Newspaper clippings for 1954

Newspapers of Alcorn County, Copied from Centenniel edition dated Monday, May 16, 1954

Transcribed by Vicki Burress Roach

Editor’s Note: The vast majority of information in the following histories of Corinth newspapers and print shops is from a speech made before a local civic club by J.W. Rankin, veteran printer and native Corinthian, some years ago.

"The history of newspapers of Alcorn County dates back to the time when Old Tishomingo county was surveyed by state authorities in 1836, this county was the largest in the state, or even in the United States. When the county officers were elected the Board of Police passed a resolution requiring the county site to be located within a radius of five miles to the geographic center of the county. The name of the site was called Cincinnati, but so much opposition was expressed by the citizens, the name was changed to Jacinto. Sixty acres was donated to the county, and a court square was reserved in the center. Lots were advertised for sale and here is where the first newspapers were mentioned. The sale was ordered advertised in the Pontotoc Register, Columbus Register, and the Jackson Truth Teller.

"Minutes of the Board show legal notices being printed in Mississippi Intelligencer, Pontotoc, Mississippi, and North Alabamian, Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Pioneer in News

"The first newspapers to be published in Old Tishomingo county were the Eastport North Mississippi Union, 1848; Tishomingo Democrat, Jacinto, 1848; The Jacinto Reporter, 1849; The Eastport Gazette, 1850; The Eastport Republican, 1851; Rienzi’s first newspaper was the Clipper, 1857. In 1860, Jacinto got her second newspaper, Tishomingo Patriot, but quit business when the Yankees took the county.

"In 1854 when it became known that the Memphis & Charleston Railroad would cross in the northwestern part of the county, a few small buildings were built a half mile east of the crossing. The village was named Cross City. The following year, 1855 the name was changed to Corinth. In 1859 Tishomingo county was divided into two Court Districts, and Corinth was selected as the capitol of the western district. In 1870 the county was divided into three separate counties-Alcorn, Tishomingo and Prentiss.

First in Corinth

"Corinth’s first newspaper was the Corinthian Pillar, 1857. After one year it was sold and the name changed to Cross City. The ownership of this paper changed hands five times from 1857 to 1862 when it discontinued publication. In 1859 another paper, The Republican, made its first appearance. During the same year it was sold and the name changed to True Democrat. Also in 1859, a tri-weekly paper was started and named Young American, but in 1850 changed ownership and became a weekly. After a few issues, it died.

"From 1865 to 1872 weekly papers were printed in Corinth, named The News, Liberal Republican, Model Farmer, but their length of publication is not known.


The Corinth Herald

"In 1872 S.G. Barr organized the Sub-Soiler and Democrat. Mr. Barr died in 1890, and James Moody and Waldo Meador became the owners, operating for one year and discontinued the publication. In 1880 J.M. Martin began the publication of the Corinth Herald, and in 1889 sold it to Tom and Jim Graves. In 1892 the owners sold it to W.E. Bishop, father of J.C. Bishop, lately of the Corinthian and Judge W. J. Lamb, then superintendent of Corinth City School. Mr. Bishop became the sole owner the following year. In 1895 G.D. Winston bought an interest in the Herald, but after two years, sold his interest, and started a job printing shop. In 1900 W.E. Bishop sold the plant to his son, John Bishop, who continued publication until 1902, when it was sold to E.A. Hollingsworth. In 1903 the Herald was changed to a daily. After one year’s operation as a daily it reverted to a weekly again. In 1910 Kenneth Hollingsworth, a son, became the owner. A short time later the equipment was sold by the Court to W.T. Adams, who leased it to P.E. Williams. After a year’s trial, Mr. Williams sub-leased it to W.A. Wood. After another year of headaches, the plant was finally boxed and stored at W.T. Adams Machine Company.

Editor J.C. Martin

"In 1894 the Weekly Corinthian was started by J.G. Martin, a practical printer, who had learned the trade in his father’s printing office. The following year the Daily Corinthian was born, being the first daily to be issued in Alcorn County. In 1909 Mr. Martin’s health failed and the plant was leased to Kenneth Beer. The following year the plant was sold to N.P. Bonney. In 1911, E.O. Klyce and J.C. Bishop purchased the plant and continued its publication until October 1, 1945 when Mr. Aaron Robinson and associates purchased the paper. These associates were all Corinthians and included Harley Moses, Bob McPeters (now deceased), Dave Palmer, Dr. Frank Davis and C.G. Murdock, Sr.

The paper, under this group was affiliated with local radio station WCMA.

Present Ownership

The Daily Corinthian continued under this ownership until February, 1952 when Mr. James H. Skewes, Meridian, Mississippi, publisher of a number of leading daily publications purchased the newspaper interests.

Within the past two years the newspaper under Mr. Skewes’ ownership has reached an all-time record circulation with readers numbering about 15,000.

This expansion of service has been made possible through installation of new machinery, including a new rotary press, costing in excess of $25,000.

The newspaper today subscribes to the Associated Press, all major feature services, Southern Newspaper Publisher’s Association and has turned full emphasis on a program of "Home News for Home Folks."

It is now in its 59th year of publication (when written in 1954).

Lookout News by Barbara Tomlinson in 1954

M/M Herman Wilbanks and M/M K.C. Jones and daughter, Shirley, have returned from a few days visit in Louisiana.

M/M W.C. Porterfield and children were recent guests of M/M Arlan Standley.

The Rev. Ollie Baker filled his regular appointment at Essary Sunday evening.

M/M Woodrow Null and M/M R.C. Null were recent guests of M/M M.V. Tomlinson.

Mrs. Beulah Garrett is visiting M/M Ruble Garrett.

M/M Willie Hall and family of New Albany, M/M L.V. Elam of Corinth, Raymond Lindsey, Mrs. Willie Mae Cherfield and son were recent guests in the home of Mrs. R.B. Lindsey.

M/M Hubert Hopper and sons of Walnut visited M/M Z. Neils this week.

Bert Jones is visiting friends in Memphis this week.

Mrs. Arrie Bateman and family were recent guests of brother, Raymond Lindsey.

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