilworth- Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page 229

Byrd, Isabella
07-17-1928 -7:p.m. Corinth, Miss
Daughter-Belle Inez Cherry
Father-Fletcher Hughes
Mother-Hannah Tennison
Savannah Cemetery Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 129


Callicott, Susan Virginia
09-09-1928-1:p.m. Holcut, Miss
Widow of J.G. Callicott
Father-Wm. Jones
Mother-Miss Barnett
Order by J.J. Callicott- Holcut, Miss
Holcut Cemetery ,Holcut, Ms
Page 167

Campbell, Sarah Dovie
11-06-1928-3:30 a.m. Corinth, Miss
Husband -W.P.(Bud) Campbell
Father-Andy Barry- S.C.
Mother-Miss Driver- Miss
Order by Mrs. Smith
Charge to George & other children
Other name(s) Howard
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 200

Cardwell, Dale Wallace
No birth listed
Died 02-21-1928
County between Chewalla &
Ramer, Tenn.
Order by L.N. Coke
Indian Creek Cemetery
Page 32

Chambers, Hezekiah Childs
09-19-1928-8:a.m.- Corinth, Miss
Father-A.D. Chambers- Miss
Mother-Miss Childs- Miss
Order by J.C. “Gook” Jobe
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 173

Clark, Mrs. Mary P.
03-13-1928-7:30 a.m. Paden, Miss
Order by M.W. Clark
Father-A.F. Owens-Miss
Mother-Miss Henson- Miss
Forked Oak Cemetery
Prentiss Co. Paden, Miss
Page 50

Clark, Mattie Pearl
03-16-1928- 11:a.m.
Father-Lee Clark, ALA
Mother-Pearly White, Miss
Charge to Frank Dickerson
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 57

Clement, Infant Boy
08-21-1928-3: a.m. Corinth, Miss
Order by W. C. Clement
Father- W.O. Clement-Tenn.
Mother-Miss Pearl Duff Clement-Tenn.
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 155

Clemmons, Mrs. Darcus Lucinda
08-05-1928-12:40 p.m. Alcorn Co., Miss
Widow of Mack Clemmons
Father-Mack Brewer, Tenn.
Mother- Mrs. Brewer, Tenn.
Son-Bill Clemmons
Order by Mrs. Will P. Bradberry
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 147

Collins, Jacob H.
06-10-1928-11: a.m. Gulf Highway
Wife-Ida Lancaster Collins
Father-Ruben Collins- N.C.
Mother-Miss Harmon- N.C.
Son-in-law- Hugh Hammond
Wheeler Grove Cemetery,
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 107

Crawford, Wm.
08-17-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Annie Bryant
Son-in-law W.D. Leonard
Palestine Church Cemetery
Paden, Miss
Page 151

Crotts, Mrs. Leana
04-13-1928-4:30 p.m. Corinth, Miss
Husband -T.M. Crotts- Michie, Tenn
Father-J.W. Austin-Tenn.
Mother-Miss Howard- Tenn.
Carter Family Cemetery, Michie, Tenn.
Page 77

Crompton, Mrs. Mollie
07-06-1928-11:30 a.m. Alcorn Co., Miss
Widow of Mitch Crompton
Charge to -J.A. Kelly- Chewalla, Tenn
Oak Grove Cemetery
Page 123

Crow, Audrey Fae
07-19-1928-12:p.m. Kossuth, Miss
Father-Dolph Crow- Miss
Mother-Miss Mattox- Miss
Order by C.L. White
Other name(s) J.T. Crow
Union Church Cemetery
Page 130

Coln, Elmer
Stillborn- 02-28-1928- Corinth, Miss
Order by J.M. Coln
Father- Cal? Coln- Tenn
Mother-Miss Hatton- Miss
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 38

Colton, James Henry
12-31-1928-12:15 a.m. Chewalla, Tenn
Mother-Miss Taylor
Order by Mrs. J.H. Colton, Mrs. Mattie Davis,
Jimmy Hurley and T.T. Smith
Indian Creek Cemetery, Chewalla, Tenn
Page 242

Cooksey , Gilbert
No birth listed
Shipped from Dayton, Ohio
by Veterans Hospital to Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- D.M. Cooksey - Memphis, Tenn
Chambers Cemetery
Page 95

Counce, Mrs. Martha
03-15-1928- Corinth, Miss
Father- F. Patrick
Order by Will Parker
Other name(s) Noel Driskell
Liberty Cemetery McNairy Co. Tenn
Page 55

Curtis, Mrs. Lara Bell
38 yrs. old
01-09-1928 -6:30 p.m. McNairy Co., Tenn
Father-M.S. Huggins- Tenn
Mother-Miss Farris- Tenn
Order by Huggins Bros. and
J. Will Smith
Gravel Hill Cemetery, McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 2

Curtis, John W.
82 yrs. old--Widower
07-05-1928- Corinth, Miss
Order by E.M. Curtis, Tom Ross & Will Lancaster
MT. Pleasant Cemetery, Prentiss, Co.
Page 122


Davis, Dee
About 33 yrs. old
10-03-1928-5: a.m. Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Tom Davis
Mother-Miss Fields- Miss
Order by J.H. Fields
Babb Grave Yard
Page 185

Davis, Mrs. Lillian B.
07-24-1928-1:45 a.m. Corinth, Miss
Husband -Albert L. Davis
Father-R.M. Greenhaw- Miss
Mother-Miss Barnes- Ala
Jerusalem Church Cemetery
Page 134

Dick, Billie
04-07-1928-10: a.m. Ramer, Tenn
Order by J.C. Smith
Father-Wess Dick- Tenn
Mother-Miss Mullins- Tenn
Indian Creek Cemetery, Chewalla, Tenn
Page 72

Dickerson, Jessie Mae
02-13-1928 – Corinth, Miss
Father-Wm. L. Dickerson-Tenn.
Mother-Nora Lee Sisk- Tenn
Farmington Church Cemetery, Corinth, Miss
Page 27

Dillingham, Jim
12-27-1928-Theo,Alcorn Co., Miss
Book says Husband- Widow of
Adeline Coleman Dillingham
Father-J.D. Dillingham- Miss
Mother-Miss Coleman- Miss
Order by John W. Dillingham-Pocahontas, Miss
Oaks Cemetery
Page 234

Drewy, Susan Catherine
09-04-1928-3: a.m. Alcorn Co., Miss
Home of Luther Kimmons
Father-Jack Bell- N.C.
Mother-Miss Box- Tenn
Order by L.L. Drewy
Ebenezer Cemetery, Tippah Co., Miss
Page 165

Dunn, Vera May
12-14-1928- Corinth, Miss
Father-Joe Dunn- Tenn
Mother-Cora Lewis- Miss
Service at Pocahontas, Miss
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, Miss
Page 221

Dyson, Leticia Ann
61 yrs. old
02-20-1928-11: a.m. Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband -E.F. Dyson
Father-John Mitchell- England
Mother-Miss Hornsby
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 29


Edwards, Robert Dee
09-29-1928- Tishomingo Co.
Residence- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-G. Robert Edwards- Ga.
Mother-Miss Marlar- Miss
Grandfather-Joe Marlar, Kendrick
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 180

Edwards, Fannie (Colored)
Shipped From Memphis, Tenn.
05-12-1928- date entered in book
Charge to Lizzie Joy
and Jeanette Harris
Son-J.C. Oakes
Service at St. Marks Church
Page 94

Ellsworth, Sam
About 56 yrs. old
12-20-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss
Charge to Mrs. Ellsworth
Order by J.H. Johns
Antioch Church Cemetery
Page 227

Emmerson, Henry R.
06-20-1928- Corinth, Miss
Father-Henry R. Emmerson SR. - ALA.
Mother-Elizabeth Crow- ALA.
Burial -Burnsville
Order by Mrs. M.L. Emmerson
Burial at Burnsville, Miss
Page 110

Evetts, George Washington
11-13-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss
Charged to G.H. Evetts
Jacinto Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 202


Faulkner, Infant Girl
Lived 4 1/2 hours
11-20-1928- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Residence- Wenasoga
Father-Thelma Faulkner - Tenn.
Mother-Miss Marie Hale- Tenn.
Order by Bob Faulkner
Faulkner Cemetery
Page 205

Fry, Mrs. Arnie P.
08-24-**** Age 60 yrs.
09-04-1928-11: a.m. Corinth, Miss
Widow of R.J. Fry
Order by Reese Fry
Burial- Savannah, Tenn.
Page 166

Furley, James Edward
Alias- Robert Williams
About 48 yrs. old
10-29-1928-10:p.m. Corinth, Miss. Hospital
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 197


Gatlin, Sarah
09-01-1928-6:p.m. Corinth, Miss
Father-Felix Gatlin
Mother-Miss Derryberry
Order by Howard Gatlin
Camp Ground Cemetery,
Chalybeate Tippah Co., Miss
Page 164

Gatlin, John Alexander
10-29-1928- Corinth, Miss
Wife-Paralee Gatlin
Father-Felix Gatlin
Mother-Miss Derryberry
Order by Howard and Children
Camp Ground Cemetery,
Chalybeate, Tippah Co., Miss
Page 196

George, Frances Carolyn
6 yrs. old- Birth date unlisted
12-15-1928 –Corinth, Miss
Residence- Tupelo, Miss
Father-Wm. P. George- Miss
Mother-Addie Davis- Miss
Order by Jessie N. George
Antioch Church Cemetery
Page 223

Glover, George Arthur
12-07-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Father-D.G. Glover- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Halton- Tenn.
Residence- Adamsville, Tenn.
Mt. Vinson Cemetery, Adamsville, Tenn.
Page 217

Graham, J. Calvin
75 yrs. old
12-18-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Order by H.T. Coke
Page 235

Gray, Marian Lucille
01-03-1928-3:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Lee Gray – Ark.
Mother-Miss Effie Jones
Henry Cemetery
Page 1

Gray, Louise
02-20-1928-5: a.m. Corinth, Miss
Father-Bunk Gray - Tenn.
Mother-Miss Plunk- Tenn.
Burial – Crump Tenn.
Page 28

Gray, John A.
67 yrs. old
07-22-1928-3:a.m.- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife- Mrs. Elizabeth Gray
Father-J.M. Gray-N.C.
Mother-Miss Moore-N.C
Son-Jasper Gray
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 133

Griffin, Booker T. (Colored)
10-22-1928-6:15 p.m. Corinth, Miss
Father-Lewie ? Griffin
Mother-Dora Price
Colored City Cemetery, Alcorn Co. Miss
Page 193

Greer, Mary Hines
05-29-1928-8:45 p.m. Memphis, Tenn.
Order by Fred Hines, Jackson, Tenn.
Residence-Memphis, Tenn.
Shipped to Corinth for burial
No Cemetery Listed
Page 102

Gillentine, J.R.
12-15-1928- Birmingham, Ala.
Father-Wm. Gillentine- Miss.
Mother-Lillian Rends-Miss.
Order by H.D. Gillentine
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 224

Gilliard, Ulyes Douglas
03-04-1928- Burnsville, Miss.
Father-Guy W. Gilliard-Miss.
Mother-Georgia Sitton- Miss.
Order by W.H. Sitton
Burial -Burnsville, Miss.
Page 41

Gookin, FRANCES P.
01-19-1928-Corinth, Miss
Widow of Thomas B. Gookin- died 1912
Father-Wm. Howe-Va.
Mother-Miss Mason-Va.
Charge to Miss Ella Gookin
Henry Cemetery
Page 6

Gwyn, Mary (Colored)
About 85 yrs. old
12-23-1928-4:a.m.Corinth, Miss.
Father-Andy Gwyn-Georgia
Mother-Matilda Parchman-Tenn.
Burial :Alcorn Co.
Alcorn Co. Poor House Cemetery
Page 230


Hall, Evelyn Juanita
12-10-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Father-C.R. Hall-Miss.
Mother-Miss Amerson- Miss.
Little Flock Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss.
Page 219

Hamilton, Sam
02-09-1928-5:a.m.-Chewalla, Tenn.
Father-J.W. Hamilton-Ala.
Mother-Miss Kelly-Ala.
Service at Chewalla, Tenn
No Cemetery Listed
Page 25

Hancock, Mrs. Marion
09-22-1928-10:30 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Robert L. Hancock
Father-Bob Price- Tenn.
Order by Bobby &Tom Coleman
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 176

Harman, Mrs. Ollie Rosetta
10-26-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Husband -Will C. Harman
Father-Henry Bran-England
Mother-Miss Glover-Tenn.
Shiloh Cemetery- Pittsburg Landing,
Hardin, Co., Tenn.
Page 194

Haney, Infant
Lived 3 hours
12-9-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Father-L.D. Haney- Miss.
Mother-Jewell Perry- Miss.
New Prospect Cemetery, Iuka, Miss.
Page 218

Harris, Miss Alma
No birth listed
04-05-1928- Memphis, Tenn.
Order by Mrs. McNair
Burial -Adamsville, Tenn.
Page 71

Harrison, Albert Franklin
07-31-1928-2:p.m.-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mary Harrison
Father-Wm. Harrison, Tenn.
Order by Miss Agnes Harrison
Henry Cemetery
Page 139

Harvey, Mrs. Martha Jane
80 yrs.2 mos. 29 days
Widow of Ed Harvey
Order by W.W. Marlar
Choate Family Cemetery
Page 121

Harville, Frances Louise
10-17-1928- Leedy, Miss.
Residence Leedy, Miss.
Father-Henry Harville, Miss.
Mother-Miss Olivar, Ala.
New Hope Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 191

Hart, May Virginia
12-06-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of J.M. Hart
Order by Mrs. J.H. Lide
Father-Wm. Tucker, Tenn.
Mother-Miss Taylor, Virginia
Burial- Henderson, Tenn.
Page 215

Haynie, Albert Rufus
01-11-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-C.L. Haynie- Miss.
Mother-Miss Davis- Miss.
Other name- M.E. Haynie
Haynie Family Cemetery,
Strickland Community
Page 3

Haynes, James
07-28-1928-8:p.m. Chewalla, Tenn.
Son-George W. Haynes-Sheffield, Ala.
Father-Luther Haynes- Ga.
Indian Creek Cemetery
Page 138

Huff, Arthur Leroy
10-01-1928-9:a.m.-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Sarah Y. Huff-Augusta, Ga.
Father-A.M. Huff- Miss.
Mother-Miss Wilson, Ga.
Order by Will & A.D. Sharp
service at Pisgah
No Cemetery Listed
Page 181

Hill, Mrs. John Bertie
09-18-1928-7:30 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Husband -Thomas Hill
Father-John Maxwell- Miss.
Mother-Miss. Beltes ?- Miss.
Meadow Creek Cemetery
S-E of Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss
Page 172

Hill, Mrs. Mary Louise
68 yrs. old
02-09-1928- Michie, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Husband- Mr. Hill
Father-Jas. Wood- Ala.
Mother-Miss Seay- Tenn.
Chambers Family Cemetery
Michie, Tenn.
Page 24

Hodge, Infant Girl
Father-Cliff Kirk- Tenn.
Mother- Elmyra Hodge
Secured by Kate Owen &
Alameda Wright
Order by Aaron Mason
Mid-wife- Mollie Mason
St. Rest Cemetery
Page 175

Holley, Jas. L.
03-29-1928-5:a.m. Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lillie Ward Holley
Father-George Holley
Order by Mrs. Holley,
Mrs. Moore & Mrs. McAmes
Henry Cemetery
Page 68

Hooper, Wm. De B.
Wife-Nelle Small Hooper
Order by H.G. Small
Services at Mrs. George Cox
Shipped to Corinth, Miss. from Newport, Ark.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 153

Hoover, William Albert
07-26-1928-5:a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Julia Hooper
Father-John Hoover- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Counce- Tenn.
Order by J.M. & L.D. Hoover
Burial at Center Hill, Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 137

Houston, James
51 yrs. old
04-09-1928-Chewalla, Tenn.
Wife-Ruth Houston
Order by Mrs. Bates & P.F. Goforth
Burial at Knoxville, Tenn.
Page 74

Hurley, James Edward
Alias-Robert Williamson
About 48 yrs. old
10-29-1928-10:p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Alcorn Co. Poor House Cemetery
Page 197

Hyneman, Robert Douglas
08-17-1928-4:a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-R.J. Hyneman
Mother-Miss Stegar
Order by Mrs. J.H. Webb
Henry Cemetery
Page 150


Inlow, Edna Earl
07-03-1928-4:p.m. Corinth, Miss.
Father-F.L. Inlow- Ala.
Mother-Miss Terrell-Ala.
1/2 Brothers- T.F. Terrell & E.C. Inlow
Toe Nail Cemetery, Iuka, Miss.
Page 120


Jackson, W.L. Jr.
05-06-1928-12:05 a.m.-Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.L. Jackson- Miss.
Mother-Miss Hopkins- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 90

James, Infant Boy
03-20-1928-7:a.m.- Guys, Tenn.
Father-Dewey James - Texas
Mother-Pearl Williams- Tenn.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 61

Jobe, Newton Eugene
08-07-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Elbie Barker Jobe
Father-Wess W. Jobe- Miss.
Mother-Miss Childers- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 148

Johnsey, Henry Thomas
07-16-1928-12:30a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Arthur L. Johnsey- Miss.
Mother-Hazel Brawlett ?- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 127

Johnson, James Lester
12-25-1928-10:40 a.m.- Leedy, Miss.
Wife-Annie Reynolds
Father-Geo. Johnson
Mother-Miss Rushing- Miss.
World War Veteran
Liberty Hill Cemetery, Leedy, Miss.
Page 232

Johnson, Infant Boy
03-26-1928- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Leon Johnson, Tenn.
Mother-Clara Parsons, Tenn.
Old Liberty Cemetery
Page 67

Johnson, Isaac
About 90 yrs. old
02-09-1928-7:a.m.-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 22

Jones, Miss Birdie Mae
03-25-1928-9:30 p.m.-Chewalla, Tenn.
Father-George Jones- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Wallace- Tenn.
Other name(s) - E.C. Jones
Indian Creek Cemetery
Page 66

Joy, Jennie (Colored)
Daughter- Lizzie Joy
Remains Shipped From
Chicago. ILL. By Charles E. Jackson
Services at Colored Baptist Church
No Cemetery Listed
Page 26


Kemp, Missouri Clementine
12-28-1928-9:30 p.m.-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of James N. Kemp
Daughter- Mrs. F.M. Huff
Other name(s) Mrs. G.L. Huff
Father-John Sutton-Ga.
Mother-Miss Jones-Ga.
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 236

Kemp, Mary Dot Gookin
10-02-1928-10:50 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Husband -Robert H. Kemp
Order by R.H., Lee, Ruby, Miss Alena & Miss Ella
Father-Thomas B. Gookin- Ala.
Mother-Miss Price- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 184

Kemp, James Newton
69 yrs. old
06-27-1928- 5: p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father-John Kemp- Ga.
Wife- Mrs. M. C. Kemp
Order by P.A. Kemp & O. Huff
Father- John Kemp- Ga.
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 114

Kennedy, Jessie David
07-02-1928- 8:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Minnie Kennedy
Residence- Dennis, Miss.
Father-Dock Kennedy, Ala.
Mother-Miss Tyra, Ala.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Tishomingo Co. Miss.
Page 118

Kennedy, Mrs. Mattie
06-07-1928-Walnut, Miss.
Husband -Hubert Kennedy
Father-Hiram Burrow-Miss.
Mother-Miss Roten-Miss.
Order by C.S. Mullins
Brush Creek Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 108

Kiddy, Melford L.
08-21-1928-10: p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lessie Kiddy
Father-W.H. Kiddy-Tenn.
Mother-Miss Sweat-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 157

Killburn, MaBell
02-28-1928- Lived 1 day
03-01-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Harvey Killburn- Tenn.
Mother-Bertie Moore- Tenn.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 47

King, J.R.
11-14-1928-5:30 a.m.- Wenasoga
Father-A.K. King, Tenn.
Mother-Miss Cummings, Ala.
Holly Church Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 203

King, Vernon Ellis
03-18-1928-11:45 p.m.- Ramer, Tenn.
Father-Will King- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Butler- Miss.
Indian Creek Cemetery, Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 59

Knight, Jimmie (Son)
02-03-1928-2:30 p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Charlie Knight- Miss.
Mother-Miss Stratchan- Miss.
Order by Odell Knight
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 18


Lambert, Lucile Simmons
About 38 yrs. old
03-10-1928-10: a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Husband -Arbin L. Lambert
Father-Jim Simmons- Miss.
Mother-Miss Mattie Bell- Miss.
Order by Grady Lambert
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 49

Lambert, Mrs. Dora A.
37 yrs.3 mos.6 days
11-24-1928 – Burnsville, Miss.
Father-Wm. Henry Wren- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Fayster ?- Tenn.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 207

Latch, James Oscar
About 49 yrs. old
10-18-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mary Johnson Latch
Father-Jas. Latch, Miss.
Order by L.A. Latch
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 192

Lee, William B.
01-23-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Late Wife-Lora Lee
Father- Mr. Lee- Va.
Mother-Miss Aldridge- Va.
Order by Luther Lee
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 9

Lindsey, Minnie (Colored)
December - 33 yrs. old
11-24-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of Hall Lindsey
Father-Bill Walker- Ga.
Mother-Miss Anna Hall-Miss.
Dilworth Cemetery
Page 208


Maness, Mrs. Jennie Bell
76 yrs. old
02-21-1928-12:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Husband -J.H. Maness
Father-Jim Mathis
Juliette Church Cemetery
Page 31

Maness, Mrs. Jimmie
80 yrs. old
03-29-1928-10: a.m.- Rienzi, Miss.
Order by Roan & Buck Maness
Father-Don Maness, Tenn.
Piney Grove School Cemetery
Page 71

Mask, Mrs. Rebecca
72 yrs. old
03-22-1928-6: a.m.- Alcorn Co. Poor House
Father-Henry Westbrook- S.C.
Mother-Miss McCullar- S.C.
Order by Brother-J.D. Westbrook
Henry Cemetery
Page 63

Mayberry, Infant (Colored)
03-22-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Taylor Mayberry-Tenn.
Mother-Reda Baldwin- Houston, Miss.
City Cemetery Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 64

Mayberry, Earley Miller (Son) (Colored)
05-29-1928-12:30 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Taylor Mayberry- Tenn.
Mother-Reda Baldwin- Houston, Miss.
City Cemetery Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 101

Melton, Mrs. Anna Ida
11-05-1928-3:30 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of W.N. Melton
Father-J.J. Bass- N.C.
Mother-Eliza Mathis- Tenn.
Order by Miss Amanda, Will & Rev. W.D. Bass
Henry Cemetery
Page 199

Miller, Sueiza or Suliza
06-06-1928-4:p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of J.H. Miller
Order by J.A. Miller & L.A. Walker
Father- Cass Kenson- Tenn.
Mars Hill Cemetery, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 106

Miller, Warren Wesley
Wife-Ora Young Miller
Order by Frank & Willie
City Cemetery
Page 104

Miller, Tom M.
04-14-1928-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Ada Miller
Order D by J.W. Miller
Union Church Cemetery
Page 78

Millsaps, Lee Andrew
12-14-1928-6:p.m.-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Duncan Millsaps- S.C.
Mother-Miss Williams- Miss.
Order by W.L. Millsaps
Old Concord Cemetery
Page 222

Mitchell, Infant Boy
Lived 6 hours
08-21-1928-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Sylvester Mitchell- Tenn.
Mother-Myrtle Ayers- Miss.
City Cemetery Alcorn, Co. Miss.
Page 156

Mitchell, Claude F.
10-05-1928- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Son-J.R. Mitchell
Holly Church Cemetery
Alcorn Co. Miss.
Page 187

Mitchell, Mrs. Mattie Burge
12-04-1928-6:p.m.-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of L.B. Mitchell
Father-Woodie Burge-N.C.
Mother-Miss McIntyre- N.C.
Order by ELI & Walter Burge
New Hope Cemetery
Page 214

Morrison, Robert F.
02-25-1928-9:30 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lou Parsons
Father-Neil Morrison- N.C.
Mother-Miss Sara Rushing-N.C.
Order by C.N. Morrison,
Neal, Miss Mamie & Everett
Antioch Cemetery
Page 35

Morse, Mrs. Rebecca Ann
07-07-1928-5: a.m.- Chewalla, Tenn.
Son-Robert B. Morse
Father-J.R. Hurley-N.C.
Mother-Miss Arnold- N.C.
Indian Creek Cemetery, McNairy co., Tenn.
Page 124

Muckleroy, Walsey L.
69 yrs. old
07-09-1928-4:p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Wm. Muckleroy- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Sanders- Tenn.
Order by Ben B. Bass
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 125

Mullens, Sallie S.
08-01-1928-9:p.m.- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Husband -S.M. Mullens
Father-Eli Shaw- Ala.
Mother-Miss Williamson- Ala.
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 143


McAnally, Infant Girl
02-24-1928-Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.O. McAnally
Mother- Synthia McAnally
Burial -Paden, Miss.
Page 34

McAnally, Julia Elizabeth
12-30-1928- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of J.W. McAnally
Father-Wm. Hargrove- Va.
Mother-Miss Steele- Ala.
Order by Son-John Jr.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 239

McCann, A. Herman
30 yrs. 2 mos.
05-03-1928-10:45 p.m.- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Memphis, Tenn.
Father- Tine McCann- Miss.
Mother- Mrs. Tine McCann
No Cemetery Listed
Page 88

McCarter, Miss May Lessie B.
08-03-1928-11:p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father-R.S. McCarter- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Farris- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 146

McClure, James Winfrey
12-31-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-V.A. McClure- KY.
Mother-Miss Holderman- KY.
Henry Cemetery
Page 241

McCullar, Mrs. Susan McElroy
12-19-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Waldron Hotel
Widow of F.L. McCullar
Father-Calvin McElroy- Miss.
Mother-Miss Glisson- Miss.
Order by E.T. McCullar
Moore Cemetery, Pocahontas, Tenn.
Page 226

McDonald, Fred
About 87 yrs. old
03-21-1928- 8: a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Amanda McDonald
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 62


Nixon, Kellans ?
19 yrs. old
07-31-1928- 8:p.m. - Paden, Miss.
Father-W.N. Nixon- Miss.
Mother-Miss Timbes- Miss.
Forked Oak Cemetery, Paden, Miss.
Page 141

Norman, Rev. Wm.
78 yrs. old
09-19-1928- Burnsville, Miss.
Wife-Julia Norman
Order by W.S. Norman, Fulton, Miss.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 171

Null, Miss May Lula
07-20-1928-5: a.m. - Gulf Highway
Father-W. Henry Null- Miss.
Mother-Miss Thomas- Miss.
Lone Oak Cemetery, Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 132


Odle, Infant
11-14-1928-9:p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-J.F. Odle-Ala.
Mother-Alice Mauldin Odle- Miss.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 198

Osborn, David Ellis
08-23-1928-6:p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.L. Osborn- Ala.
Mother-Miss Robinson- Ala.
Patrick Cemetery, Iuka, Miss.
Page 158

Owen, Mrs. Quilla
75 yrs. old
12-30-1928-10:30 a.m. Corinth, Miss.
Widow of David Owen
Order by Jess Sweat
New Bethel Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 240


Parker, Mattie Hazel
11-01-1928- Corinth, Miss.
12-09-1928-Farmington Community
Father-Tom Parker- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Newel Fowler
Farmington Cemetery
Page 216

Patrick, Infant Boy
10-05-1928- 8:15 a.m.- Glen Community
Father-J.C. Patrick- Miss.
Mother-Maude Laird - Tenn.
Order by Warren Henry
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 186

Pearson, Mrs. Gertrude
09-19-1928-11:30 a.m.- Gravel Hill Community
Husband- L. B. Pearson
Father- P.F. Springer- Tenn.
Mother- Alice South- Tenn.
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 174

Perrigo, Charlie Edward
02-06-1928-1:p.m.Corinth, Miss.
Order by D.E. Perrigo
Jumper Town Cemetery
Prentiss Co. Miss.
Page 20

Phillips, Mildred Christine
01-29-1928-7:30 p.m.- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Wm. Phillips- Ala.
Mother-Miss Wilson- Ala.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 15

Phillips, Infant Boy (Colored)
03-14-1928-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Sam Phillips- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Carol Taylor- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 54

Phillips, Infant Girl
07-26-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-C.W. Phillips- Miss.
Mother-Maude Laird- Miss.
City Cemetery
Page 135

Pierce, Robert Lee
58 yrs. old
08-24-1928- Memphis, Tenn.
Order by Mrs. Pierce
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 161

Pollard, Raymond Leon
05-12-1928 Corinth, Miss.
Father-B.H. Pollard- Miss.
Mother-Miss Parker- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 93

Powell, Henry Clay
08-20-1928- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Sarah J. Powell
Father-Wm. Powell- N.C.
Mother-Miss Wade- Va.
Order by W.H. Powell
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 154

Price, James Andrew
08-02-1928-6:45 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Bradley Price- N.C.
Mother-Frances Mason- N.C.
Order by Miss Laura & Dr. L.B.
Henry Cemetery
Page 145

Prince, Mrs. Mary
Died-10-12-1928- Birmingham, Ala.
Husband –Marcus Prince
Remains Shipped From
Birmingham, Ala.
Gravel Hill Cemetery, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 190

Puckett, Mrs. Delia
06-22-1928- Selmer, Tenn
Father-Geo. Gray-Tenn.
Mother-Ida Horton-Tenn.
Order by B.L. Puckett
Bethesda Church Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 112

Purvis, George Edwin
05-05-1928-12:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Geo. Purvis- Illinois
Mother-Miss Catherine Ramer- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 89

Q - None


Reynolds, Mrs. Sarah Jobe
No birth listed
05-12-1928- Houston, Texas
Charge to J.B. Reynolds
Order by W.F. Jobe
No Cemetery Listed
Page 91

Robbins, Rachel Lee
02-01-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Clarence Robbins- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Stutts-Tenn.
Order by J.L. Robbins
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 16

Rogers, WM. McDougal
04-25-1928-6:p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Mattie L. Rogers
Father-Levi Rogers- N.C.
Mother-Miss Mincy- Ga.
Henry Cemetery
Page 82

Rolland, Pet (Colored)
No birth listed
12-21-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 228

Reece, Aaron
About 72 yrs. old
Order by Mrs. Mary Kendrick
Other name(s) John McAuley?
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 42

Rush, Susie Will (Colored)
03-07-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Ora Lee Rush
Other name(s) Fue? Rush
ST. Rest Cemetery
Page 45

Rushing, Edwena Maxine
8 mos. 26 days
02 -**-1928
10-01-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-T.H. Rushing
Mother-Miss Miller
Order by W.R. Rancher
Union Church Cemetery
Page 183


Sanders, Mrs. May Pinkney
No birth listed
05-14-1928-6:30 p.m. Corinth, Miss.
Widow of S.L. Sanders
Father-J.P. Young
Charge to Mrs. Mary Blakemore
Order by John H. & Edgar Blakemore
Henry Cemetery
Page 96

Settlemires, Mrs. Bettie
38 yrs. old
11-06-1928-7:p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband -John Hay Settlemires
Father-J.N. Rogers- Miss.
Mother-Miss Roten- Miss.
Order by L.S. Settlemires
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 201

Sharp, Joe Ann
No birth listed
11-24-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Willie D. Sharp
Mother- Minnie Sharp
Henry Cemetery, Sharp Family Plot
Page 206

Shields, Tom
05-31-1928-10:30 a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Sarah Shields
Son-Oscar Shields
Sons-in-law -J.J. Stewart &
E.L. Lancaster
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 103

Shook, Thomas Carter
03-13-1928-6:45 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mattie Shook
Father-George Shook- Miss.
Mother-Miss Harris- Miss.
Union Church Cemetery
Belmont, Miss.
Page 52

Short, Mattie Creyton
30 yrs. old
06-23-1928-4: a.m.- Guys, Tenn.
Husband -Edgar Short
Father-Jackson Creyton- Tenn.
Mother-Mollie Cornelius- Tenn.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 113

Slack, Infant
About 3 weeks old
03-06-1928- Burnsville, Miss.
Father-Luther Slack- Miss.
Mother-Effie Parker- Miss.
New Lebanon Church Cemetery
Page 43

Spence, Thurman
01-09-1928- Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-James Spence- Miss.
Mother-Bertie Walker- Miss.
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 188

Spencer, Barron, Jr.
03-01-1928-1:30 a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Wm. Spencer- Miss.
Mother-Miss Killough- Miss.
Union Church Cemetery
Page 39

Spencer, Carenley ? Caroline
About 63 yrs. old
03-07-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Husband -J.W. Spencer
Father-W.M. Owens- Ala.
Mother-Miss Edwards- N.C.
Secured by C.T. Owens
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 44

Spencer, Mrs. Elzie
05-26-1928-9:p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband –Jimmie Spencer
Father-Jim Glidewell- Miss.
Mother-Miss Rogers- Miss.
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 100

Spears, Infant Boy
08-14-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Joe Spears- Miss.
Order by Bert Jobe
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 149

Smith, Infant Boy
03-17-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Melvin Smith- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Nettie Manus-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 58

Smith, Robert Frank
04-27-1928-8:45 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-J.C. Smith- Miss.
Mother-Miss Haley- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 84

Smith, E.J.
05-01-1928-9:30 a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Earl Smith- Miss.
Mother-Ida Malone- Miss.
Order by M.L. Malone
Oaks Cemetery
Page 87

Smith, Mrs. Pink Magall ?
02-03-1928- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Husband- Will Smith
Father-S.F. Carney-Ga.
Mother-Miss Thomas- Miss.
Oak Hill Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 17

Smith, James Allen
04-30-1928-10:30 a.m.- Alcorn CO., Miss.
Wife-Mary Ellen Smith
Father-Jack Smith- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Miss Greer- Ga.
Order by C.V. & Brothers
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 86

Smith, Mrs. Addie
07-02-1928-9:15 p.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of Pete Smith
Father-Ben Kitchens- Ala.
Mother-Miss Whitmore- Ala.
Charge to Joe and Ebb Smith
and Mrs. Hollie
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 119

Stegall, Leonard
08-28-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Mike Stegall- Miss.
Mother-Janie Knight- Tenn.
Stegall Family Cemetery
Guys, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 163

Strickland, Lonnie
About 24 yrs. old
12-03-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-G.W. Strickland- Miss.
Mother-Miss James-Tenn.
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 212

Surratt, Mrs. Polly
01-16-1928-10:30 p.m.-Chewalla, Tenn.
Husband -Will Surratt
Father-B.F. Jones-Tenn.
Mother-Sarah Higgins- Tenn.
Holly Church Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 4


Tacker, Thomas J.
05-19-1928- Counce, Tenn.
Father-E. Tacker
Mother-Miss Gross
White Sulphur Cemetery, Tenn.
Page 98

Talley, Mrs. Ellen
About 75 yrs. old
Daughter- Mrs. R.A. Farris
Charge to R.A. Farris & Hinton Boys-
Guys, Tenn.
Holly Church Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 231

Tate, Agnes Beatrice
12-4-1928- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father-Cecil Tate- Guys, Tenn.
Mother-Miss Brady- Tenn.
Grandfather-W.M. Curtis- Corinth, Miss.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 213

Taylor, James Clawton? (Colored)
02-28-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Troy Taylor- Miss.
Mother-Vastie Betts
Colored City Cemetery
Page 36

Taylor, Infant Boy
06-20-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Buck Taylor- Miss.
Mother-Miss May Robbins- Okolona
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 109

Taylor, Mrs. Mattie Wood
03-07-1928-6:p.m. Near Acton, Tenn.
Home of W.W. Wood
Husband –Sam H. Taylor
Father-W.M. Wood- Miss.
Mother-Miss Sitton- Miss.
Order by C.M. & Nora Wood
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 46

Thomas, Mrs. Mary Grace
05-12-1928-11:30 a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Home of Mrs. I.D. Davis
Widow of John W. Thomas
Father-Wm. Puddy- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Johnson- Tenn.
Order by Mrs. I.D. Davis
Corinth, Miss.
Burial -Elmwood Cemetery,
Memphis, Tenn.
Page 92

Thompson, John Henry
76 yrs.5 mos.22 days
08-25-1928- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mollie Thompson
City Cemetery
Page 160

Thompson, Mrs. Nannie A.
05-15-1928- 2:35 p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of L.B. Thompson
Order by & Place of death, T.A. Thompson
Father-L.M. New
Mother-Miss Robinson
Henry Cemetery Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 97

Tubbs, Jeff
07-01-1928-6: a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-J.H. Tubbs- Ala.
Mother-Susie Ayers- Ala.
Babb Cemetery
Page 117

U - None


Vuncannon, Wm. Henry
About 4 mos. old
03-19-1928- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Sherman Vuncannon,
Mother-Miss Henderson
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 60


Walker, Author David
04-21-1928 – Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Iuka, Miss.
Wife-Mary Walker
Father-David Walker-Ala.
Mother-Miss James- Ala.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery,
Iuka, Miss.
Page 80

Walker, Ora (Colored)
08-24-1928-9:20 p.m.-Corinth, Miss.
Husband -Claude Walker
Father-Andrew Horton- Ala.
Mother-Debra Knox- Miss.
Order by Jane Horton
Colored City Cemetery
Page 159

Walker, Mrs. Cora Bell
Husband -W.H. Walker
Mars Hill Cemetery,
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 169

Walker, Charles S.
09-23-1928-12:30 p.m. - McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father-Jim R. Walker,
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Coln Family Cemetery
Page 177

Watts, A.B.
08-** -1846
09-14-1928- 2:30 a.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Earnestine Watts
Order by R.W. Phipher
Leedy, Miss.
Box Chapel Church Cemetery
Page 170

Weatherford, Mrs. Alice L.
63 yrs. old
08-24-1928 -New York City
Shipped here by Fairchild & Sons Inc.
Other name(s) G.R.W.
Order by & services at H.N. Young
Henry Cemetery
Page 162

Welch, Cayce Marvel
11-30-1928-2:a.m.-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Emma Welch
Father-M.K. Welch- Tenn.
Mother-Miss Tidwell- Tenn.
Order by Mr. Kemp
Burial - Humboldt, Tenn.
Page 210

West, Infant Stillborn
11-29-1928- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Henry West- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother-Artie Wilbanks, Tippah Co., Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 209

West, Mrs. Artie Wilbanks
12-03-1928- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband -Henry West
Father-R.A. Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother-Miss Jones- Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 211

Whirley, Infant Boy
Lived 3 hours
04-11-1928- Ramer, Tenn.
Father-Lonnie Whirley Tenn.
Mother-Sarah Johnson Whirley- Tenn
Order by L.R. Whirley
Burial -Faulkner, Tenn.
Page 76

Whirley, Mrs. Sarah E. Johnson
29 yrs. old
04-17-1928-12:30 a.m.- Ramer, Tenn.
Husband -Lonnie Whirley
Father-J.G. Johnson, Tenn
Mother-Miss Underwood ,Tenn.
Charge to J.R. Whirley
Burial -Faulkner, Tenn.
Page 79

Wicker, Willie Arnold
01-25-1928- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-R.O. Wicker -Tenn.
Mother-Miss Barnett -Tenn.
Morris Chapel Cemetery, Hardin, Tenn.
Page 11

Wiginton, Mark J.
01-20-1928-2: a.m.- Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Wife-Annie Ray Wiginton
Son- H.L. Wiginton
Father-John Wiginton, Ala.
Mother-Miss Marshal, Ala.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 7

Wilbanks, James Marcus
10-26-1928- 4: p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Daniel Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Campbell- Tenn.
Mt. Giden? Cemetery, Hardeman Co., Tenn.
Page 195

Wilmeth, Drucilla
11-12-1881- Cypress, Tenn.
01-28-1928 Corinth, Miss.
Widow of T.B. Wilmeth
Father-Jim Peeples- N.C.
Mother-Miss Basham- Tenn.
Order by C.L. Basham
Cypress Tenn.-Family Cemetery
Page 12

Wilson, Wm. Pinkney
09-10-1928-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Fannie Wilson
Sons-S.C. & PAUL
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 168

Wilson, Thomas B.
No birth information
11-19-1928- Memphis, Tenn.
Charge to -Mrs. T.B. Wilson-Memphis
Order by Mrs. Doan
Henry Cemetery Alcorn, Co., Miss.
Page 204

Wolverton, James Thomas
No birth listed
03-13-1928-4: a.m.- Stantonville, Tenn
Wife- Mrs. Wolverton- Stantonville, Tenn.
Father- Houston Wolverton- Miss.
Mother- Miss Hughes- Miss.
Order by Mrs. Daniel
Burial at Adamsville, Tenn.
Page 51

Wood, Wiley
04-21-1928 Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Sarah Wood
Order by Boy & Joe Coleman
Other name(s) Earl
Babb Cemetery,
Kendrick Community
Page 81

Wood, Wm. M.
03-24-1928- Acton, Tenn.
Father- Benton Wood- Miss.
Mother- Miss Busby- Miss.
Order by O.M. Wood
and Miss Nora
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, Miss.
Page 65

Woodruff, James Leo
No birth listed
08-02-1928- 6:p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-W.C. Woodruff
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 144

Wood, Infant Girl
04-09-1928-10:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Guy Wood ,Tenn.
Mother-Wilma Clifton, Tenn.
Order by Troy Clifton
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 75



Yarber, Infant David (Colored)
06-28-1928-4: a.m. –Corinth, Miss.
Father- Mr. Yarber-Miss.
Mother-Mary Whitmore- Miss.
Charge to- Hort Whitmore
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 115

Young, Mrs. Mattie A.
No birth information
Shipped to Corinth for burial
Widow of-Terry Young
Charge to-Marshal Young
Order by-Ray S. Young
Burial -Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 152

Z - None
Alcorn County Home
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