Corinthian Funeral Home Records Book #2 1999-2004

Corinthian Funeral Home Records Book #2 1999-2004
A special thanks to Ricky Holland & Joyce Rossi for allowing us to share this valuable information with our fellow researchers.
Transcribed by Helah Wilson & Janice Switcher


Adams, Virlen I. Latch
08-19-1923-Corinth, MS
08-23-2000-Tupelo, Ms
Res. Corinth, MS
System failure
Father: Gene Latch
Mother: Nanny Johnson
Daughter: Sandra Hancock
Cremated, Remains given to family
Page 71

Aldridge, Dorris Jean Jackson
04-21-1957-Alcorn Co., Ms
10-11-2004-Tupelo, Ms
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Michael P. Aldridge
Father: James J. Jackson
Mother: Ola Faye Simmons
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery, Corinth, Ms
Page 298

Altio, Carl
03-14-1915-Helsinki, Finland
06-10-2003-Corinth, MS
Heart Disease
Spouse: Ruth Daniels
Daughter: Arline Crawford
Father: Karlo Altio
Mother: Helmi Tuori
Cremated/Remains given to daughter
Page 219

Arnold, Jnell
04-26-1903- Alcorn Co., MS
04-26-2003-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation/
Spouse: Aubrey Hodum
Father: Fred Arnold
Mother: Elzabie Crum
Son: Roger Arnold
Lone Oak Cemetery, Kossuth, MS
Page 210

Arnold, Willard C.
09-21-1930-Corinth, MS
03-11-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Memphis, TN
Daughter: Monnie Simmons
Father: Arthur Arnold
Mother: Ada Brock
Brush Creek Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 157

Ayers, Ruby Arilla Talley
03-07-1908-Alcorn CO., MS
02-26-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James I. "Jim" Ayers
Daughter: Ethleene Bullard
Father: James T. Talley
Mother: Kizzie Cartwright
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 49

Ayers, Sharley Elaine Rousey
05-30-1935-McNairy Co., TN
06-01-2003-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: J.S. Ayers
Daughter: Marcia Mauney
Father: Horace Rousey
Mother: Lavelle Felks
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery, Michie, TN
Page 215


Banks, Harold L.
03-28-1940-Indville, TN
06-16-1999-Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Linda Banks
Father: Henry Banks
Mother: Maggie Banks
Banks Family Cemetery
Strickland, Alcorn Co. MS
Page 04

Barnes, Alton Howard
04-15-19321-Tishomingo Co., Ms
12-06-2000-Temple, TX
Res. Marlin, TX
US Army Veteran
Father: Bal Barnes
Mother: Lona Maria Defoon
Sister: Boni Barnes
Little Flock Cemetery, Burnsville, MS
Page 87

Barnes, Bertha Kay Spray
01-10-1949-Covington, TN
10-03-2000-Walnut, MS
Renal & Liver Failure
Spouse: Travis Barnes
Father: Edgar Eugene Spray
Mother: Pauline Cantrell
County Line Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 80

Bell, William David
05-28-1937-Detroit, Michigan
10-27-2001-Michie, TN
Gastric Cancer
Spouse: Violet Camberos
Father: William C. Bell
Mother: Alice Biggers
Acton Community Cemetery, Michie, TN
Page 136

Billiot, Patricia Ray
09-09-1949-Augusta, GA
03-22-2002-Corinth, MS
Son: Mark McAlister
Father: Dewey Eugene Ray
Mother: Liller Bell Hargett
The Ridge Cemetery, Belmont, MS
Page 160

Bingham, Gladys Samples
03-17-1919-Alcorn CO., MS
09-29-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Herman Bingham
Son: Danny Bingham
Father: Porter Samples
Mother: Lula Gunthorp
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 79

Bird, James Franklin
05-29-1940-Coleman, MICH
10-19-2003-Memphis, TN
Res. Glen, MS
Spouse: Lori McFarland
Father: James M. Bird
Mother: Margaret I. Bowdish
Warren Township Cemetery,
Coleman, Michigan
Page 233

Blackwell, John B.
03-28-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
03-12-2003-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Small Cell Lung Cancer
Daughter: Linda Streetman
Father: William A. Blackwell
Mother: Maggie McCord
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 204

Blunt, John T. Jr
01-17-1945-Tishomingo Co., MS
07-22-2003-Tishomingo Co., MS
Heart Disease Asbestos Poisoning of lungs
Spouse: Peggy Meeks
Father: John Thomas Blunt Sr
Mother: Ara Eula Blunt
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Glen, Ms
Page 224

Bonds, Patsy Lynn Hardin
02-22-1952-Sardis, MS
09-02-2000-Tupelo, MS
Res. Saltillo, Ms
Spouse: Willie Bonds
Father: Norvel L. Hardin
Mother: Ivy Joyce Taylor
Jerusalem Church of Christ, Corinth, MS
Page 73

Booker, Rhonda Manning
09-06-1960-Lexington, KY
10-05-2001-Corinth, MS
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Spouse: Craig Booker
Father: Kenneth Manning
Mother: Betty Hamilton
Page 133

Boullion, Mary Agnes Godwin
11-08-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
05-20-2001-Tippah Co., MS
Res. Ripley, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Paul Boullion
Grand Daughter: Joyce Carter
Father: Joseph Godwin
Mother: Madgie Wren
Hinkle Baptist Church Cemetery, Rienzi, MS
Page 111

Bourque, Rev. Ivan Sr
07-30-1934-Iberga Parish, LA
12-18-2003-Corinth, MS
Uncal Herniation/CVA
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Reba McCarley
Father: Lawrence Bourque
Mother: Aline Bourque
Christville Chesterville Cemetery, Tupelo, MS
Page 241

Bowden, Mary Jewel Mitchell
05-30-1926-Alcorn CO., Ms
01-20-2000-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Thomas E. Bowden
Father: George W. Mitchell
Mother: Lillie D. Waldrop
Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Ramer, TN
Page 39

Braddock, David O.
03-28-1947-Tishomingo Co., Ms
07-26-2000-Iuka, MS
Bone Cancer/COPD
Daughter: Jody Baker
Father: J.C. Braddock
Mother: Edna Stacy
Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Glen, MS
Page 66

Braddock, Paul Sr
04-22-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
09-10-2003-Corinth, MS
Res. Rienzi. Ms
Spouse: Bernice Lakey
Daughter: Geraldine Odle
Father: Frank Braddock
Mother: Nannie Marlar
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 228

Bradley, Mary A. Burrell
12-19-1966-Alcorn Co., Ms
09-26-2003-Corinth, MS
Run over by 18 Wheeler
Spouse: Ralph Bradley
Father: Billy Burrell
Mother: Betty Koller
Bethlehem Church Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 230

Bragg, Madison Bailey
08-27-2003-Corinth, MS
Father: Murry Bragg
Mother: Melissa Ross
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 227

Bridges, Danny L.
03-25-1945-Alcorn Co., MS
10-14-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Florence, AL
Acute Pancreases & Gallstones
Spouse: Sandy Mann Bridges
Father: Rheabon C. Bridges
Mother: Edna Lucken
Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Kossuth, MS
Page 186

Briggs, Odessa Kennedy
04-15-1928-McNairy Co., TN
04-04-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: L.H. Briggs
Son: Timmy Briggs
Father: Earl Kennedy
Mother: Madie Russell
City Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 262

Brinkley, Daisy Inez Sellers
10-14-1920-Kellerman, AL
06-09-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Sam Baley Brinkley
Daughter: Angela Bowden
Father: Lloyd Sellers
Mother: Lucy Bagger
Center Star Cemetery, Mantachie, MS
Page 218

Brock, Opal M. Spencer
09-16-1936-Walnut, MS
09-03-2001-Corinth, MS
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Spouse: Curtis L. Brock
Son: Dale Brock
Father: George Spencer
Mother: Ruthie Mills
Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery, Ripley, MS
Page 126

Brown, Regina
05-17-2003-Desota Co., MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Daughter: Heather Dildy
Father: James Brown
Mother: Carolyn Johnson
Brush Creek Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 213

Bryant, Betty Jo Reece
01-09-1934-Baldwyn, MS
03-08-2001-Corinth, MS
Res. Parish, TN
Spouse: Rolla Bryant
Father: Baxter Reece
Mother: Hattie Downs
Oak Hill Cemetery, Watseka, ILL
Page 105

Bryant, Lula Mae Tschudi
12-30-1912-Alcorn Co., Ms
08-10-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Robert Lawson Bryant
Son: William Bryant
Father: William Tschudi
Mother: Beatrice Thompson
Hopewell Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 225

Burcham, Pearl Aileen Holloway
04-09-1933-Walnut, MS
08-28-2002-Ripley, MS
Sons: Rufus, Michael & John Burcham
Father: Dock Holloway
Mother: Nellie Ferrell
Bethlehem Church Cemetery, Walnut, {Theo} MS
Page 181

Burleson, Novia Elaine Wilemon
07-11-1929-Tishomingo Co., MS
09-28-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Archie L. Burleson
Son: Lanny Burleson
Father: Dewey Wilemon
Mother: Alice Helton
New Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery, Cairo, Ms
Page 295

Burrell, Patsy M. Felks
04-25-1969-Alcorn Co., MS
05-22-1999-Corinth, MS
Father: John Felks
Mother: Wanda Sue Ford, Felks, Price
Wheeler Grove Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 02

Burress, Rev. Bobby M.
03-21-1931-Alcorn CO., MS
02-26-2004-Corinth, MS
US Air Force Veteran (SSGT)
Cardiopulmonary Arrest/
Spouse: Qudia Smith
Father: James Elmer Burress
Mother: Jewell Horn
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 255


Cadenhead, Doris Triplett
03-27-1909-Covington, TN
09-23-2004-Corinth, MS
Resp. Anemia/COPD
Spouse: Bret Cadenhead
Son: Marty Triplett
Father: Tom Leslie
Mother: Nettie Fowler
Liberty Hill Cemetery, Michie, TN
Page 294

Cameron, Mary A. Cerney
11-14-1908-Dewald, MN
06-23-2001-Corinth, MS
Resp. Arrest /CVA
Friend: Peggy Burse
Father: Louis Cerney
Mother: Emma Benda
Union Cemetery, Kossuth, MS
Page 114

Carpenter, Olon L.
09-22-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
07-16-1999-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Blastoma CML Chron. Leukemia Resp. Failure
Spouse: Julia Hale
Father: David Carpenter
Mother: Dena Rorie
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 07

Chambers, Penny Ann Purvis
02-03-1964-Alcorn CO., MS
08-19-2004-Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse: Mike Chambers
Father: Thomas Purvis
Mother: Ramona Hood
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 287

Childers, Harold
12-02-1934-Alcorn CO.MS
11-09-1999-Tupelo, MS
Res. Rienzi, MS
Advanced Pancreas Cancer
Spouse: Mary Hampton
Father: William O. Childers
Mother: Emma George
Johns Cemetery, Glen, MS
Page 23

Childers, Kenneth C.
03-03-1940-Alcorn CO., MS
07-29-2004-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Cardio Resp. Arrest/ CAD/Brain Injury/
End stage Renal Disease/ Diabetes
Spouse: Susan Haynie
Father: Calvin Childers
Mother: Emma Mae Scott
Johns Cemetery, Glen, MS
Page 281

Childers, Mary Lou
10-03-1918-Alcorn CO., MS
11-14-2001-Tupelo, MS
Res. Michie, TN
Bladder Cancer
Spouse: Hugh Childers
Brother: Frank Clark
Father: William Clark
Mother: Cella Francis Petty
Clark Family Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 140

Clarin, Janice Jordan
01-29-1926-Oak Mulgee, OK
01-23-2001-Jackson, TN
Spouse: Duke Clarin
Daughter: Cathy Hutson
Father: James Jordan
Mother: Isa Mae Johnson
Clear Creek Church of Christ Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 96

Clark, Bobby Lee
04-01-1938-Alcorn CO., MS
09-02-2000-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Robbie Still
Father: Hugh L. Childers
Mother: Mary Lou Clark
Clark Family Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 72

Cobb, John Paul
08-25-1903-McNairy Co. TN
02-23-2000-Sunbridge Care & Rehab of MS
Res. Muscle Shoals, AL
Spouse: Georgia Cobb
Father: John Henry Cobb
Mother: Mattie Ammons
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 47

Coln, Callie B.
03-14-1916-Alcorn Co., MS
03-18-2002-Corinth, MS
Res. Glen, MS
Spouse: Susie Driver
Father: James Moore Coln
Mother: Cynthia S. Utley
Johns Cemetery, Glen, MS
Page 159

Coln, Mary Suenella Knight
02-20-1913-Corinth, MS
01-17-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Lester Coln
Daughter: Mildred McEwen
Father: Odell Knight
Mother: Lottie Jones
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Glen, MS
Page 113

Cook, Annie Mae Null
08-22-1926-Walnut, MS
07-21-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mansfield Cook
Daughter: Joyce Crum
Father: Tom Null
Mother: Lauann Thrasher
County Line Baptist Church Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 278

Cook, Grady H.
01-24-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
05-19-2000-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Corita Annie Kendrick
Father: William G. Cook
Mother: Annie Pearl Peters
Sister: Marie Briggs
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 59

Cook, Phillip D.
06-01-1936-Marks, MS
01-21-2000-UAB, Birmingham, AL
Spouse: Belinda Johnson
Father: Leslie Cook
Mother: Lorene Manning
Jacinto Cemetery, Jacinto, MS
Page 40

Cooksey, James M. “Jim”
08-20-1958-Jasper, Al
10-10-1999-Burnsville, MS
Lung Cancer
Special Friend & Care Giver: Linda Waldrop
Father: James Cooksey
Mother: Pearline Turnbolt
Jacinto Community Cemetery, Jacinto, MS
Page 18

Crum, Adelia E.
10-14-1928-Tippah Co., MS
01-03-2000-Corinth, MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Non Hodgekins Lymphoma
Spouse: Wilberth Crum
Father: Hubert Prince
Mother: Fannie Wroten
Overton Hill Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 36

Crum, E.B. “Earlie”
12-17-1919-Alcorn Co. MS
12-06-2003-Corinth, MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Lung Disease/ CHF
Spouse: Modine “Short " Prince
Father: Arthur “Jake “Crum
Mother" Martha Spencer
Nephew: Hugh A. Wilbanks
Brush Creek Baptist Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 238

Crum, Inez Miles
02-23-1921-Alcorn Co., MS
11-05-2000-Alcorn Co., MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Pneumonia/ Sepsis
Spouse: Lester Crum
Daughter: Patsy Alstatt
Father: Thomas Miles
Mother: Hettie Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 84

Crum, Wilberth R.
03-28-1918-Alcorn Co., Ms
06-25-2001-Tippah Co., MS
Res. Walnut, Ms
Cardiac Arrest/CHF/Acute Renal Failure
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Adelia Prince
Daughter: Mary Jackson
Father: Charlie Crum
Mother: Mary Sergent
Overton Hill Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 115

Crump, DeWayne
06-12-1933-Beach Grove, ARK
10-19-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Martha Brown
Father: Louie Crump
Mother: Bertha Williams
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 134


Davis, Margaret Ila Killough
10-20-1910-Alcorn CO., MS
10-25-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Samuel Davis
Daughter: Carolyn Bain
Father: William John Killough
Mother: Dolly Baggett
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 236

Davis, Mary Virginia McKelvey
10-11-1920-McNairy Co., TN
12-31-2001-Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer/CVA
Daughter: Dorothy Parsons
Father: Tom McKelvey
Mother: Nora Walker
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 144

Davis, Velma M. Phelps
06-30-1901-McNairy Co., TN
08-11-1999-McNairy Co., TN
Res. Adamsville, TN
Spouse: Robert Davis
Daughter: Donna Browder
Father: Ira Phelps
Mother: Mary Jane White
Salem White Christian Church Cem; Corinth, MS
Page 09

Dees, Olen Edward
06-25-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
07-23-1999-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction/CAD/Hypertension
US Army 5 Years
Air Force Veteran
Spouse: Louise Timmons
Father: Hardy Dees
Mother: Anna Laura Mills
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 08

Derrick, Orina Barnes
03-18-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
12-29-1999-Corinth, MS
Liver Cancer
Spouse: Frank Derrick
Son: Danny Derrick
Father: Robert L. Barnes
Mother: Bell Peters
Salem Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 33

Derrick, Velma James
04-30-1906-Corinth, MS
01-24-2001-Clinton, MS
Spouse: Sam Derrick
Daughter: Ollie Tucker
Father: Will James
Mother: Angie Baker
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 98

Dickson, Erma Wilbanks
02-13-1911-Tippah Co., MS
03-15-2000-Jackson, TN
Res. Selmer, TN
Spouse: Ottis Dickson
Son: Dale Dickson
Father: Hobb Wilbanks
Mother: Willie Ann Hammons
Oak Grove Cemetery Pocahontas, TN
Page 52

Dickson, Melba Ruth Callins
01-01-1924-McNairy Co., TN
04-29-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Hugh L. Dickson
Daughter: Becky Nichols
Father: John W. Callins
Mother: Naomi Butler
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 266

Dobbins, Armada Arnett
07-16-1913-McNairy Co., TN
03-01-2002-Iuka, MS
Breast Cancer/Liver Metastis/
Spouse: Elmer Dobbins
Son: Richard Dobbins
Father: Thomas Edward Arnett
Mother: Mary Lindsey
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 154

Dobbins, Jarrett R.
05-16-1921-Alcorn Co., MS
10-15-2003-Tupelo, MS
Res. Iuka, MS
Spouse: Martha Johnston
Father: Eldridge R. Dobbins
Mother: Laural L. Martindale
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 232

Dobbins, Neva Moore
11-19-1910-Alcorn Co., MS
04-05-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Earl J. Dobbins
Father: John Moore
Mother: Florence Lindsey
Nephew: C. Richard Dobbins
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 57

Driver, Velon Hart
04-19-1918-Tishomingo Co., MS
01-14-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Daughter: Claudette Lambert
Father: Thomas Hart
Mother: Mary Elizabeth George
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 248

Duncan, Helen V. Lawson
08-31-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
11-06-2001-Memphis, TN
Res. Collierville, TN
Spouse: Claude P. Duncan
Son: Wayne Duncan
Father: William Street Lawson
Mother: Fannie Hamlin
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 138

Dunn, Edna Lou Plaxico
09-12-1916-Alcorn CO., MS
05-12-2004-Corinth, MS
CVA/ Thyroid Cancer
Spouse: Baxter Dunn
Son: Bobby Dunn
Father: Clifford Plaxico
Mother: Pinkie Deese
Wheeler Grove Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 267


Easley, Mable Vickers
05-10-1923-Thomasville, Al
11-22-2002-Corinth, Ms
Spouse: Marvin A. Easley
Father: George Vickers
Mother: Irene Thrash
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 193

Eubanks, David Jerome
02-26-1968-Tippah Co., Ms
03-07-2002-Walnut, Ms
Spouse: Donna Parker
Father: Danny Eubanks
Mother: Linda Tomlinson
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, Ms
Page 156

Evans, Lessie Mae Wren
11-14-1928-Ramer, TN
05-28-2002-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Cleveland Evans
Father: R.L. Wren
Mother: Tilda Flinn
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 167


Faulkner, Clyde C. Sr
09-20-1910-Guys, TN
02-04-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Lessie Hale
Son: Clyde Faulkner
Father: Arthur Faulkner
Mother: Ollie Wadkins
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 202

Featherstone, Christine Price
01-15-1931-Tishomingo Co., MS
04-09-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Cardiac Arrest/Heart Failure
Spouse: Ralph Featherstone
Son: Carroll Morrow
Father: James Earl Price
Mother: Suzie Bonds
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 165

Felks, John William
01-22-1939-Alcorn Co., MS
01-28-2003-Corinth, MS
Daughter: Anita Godinus
Father: John David Felks
Mother: Velma Jewell Parker
Wheeler Grove Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 200

Fiveash, Herbert A.
06-03-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
09-09-2004-Corinth, MS
Res. Walnu MS
Resp. Failure/CHF
Spouse: Ethel Prince
Father: Charlie Fiveash
Mother: Annie Bragg
Christ Temple Apostolic Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 291

Flanagan, Christopher "Brent"
08-11-1972-Corinth, MS
07-24-2002-Adamsville, TN
Res. Ramer, TN
Father: Jerry Smith
Mother: Patricia Bright Vanderford
Smith Family Cemetery Michie, TN
Off Highway 57
Page 175

Forsythe, Andrew Jr
09-28-1941-Alcorn Co., MS
07-24-2001-Walnut, MS
Spouse: Letha Fiveash
Father: Andrew Forsythe Sr
Mother: Katie V. Sanders
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 118

Forsythe, Bobby
06-29-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
12-14-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Eva Crump
Daughter: Joan Barkley
Father: Jesse Forsythe
Mother: Louella Bobo
Oak Grove Cemetery Pocahontas, TN
Page 90

Forsythe, Jimmy Bennett
06-30-1949-Brownfield, MS
01-29-2003-Walnut, MS
Terminal Lung Cancer
US Army Veteran
09-07-1966 / 05-28-1969
Spouse: Pamelia Smith
Father: Bobby Forsythe
Mother: Retha Wilson
Page 201

Forsythe, Johnny W.
04-27-1947-Alcorn Co., MS
09-14-2001-Walnut, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Donna Marie Cook
Father: Andrew Forsythe
Mother: Katie Sanders
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 127

Forsythe, Katie V. Sanders
07-31-1921-Alcorn Co., MS
10-24-1999-Corinth, MS
Acute Inf. Myocardial Infarction/ CHD
Spouse: Andrew Forsythe
Father: William A. Sanders
Mother: Myrtle Nevils
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 20

Foust, Jerry W.
10-02-1946-Corinth, MS
06-15-2001-Memphis, TN
Res. Walnut, Ms
US Army Veteran Cpl.
04-29-1965 / 10-07-1968
Cardiac Failure/ Hyperic.
Resp. Failure/UIP
Spouse: Deborah Barckett
Father: Mancel Foust
Mother: Katie Calhoun
Gillum Cemetery, Winchester, IL
Macky/Dows Funeral Home: Illinois
Page 112


Galyean, Mary Inez Moore
06-20-1903-Alcorn Co., MS
03-18-2000-Corinth, MS
Cerebral vascular Accident/ CAD
Spouse: Thomas Galyean Sr
Son: Thomas "Tobe" Galyean Jr
Father: William A. Moore
Mother: Allie Taylor
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 54

Garcia, Ariel Leann
06-17-2004-New Albany, MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Father: Kenneth P. Garcia
Mother: Dana Lynn Marbry
Oakland Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 273

Garrett, Joseph Prentiss
07-03-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
10-27-2000-Corinth, MS
US Navy Veteran Seaman 2nd Class
Spouse: Audrey Garrett
Father: Gardie Garrett
Mother: Amanda Mathis
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 82

Geisler, Arthur O. Jr
07-17-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
04-02-2000-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran SSgt.
Spouse: Margaret Norman
Niece: Barbara Williams
Father: Arthur Geisler Sr
Mother: Holly Blasingame
Henry Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 56

Goforth, Jewell Elliott
01-05-1905-Alcorn Co., MS
03-24-2001-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation/Hypertension
Spouse: Roy Goforth
Nephew: Joe Miller
Father: Walter Elliott
Mother: Louise Crow
Union Cemetery, Rienzi, MS
Page 107

Golembreski, Anthony J.
09-07-1929-Jersey City, NY
04-09-2002-Corinth, MS
Acute Coronary Failure/Myocardial Infarction
Care Giver: Janice Thomas
Father: Golembreski
Mother: Helen P. Rayodic
Page 164

Graham, Samantha
07-23-2000-Alcorn Co., MS
07-23-2000-Alcorn Co., MS
Father: Brian Graham
Mother: Chasity Sanders
Oak Hill Christian Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 64

Gray, Rano
01-31-1914-Tishomingo Co., MS
03-17-2000-Oxford, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran Tec.5
Spouse: Christine Dozier
Father: Robert Gray
Mother: Maude Marlar
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 53

Gray, W.C.
12-19-1914-Tishomingo Co., MS
12-19-2003-Glen, MS
Renal Failure/Heart Disease
Spouse: Lillie Bray
Father: H.H. Gray
Mother: Nora Brown
Shady Grove Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 242

Green, Effie Elizabeth Denson
12-29-1908-Prentiss Co., MS
12-12-2000-Iuka, MS
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: William Glen Green
Daughter: William Green
Father: George M. Denson
Mother: Amanda Lee
Little Brown Baptist Church Cemetery Booneville, MS
Page 89

Guynes, Linda L. Shouse
01-17-2003-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Woodrow Guynes
Son: Roger Wigington
Father:Virgil Shouse
Mother: Mildred Thompson
County Line Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 198

Guynes, Oscar Monroe
01-17-2001-Corinth, MS
Res. Walnut, MS
US Army Veteran Tec.5
Spouse: Pinkie Miles
Father: Ishmael Guynes
Mother: Bessie Wilbanks
Brush Creek Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 95


Hendrix, Alcie Lorraine Miller
08-09-1999-Ramer, TN
Spouse: W.D. Hendrix
Son: David Clites
Father: Loyd Miller
Mother: Hazel Clites
Page 10

Hammett, Ruth Richardson
12-23-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Howard Hammett
Son: Bill Hammett
Father: William H. Richardson
Mother: Dora Duggan
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 196

Hancock, Kathern
08-10-2004-Corinth, MS
Non Hodgkins
Spouse: Dee Hancock
Father: James W. Smith
Mother: Irene Maness
Corinth Church of God Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 285

Hancock, William Melvin
07-27-1916-Booneville, MS
11-21-2002-Corinth, MS
Father: Rob Hancock
Mother: Alma Henson
Sister: Frances Austin
Wheeler Grove Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 192

Hardin, Colan
02-27-1908-Hardin Co., TN
06-09-2002-Corinth, MS
Res. Glen, Ms
Spouse: Cleo Strickland
Son: Charles Hardin
Father: Peter Hardin
Mother: Dora Davis
Jerusalem Church of Christ Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 170

Hardin, Bobby Neal
09-17-1961-Alcorn Co., Ms
08-29-2001-Memphis, TN
Hypertension/Cardio Vascular Disease/
Sleep Apnea
Never Married
Father: Bobby G. Hardin
Mother: Mary Willis
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 124

Hardin, Ruby J.
09-09-1959-Baton Rouge, LA
04-09-2001-Jackson, TN
Never Married
Father: Novel Hardin
Mother: Joyce Taylor
Friend: Shari Hill
Jerusalem Church of Christ Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 109

Harris, Melinda G. Wiginton
10-23-1971-Alcorn Co., MS
02-15-2003-Corinth, MS
Car Accident
Spouse: Terry Harris
Father: Teddy Wiginton
Mother: Linda L. Shouse
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 203

Harris, Phyllis D. Coln
04-21-1958-Corinth, MS
07-23-2002-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Lawrence Harris
Son: Jerry S. Jolly
Father: Charles Coln
Mother: Annie S. Burcham
Vanderford Cemetery, Rienzi, Ms
Page 174

Hastings, Amy Delores Kiddy
01-04-1973-Tishomingo Co., MS
07-29-2000-Michie, TN
Gun Shot Wound
Father: Harmon Durrell Kiddy
Mother: Shirley Brown Smith
Bethlehem Cemetery, Walnut, MS
Page 67

Haynie, Gladys Flippo
05-12-1912-Clifton, TN
02-07-2001-Corinth, MS
Resp. Arrest/Pneumonia
Spouse: Joseph Wilford Haynie
Son: Benny Haynie
Father: Thomas Jefferson Flippo
Mother: Nipsy McFalls
Clear Creek Church of Christ Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 101

Hearn, Stella Reed
04-18-1933-Alcorn Co., MS
12-27-1999-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Cardiac Arrest/ GI Bleeding
Spouse: Oner D. Hearn
Daughter: Sheilla Wheeler
Father: Tom Reed
Mother: Roxie Wyman
Kemps Chapel Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 31

Henderson, Michael S.
01-31-1979-Corinth, MS
06-20-2003-Tupelo, MS
Res. Burnsville, MS
Spouse: Sara Hutcheson
Father: Father: Cleo Henderson
Mother: Elizabeth Simons
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 220

Henson, Johnie M.
05-13-1895-Tippah Co., MS
10-15-2002-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction/Diabetic/
Spouse: Zula Naomi Wood
Son: John Warren Henson
Father: Albert Whitener Henson
Mother: Doley Turner
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 187

Hines, Willard D.
02-20-1925-Tippah Co., MS
08-23-2002- Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Acute Renal Failure/Sepsis/Resp. Failure
Daughter: Kathy Strachen
Father: Farley Holley
Mother: Zettie Skinner
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 180

Holland, Dorothy Mills
06-23-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
11-11-1999-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Tulon Holland
Son: Ricky Holland
Father: John Mills
Mother: Louise James Settlemires
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 24

Holland, Randell Odell
05-23-1932-Tippah Co., MS
01-04-2002-Glen, MS
Pulmonary Embolism/Leg Injury
Spouse: Lila Faye Porterfield
Son: Jeff Holland
Father: Millard Holland
Mother: Autie Walker
Brush Creek Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 146

Holland, Tulon Lee
04-19-1925-Prentiss Co., MS
02-16-2000-Corinth, MS
Cerebral Vascular Accident/COPD Seizures
Spouse: Dorothy Mills
Son: Ricky Holland
Father: Millard Holland
Mother: Audie Walker
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 45

Holmes, Ledelphia Louise Hastings
08-08-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
12-23-2001-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction/Coronary Disease
Spouse: John H. Holmes
Father: Waymon Hastings
Mother: Ophelia Miller
Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Page 143

Holtsford, Dorthy I. Morgan
01-21-1925-Lawrence Co., TN
08-02-2004-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure/Hypertension/Alzheimer’s
Spouse: Troy Holtsford
Father: William Morgan
Mother: Myrtle Morgan
Memosa Cemetery, Lawrenceburg, TN
Page 282

Holtsford, Troy D.
06-11-1923-Lawrence Co., TN
09-01-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Respitory Failure/CHF
US Marine Corps. Pvt. 1943
Spouse: Dorothy I. Morgan
Father: Ben M. Holtsford
Mother: Velma Willaims
Memosa Cem Lawrenceburg, TN
Page 289

Horner, Bertie M. Wilkins
01-27-2003-Corinth, MS
Cerebral Vascular Accident/Arterial Fiberllation
Daughter: Shirley Rhodes
Father: J.E. Horner
Mother: Helen Patrick
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 199

Howard, Bernice V. Arnold
12-23-1929-Alcorn Co., MS
12-28-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: David A. Peacher
Daughter: Betty Tidwell
Father: Fred Arnold
Mother: Elzadie Crum
Lone Oak Baptist Church Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 91

Howard, William Clifton
02-06-1921-Gibson Co., TN
05-29-2002-Hornbeck, TN
Spouse: Dolly Faye Crossnoe
Father: Willaim C. Howard
Mother: Myrtle Duke
Oakland Cemetery Trenton, TN
Page 169

Howie, Birdie Jane Rhea
09-11-1938-Marshall Co., MS
09-24-2001-Corinth, MS
Acute Pulmory Embolism/Deep Vein Thrombosis
Spouse: Charles Howie Sr
Son: Charles Howie Jr
Father: Joseph Rhea
Mother: Fannie Feathers
Holly Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 129

Hunninen, Stephen C.
08-21-1975-Corinth, MS
09-09-2000-Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Never Married
Father: Paul Hunninen
Mother: Judy Kurdwig
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 77

Hutcheson, Charles
04-09-1941-Alcorn Co., MS
04-13-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ossie Huggins
Father: Preston Hutcheson
Mother: Annie Hancock
Loneoak Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 207


Irvin, Harold Wayne "Bud"
04-14-1942-Savannah, TN
09-21-1999-Corinth, MS
Lou Gerhig's Disease
Spouse: Johnnie Irvin
Father: Harve Irvin
Mother: Pauline Morris
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 16

Ivey, Kimberley Renfro
08-11-1961-Huntsville, AL
12-27-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mark Ivey
Father: Kenny Renfro
Mother: Charlotte Coker
Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville, AL
Page 245

Jacobs, Kenneth Peter
11-02-1956-Monroe, LA
09-03-2002-Nashville, TN
Res. Ramer, TN
Brother: Robert Jacobs
Father:Robert Fredrick Jacobs
Mother: Georgina Manuel
Page 182

James, John Fenley
03-13-1913-Alcorn Co., MS
08-14-1999-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran PFC
Never Married
Niece: Patsy Alstatt
Father: Jobe James
Mother: Mollie Johnson
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 11

Johnson, Alvin Jr
11-07-1953-Osceola, ARK
08-17-2000-Tishomingo Co., MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Spouse: Janie Turner
Father: Alvin Johnson Sr
Mother: Amy Edith Rogers
Gave Remains to Family
Page 70

Johnson, Carrie Omie Young
05-24-1909-Prentiss Co., MS
02-27-2000-Corinth, Ms
Congestive Heart Failure/Coronary Heart Disease
Spouse: Claiborne Johnson
Niece: Lanell Coln
Father: Jim Young
Mother: Loutishie Pannell
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 50

Johnson, Charles H.
12-02-2001-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Sarah Johnson
Informant: Summer Chapel/ Memphis, TN
US Army Veteran Cpl. 07-17-1944/06-19-1946
Little Brown Freewill Baptist Church Cem
Newsite, Comm. Prentiss Co., MS
Page 142

Johnson, Grady
10-13-1915-McNairy Co., TN
07-02-2004-Savannah, TN
Spouse: Opal Parish
Daughter: Janice Manked Jourdon
Father: Curtis Johnson
Mother: Lessie Flanigan
Ebenezer Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 274

Johnson, James Edward Jr
09-29-1951 West Memphis, ARK
07-19-2003 Parchman Hosp
Hepatocellullar Carcinoma / Macronodular
Spouse: Jewell Willis
Father: James Edward Johnson Sr
Mother: Doris Biggerstaff
Shady Grove Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 223

Johnson, Jennie Mae Rickman
10-24-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
01-01-2000-Corinth, MS
Cerebral Vascular Accident
Niece: Martha Ross
Father: Henry Rickman
Mother: Mattie Hinton
Page 34

Johnston, Samuel "William"
01-07-1916-Alcorn Co., MS
01-17-2002-Hardin Co., TN
Daughter: Eva Dale Rorie
Father: Sam Johnston
Mother: Winnie Taylor
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 148

Jones, Ashley Gail
10-11-1991-New Albany, MS
06-06-2003-Booneville, MS
Auto Accident
Father: Ronnie Eugene Jones
Mother: Latina Spears Felks
Christ Gospel Cemetery Jacinto, MS
Page 217

Jones, Minnie Mae Marolt
05-13-1938-Perry Co., OH
01-07-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: John Fulton Jones
Son: Terry Jones
Father: John Marolt
Mother: Verna Mae Wegman
Brush Creek Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 147

Jones, Roger Wade
04-24-1956-Alcorn Co., MS
02-09-2000-Selmer, TN
Cirrhosis of Liver
Father: Garland Jones
Mother: Ima Nell Essary
Union Cemetery, Kossuth, MS
Page 42


Kerby, James L., Jr
08-10-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Martha Jean Rickman
Father: James L. Kerby Sr
Mother: Darlene Krimmel
Services at: W.T. Wilson Funeral Home
Towncreek Cemetery Rainsville, AL
Page 286

Kiddy, Lester J.
11-09-1929-Alcorn Co., MS
11-29-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Aspiration
Spouse: Mamie Gray
Father: George Lester Kiddy
Mother: Elva Kemp
Rock Hill Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 02

Knight, Lula Bea Sumners
02-21-1907-Attala Co., MS
02-24-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Leonard Knight
Niece: Edna Porter
Father: William N. Sumners
Mother: Callie Doss
West Alabama Memorial Garden, Fayette, AL
Page 48


Lambert, Allen O.
05-22-1932-Tishomingo Co., MS
11-15-1999-Booneville, MS
Res. Glen, MS
Daughter: Rosa Martin
Father: Sherman Lambert
Mother: Frankie Horne
Harmony Hill Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 26

Lambert, Jimmy E.
02-01-1938-McNairy Co., TN
08-06-2002-McNairy Co., TN
Spouse: Carol Brown
Father: Samuel Lee Lambert
Mother: Lena Gray
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery Michie, TN
Page 176

Lancaster, James R.
11-03-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
10-21-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Susan Ida Leatherwood
Daughter: Janie Kingen
Father: Charlie Lancaster
Mother: Myrtle Gallant
Union Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 235

Lancaster, Susan Ida Leatherwood
12-12-1923-Birmingham, AL
05-28-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James R. Lancaster
Daughter: Janie Kingen
Father: Frank Leatherwood
Mother: Mattie Coln
Union Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 168

Latch, Marcus
12-15-1926-Alcorn Co., MS
07-04-2003-Alcorn Co., MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Gerneal Knight
Father: Eugene Latch
Mother: Annie Bell Johnson
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 221

Layman, Charles Anthony
02-14-1941-Corsicana, TX
10-02-1999-Hobbs, New Mexico
Spouse: Joyce Wooley
Father: Wilbur Layman
Mother: Birtha Fowler
Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery Near Kossuth, MS
Page 17

Ligon, Dudley H.
01-17-1933-Tishomingo Co., MS
10-25-1999-Iuka, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Syble Glidewell
Father: George Ligon
Mother: Cora Harvell
Harmony Hill Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 22

Logan, Evie Wilbanks
12-13-1922-Corinth, MS
04-07-2004-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Charles Logan
Son: Chuck Logan
Father: J.F. Wilbanks
Mother: Willie Able
Holly Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 263

Luker, Jerry Wayne
08-01-1939-Pemiscot Co., MO
02-17-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Lurlie Jewel Roberts
Son: Timothy Luker
Father: James Luker
Mother: Wilma Cox
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 46


Maness, Olive A. Wood Hardin
10-09-1912-Alcorn Co., MS
08-26-2001-Corinth, MS
Coloresecular Fistula W/Colostomy
Spouse: R.P. Wood
Son: Garvin Wood
Father: John Hardin
Mother: Elizabeth Timmons
Vanderford Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 123

Maricle, Margie J. Spencer
01-09-1951-Alcorn Co., MS
12-14-2003-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease
Spouse: Odis Maricle
Father: James Thomas Spencer
Mother: Fannie Hayes
Brigman Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 240

Mars, Raymond Earl
07-30-1947-Corinth, MS
08-19-2002-Corinth, MS
Gunshot Wound/Self Inflicted
Father: Terrell S. Mars
Mother: Louise Lee
Brother: Neal Mars
Page 179

Marsh, Ruth G. Hinton
06-27-1932-Alcorn Co., MS
12-22-2003-Alcorn Co., MS
Sudden Cardio Death/
Hypertensive & Organic Heart Disease
Daughter: Janice Knighton
Father: Brown Lowe Hinton
Mother: Ruby Lee Davis
Holly Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 244

Mask, Vera Lindsey
09-26-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
09-11-1999-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Subdural Hematoma/Fall at Home
Daughter: Bland J. Rinehart
Father: Earl Lindsey
Mother: Kate Dodd
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 13

Mason, Mayme K. Diming
09-05-1913-Ramer, TN
12-27-1999-Corinth, MS
Pancreatic Cancer
Spouse: Floss Mason
Step-Daughter: Retha Cosby
Father: Charlie Diming
Mother: Della Diming
Hinkle Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 32

Mathis, Annie L. Wilbanks
12-03-1935-Tippah Co., MS
10-17-2002-Walnut, MS
Breast Cancer
Spouse: Julius Mathis
Father: Richmond Wilbanks
Mother: Wilma Bennett
Camp Ground Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 188

Mathis, Retha Flake
12-03-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
07-08-2000-Corinth, MS
Stophylocodal Pneumonia/
Chronic Obsolete P. D.
Spouse: W.L. Mathis
Father: Frank Flake
Mother: Flora Sebers
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 63

Mathis, W.L.
10-09-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
10-03-2001-Corinth, MS
Cardio Vascular Arrest/Sepsis
Spouse: Retha Flake
Daughter: Elaine Dillon
Father: Cop Mathis
Mother: Annie Arnest
Mt. Pleassnt Methodist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 131

Mayhall, Pauline Smith
09-25-1932-Big Springs, AL
06-05-2000-Tupelo, MS
Res. Iuka, MS
Cardiac Arrest
Daughter: Cindy Milinder
Father: Cage Smith
Mother: Ginnie Barker
Mayhall Cemetery Counce, TN
Page 61

Mayhall, W.C.
01-10-1931-Hardin Co., TN
10-24-1999-Glen, MS
Renal Cancer
US Army Veteran (20 Yrs.)
06-04-1966 / 06-03-1999
Spouse: Beverly Peters
Father: William Mayhall
Mother: Cora Lee Byrd
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 21

Medley, Virginia McCutchen
03-02-2002-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure/ Alzheimer
Spouse: Kennie Medley
Friend & Care Giver: James Eley
Father: Thomas Lee McCutchen
Mother: Mamie Parker
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 155

Melton, Roger D.
02-26-1952-Ft.Worth, TX
05-16-1999-Iuka, MS
US Army Veteran
Drowned/ Old Steel Bridge
Fiancée: Nancy Smith
Father: Phillip Melton
Mother: Constance Ember Nimrod
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 01

Melton, Dorothy Marie Jones
07-02-1930-Alcorn Co., MS
03-15-2004-Alcorn Co., MS
CVA/Type 2 Diabetes/Hypertension
Spouse: Winford Melton
Sister: Carolyn Steen
Father: Walter A. Jones
Mother: Lula Mae Sims
Farmington Baptist Church Cem
Page 260

Mercer, Jesse Lloyd
11-22-2002-Corinth, MS
11-22-2002-Corinth, MS
Father: Jason Mercer
Mother: Darlene Sires
Hatchie Chapel Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 19 4

Mercer, Paul K.
10-01-1948-Brownsville, MS
08-13-2003-Walnut, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Spouse: Diane Null
Father: Lloyd Mercer
Mother: Edith Hodum
Hatchie Chapel Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 226

Miles, Aron L.
01-02-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
07-15-1999-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran PFC.
Spouse: Earlene R. Crum
Son: Glenn Miles
Father: Thomas Miles
Mother: Hattie Crum
Hatchie Chapel Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 06

Mills, Artie Sulue Stuart
04-24-1918-Alcorn Co., MS
09-05-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Hillie Mills
Son: Harold Mills
Father: Jim Stuart
Mother: Emma Shields
Wheeler Grove Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 75

Mills, Betsy Evonne Garrett
07-07-1955-Butte, Montana
02-15-2000-Tupelo, MS
Spouse: Travis Mills
Father: Joseph Garrett
Mother: Audrey Gammill
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 44

Mills, Mary Jo Hardin
05-12-1931 Alcorn Co., MS
08-14-2000 Peoria, IL (Daughters Res.)
Res. Glen, MS
Spouse: John Rufus Mills
Daughter: Sandra Bridges
Father: Burry Hardin
Mother: Minnie Strickland
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 69

Miles, Mildred Jobe Jordan
06-21-1916-Shiloh, TN
09-17-2004-Corinth, MS
Senescence/ Cerebral Vascular Accident/
Daughter: Nelda Mills
Father: James Jordan
Mother: Allie Bell South
Salem Christian Church Cem
CR# 400 Corinth, MS
Page 293

Mincy, Doreen Maness
07-07-1913-Alcorn Co., MS
07-15-2001-South Haven, Desoto, Co. MS
{Daughters Home, Nelda Street}
Spouse: Frank Mincy
Son: Cid Mincy
Father: Roan Maness
Mother: Cora Vandiver
Clear Creek Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 117

Mincy, Lillie Mae Adams
09-06-1915-Tippah Co., Ms Age 86
12-10-2000-Corinth, MS
Cerebral Vascular Accident
Hypertensive Heart Disease
Son: Charles Mills
Father: John Harvey Adams
Mother: Letra Pernelia
Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 88

Mincy, Michael David
12-06-1978-Selmer, TN
04-04-2003-Canton, MS
Vehicle Accident
Never Married
Father: Edwin Mincy
Mother: Donna Thacker
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery Michie, TN
Page 206

Mitchell, Charles Deb
05-21-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
06-22-1999-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
US Navy Veteran: Fireman 1st. Class
Spouse: Margaret Honeycutt
Father: Charles H. Mitchell
Mother: Maizie Castile
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 05

Mitchell, Ogle D.
02-19-2001-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Spouse: Etta Mitchell
Daughter: Martha Holloway
Father: Lean Mitchell
Mother: Sara Liz Starnes
Lone Oak Baptist Church Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 102

Modlin, Serita Holland
01-12-1961-Alcorn Co., MS
09-21-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Brian Whitehead Modlin
Father: Odell Holland
Mother: Lila Faye Porterfield
Brush Creek Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 15

Morgan Eldon H.
02-25-1927-McNairy Co., TN
05-14-2004-McNairy Co., TN
Heart Attack
US Army Veteran
Pfc. 12-1945/02-1947
Brother: John R. Morgan
Father: John Rowland Morgan
Mother: Lula Knight
Coln Cemetery Acton, TN
Page 268

Morton, Lessal E. "Lois" Wilkins
11-05-1934-Burnsville, MS
12-25-1999-St.Petersburg, FL
Esophageal Carcinoma
Spouse: Charlie Morton
Son: Charles Morton
Father: Troy W. Wilkins
Mother: Wreathea Gray
Mt. Harmon Cemetery Savannah, TN
Page 30

Moss, Angel Marie Austin
12-10-1973-Elkhart, IND
09-04-2004-Tishomingo Co., MS
Smoke Inhalation/ Motor Vehicle Fire
Father: Fred C. Austin
Mother: Mary Alice Stacy Likes
Hollands Cemetery Savannah, TN
Page 76

Mullins, Gracie Smith
11-04-1911-Alcorn Co., MS
11-13-1999-Corinth, MS
Resp. Arrest/Sepsis/COPD
Spouse: Hosea Mullins
Daughter: Helen Faulkner
Father: Joe Smith
Mother: Mollie Lawson
Brush Creek Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 25


McCarter, Wilma C. Fields
03-11-1926-Alcorn Co., MS
01-25-2000-Corinth, MS
Anorexia/Methylcillin Resistant/
Stapholycoccus Awrees
Daughter: Janice McCarter
Father: Joseph Fields
Mother: Wilma Littlejohn
Bethesda Cemetery Selmer, TN
Page 41

McCollum, Gary Mack
09-12-1950-Memphis, TN
06-07-2004-Memphis, TN
Arteriosclerosis Cardiac Disease/
Renal failure
Never Married
Father: Ellis McCollum
Mother: Gladys Wells
Sister: Sandra Franks
Faulkner Cemetery Faulkner, MS
Page 271

McDonald, J.W.
08-20-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
01-28-2001-Alcorn Co., MS
Ventricular Fibrillation/
Coronary Artery Disease/ Hypertension
Daughter: Linda Gilliam
Father: William Sinclair McDonald
Mother: Beulah Nolen
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 99

McMullen Annie Sue
11-18-1936-Alcorn Co., MS
07-03-2004-Racine, Wisconsin
Spouse: Donald E. McMullen
Son: Charles Coln
Father: Tilman Burcham
Mother: Virgie Rorie
Vanderford Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 275

McMullen, Donald E.
01-16-1946-Seattle, Washington
03-04-2004-Desota Co., MS
Res. Byhalia, MS
Spouse: Annie Sue Burcham
Father: Rex McMullen
Mother: Hallie Irene Matheson
Vanderford Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 259


Nichols, Bobby G.
08-25-1937-Shelby Co., TN
05-12-2000-Corinth, MS
Daughter: Paula Roberts
Father: Lawrence J. Nichols
Mother: Mary Lou McCuller
Falcon Cemetery Selmer, TN
Page 58

Nabors, Paradine Matlock
07-25-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
09-25-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: H.T. Nabors
Father: John Matlock
Mother: Atmer Briggs
Bethlehem Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 130

Newborn, Tyler Andrew
08-19-1988-Sheffield, AL
08-27-2004-Columbus, MS
Res. Rienzi, MS
Vehicle Accident/Head Trauma
Never Married
Father: Kevin Newborn
Mother: Lisa Mozingo
Jacinto Community Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 288

Newborn, Velma Mae
11-28-1914-Alcorn Co., MS
01-18-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Charlie Newborn
Daughter: Judy Glen
Father: R.C. Carpenter
Mother: Pearl Bain
Jacinto Community Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 149

Null, Velma Mathis
02-15-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
04-21-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardiopulmonary Arrest/CAD/Hypertension/
Grandson: Jeff Null
Father : Jeff Mathis
Mother: Dora Taylor
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 265


O’Leary, Roberta AL.
10-19-1931-Watertown, MASS
07-14-2001-Memphis, TN
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: William John O’Leary
Daughter: Robin Holland
Father: Alford Pearce
Mother: Ada Bythwood
Page 116

Odle, Robert F.
07-24-1902-Prentiss Co., MS
05-25-1999-Corinth, MS
Daughter: Grace Marcle
Father: John Odle
Mother: Louella Evans
Union Baptist Church Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 03


Parks, Rickey
11-29-1987-Tupelo, MS
10-22-2001-Memphis, TN
Res. Corinth, MS
Accident/Hit by Automobile
Cardio Arrest
Father: Shane Parks
Mother: Angela Lambert
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 135

Pearson, Nelle B.
02-24-1920-Vincent, ARK
02-28-2004-Bethel Springs, TN
Never Married
Sister: Betty Baker
Father: John Pearson
Mother: Jessie Durham
Woodlawn Heights Cemetery Rector, ARK
Page 25

Pendley,Clifton A.
12-29-1914-Hardin Co., TN
12-01-2004-Michie, TN
Pvt. US Army Veteran
09-18-1942 thru 04-19-1946
Spouse: Lola Mae Knight
Father: Fenton Pendley
Mother: Emma Hindman
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 03

Peters, Leroy
09-21-1924-Alcorn Co., MS
07-09-2004-Memphis, TN
Res. Glen, MS
Spouse: Nelda J. Peters
Son: Danny Peters
Father: William C. Peters
Mother: Pearl Thomas
Brigman Hill Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 276

Peters, Maury Ray
03-21-1958-Alcorn Co., MS
10-23-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Diabetic
Spouse: Linda Kennedy
Father: Leroy Peters
Mother: Nelda Spencer
Brigman Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 299

Pittman, William E.
11-30-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
07-22-2004-Oxford, MS
End Stage Altizemers
Spouse: Vadie Smith
Father: Sam Pittman
Mother: Maude Wallace
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 279

Porterfield, Edith McDowell
02-25-1922-Alcorn Co., MS
02-12-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Charles H. Porterfield
Son: Danny Porterfield
Father: Candler McDowell
Mother: Ethel Gatlin
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 152

Porterfield, Zola Crum
06-15-1911-Tippah Co., MS
09-03-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Bilbo Porterfield
Daughter: Renay Martin
Father: Hill Crum
Mother: Eliza Mathis
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 74

Porterfield, Charles H.
10-09-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
11-21-2000-Corinth, MS
Hepitis Failure/Hepatic Cirrhosis
Spouse: Edith McDowell
Daughter: Barbara Prince
Father: William Bolden Porterfield
Mother: Martha Smith
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 85

Pratt, Mozelle Ashcraft
02-28-1926-Columbus, MS
03-28-2002-Corinth, MS
Cardiopulmonary Arrest/Pneumonia
Son: Warren Jones
Father: George Newton Ashcraft
Mother: Effie Mae Hannah
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 162

Price, Anglon
03-02-1924-Shiloh, TN
03-05-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ophelia Hammock
Father: James W. Price
Mother: Lela Cooksey
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 104

Price, Herbert Dale
04-16-1937-Baltimore, MD
10-28-2002-Corinth, MS
End Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Spouse: Nancy Callahan
Father: Robert Price
Mother: Pauline Shaw
West Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery Saulsburg, TN
Page 191

Price, Jennifer D.
02-14-1985-Alcorn Co., MS
01-20-2004-Corinth, MS
Father: Johnny D. Price
Mother: Wanda Ford, Felks, Price
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 251

Price, Scottie Anglon
10-28-1951-Alcorn Co., MS
02-23-2004-Holly Springs, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Spouse: Joyce Elam
Father: Anglon Price
Mother: Ophelia Hammock
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 254

Purgason, Tilda M. Newcomb
09-05-1914-Alcorn Co., MS
05-06-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Elmer Greer
Daughter: Doris Evans
Father: Charlie Newcomb
Mother: Emma Whittimore
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 166



Reeves, Minnie Sue Tucker
12-22-1930-McNairy Co., TN
09-06-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Gilbert O’Neal Reeves
Son: Ricky Reeves
Father: Eli Tucker
Mother: Mary Petty
Liberty Cemetery Michie, TN
Page 12

Ramsey, Faye Ellen Nash
02-08-1931- Independence Co., ARK
10-09-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: C.F. Ramsey
Died: 01-09-1979
Daughter: Janice Holloway
Father: William Franklin Nash
Mother: Cella Hawkins
Union Cemetery, Kossuth, MS
Page 185

Reiner, Marie Harville
02-10-1930-Alcorn Co., MS
01-15-2004-Corinth, MS
End Stage CHF
Spouse: Albert Reiner
Son: James Reiner
Father: William C. Harville
Mother: Ida Marlar
New Hope Church of Christ Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 249

Rencher, Dalton P.
04-27-1908-Alcorn Co., MS
04-17-2003-Corinth, MS
Skin Cancer/COPD/Diabetic
Spouse: Lola Miller Rencher
Daughter: Jean Carroll
Father: Rube Rencher
Mother: Melissa Crum
Union Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 209

Rencher, Gladys Grimes
10-27-1922-Corinth, MS
09-12-2002-Athens, TN
Spouse: Grady L. Rencher
Daughter: Evelyn Mayhall
Father: John Virgil Grimes
Mother: Jennie Moore
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 183

Rencher, Lola G. Miller
08-31-1909-Alcorn Co., MS
08-08-2002-Alcorn Co., MS
Heart Disease/Alzheimer’s
Spouse: Dalton P. Rencher
Father: Zeb D. Miller
Mother: Sallie Bass
Union Baptist Church Cemetery Kossuth, MS
Page 177

Richardson, James William
09-10-1944-Colbert Co., AL
10-19-2003-Tishomingo Co., MS
Res. Corinth, MS
US Air Force
Probable Acute Myocardial Infarction
Sister: Ruth Anderson
Brother: Jimmy Richardson
Mother: Dovie Richardson
Salem Christian Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 234

Rickman, James Loyd "Bud"
03-01-1933-Alcorn Co., MS
01-08-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Self inflicted gunshot to chest
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Ann Rickman
Father: Jim Rickman
Mother: Mary Ford
Corinth, National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 247

Rickman, John Wayne
06-24-1979-Alcorn Co., MS
07-20-2004-Corinth, MS
Polyphamicy Overdose
Father: Jeff Rickman
Mother: Linda Newcomb
Rickman Family Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 277

Riddell, Vada Kate Rickman
12-25-1924-McNairy Co., TN
01-03-2001-Booneville, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Henry Riddell
Daughter: Shirley Browder
Father: Burga Joe Rickman
Mother: Bonnie Bowers
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 93

Roberts, Donald Wayne
09-01-1939-Memphis, TN
11-01-2001-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation/Heart Disease
Brother: Richard Roberts
Father: William Clayton Roberts
Mother: Christine Bigerstaff
Page 137

Roberts, Ronnie L. "Bubba"
08-19-1957-Chicago, IL
02-27-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Cranial Cerebral Trauma/
Blunt Force Trauma
Daughter: Miranda Jones
Father: Leon Roberts
Mother: Eupal Nyleen Holland
Tharp Town Cemetery Russeville, Al
Page 256

Roberts, Travis Wayne
08-25-1945-Tippah Co., MS
02-28-2001-Corinth, MS
Ademo carcinoma of Lung/
Wide Spread Metastic
Spouse: Kathy Burcham
Father: George Roberts
Mother: Zoller Mathis
Brother: Roy Lee Roberts
Sisters: Hazel Roberts &
Lurlie Jewel Roberts Luker
Special Nephew: Elvis Roberts
Juliette Baptist Church Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 103

Robinson, Roy C.
01-03-1939-Alcorn Co., MS
11-25-2004- Memphis, TN
Res. Rienzi, MS
US Air Force Veteran
04-12-1958 to 04-22-1962
Spouse: Doris K. Kitchens
Father: James Robinson
Mother: Minnie Nash
Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 01

Rogers, Rudolph
10-09-2003-Burnsville, MS
Pancreas & Liver Cancer
Spouse: Mildred Lambert
Father: Elmer Rogers
Mother: Reba Ollar
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 231

Rogers, Steve A.
08-23-1961-Chicago, IL
06-03-2000-Union Co., MS
Auto Accident
Father: Victor A. Rogers
Mother: Mildred Schuler
Irving Park Cemetery Chicago, IL
Page 60

Ross, Daniel J.
04-06-1943-Prentiss Co., MS
02-10-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Rienzi, MS
Heart Attack
Spouse: Janice Tedford
Father: Joseph Ross
Mother: Corda Downs
Mills Comm. Baptist Church Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 151

Ross, Virginia V. Meeks
02-21-1925-Tiptonville, TN
03-12-2002-Corinth, MS
Coronary Artery Disease/COPD
Sister: Mary Dilbeck
Father: William Meeks
Mother: Rosie Decker
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 158


Sanders, J. C.
02-16-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
03-22-2001-Corinth, MS
Res. Selmer, TN
US Army Veteran PFC
Spouse: Mable Watson
Son: James Sanders
Father: Charlie Sanders
Mother: Jessie James
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 108

Sanders, Jessie James
07-20-1906-Alcorn Co., MS
05-01-2001-Booneville, MS
Spouse: Charlie Sanders
Son: J.W. Sanders
Father: Jobie James
Mother: Mollie Johnson
Danville Baptist Church Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 110

Scott, Thomas G.
02-20-1910-Alcorn Co., Ms
03-01-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Gladys Taylor
Father: Robert Scott
Mother: Mary Jobe
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 51

Sharp, Carl Moran
04-06-1933-Corinth, MS
07-23-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Ligature Hanging
Spouse: Ann Robinson
Daughter: Laurie Ann Sharp
Father: Carl Moran Sharp Sr
Mother: Maude Mahar
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 280

Sides Georgia G. Berry
02-24-1919-Franklin Co., AL
06-25-2002-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Walter W. Sides
Daughter: Paula Graves
Father: William A. Sides
Mother: Carrie Horton
Knights' Cemetery Russellville, AL
Page 171

Simmons, Thurman C.
06-23-1921-Little Rock, ARK
05-07-2003-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
US Army Veteran Capt
Spouse: Viola Smith
Father: Walter Simmons
Mother: Florence Battles
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 211

Smith, Christy M. Haynie
09-17-1976-Tishomingo Co., MS
12-06-2002-Memphis, TN
Res. Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Father: Jimmy Haynie
Mother: Sharon Shouse
Haynie Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 195

Smith, Dexter Deward
06-01-1952-Alcorn Co., MS
01-15-2004-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Daughter: Shelly Mask
Father: Verlon Smith
Mother: Letra Wiginton
Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery Iuka, MS
Page 250

Smith, John Wayne
07-12-1933-McNairy Co., TN
07-14-2002-Corinth, MS
Sudden Cardiac Death
Spouse: Bonnie Rico
Father: John Henry Smith
Mother: Angie Neonie Landth
Good Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Adamsville, TN
Page 173

Smith, Mary Lou Hale
10-14-1911-Crump, TN
01-24-2001-Corinth, MS
Carcinoma of Colon/Metastasis
Spouse: E.O. Smith
Sister: Beta Rogers
Father: I.W. Hale
Mother: Rhonda Gillan
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 99

Smith, Rayburn D.
05-11-1942-Alcorn Co., MS
11-25-2003-Michie, TN
Spouse: Sharon L. Goul
Father: Virgil Smith
Mother: Virginia Vonvoegk
Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery Iuka, MS
Page 237

South, Willie Max
10-04-1942-Alcorn Co., MS
10-04-2001-Tupelo, MS
Spouse: Betty Johnson
Father: Willie D. South
Mother: Ruth Bingham
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 132

Spears, William E.
06-21-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
02-08-2004-Corinth, MS
US Army Pvt.1
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/CHV
Spouse: Bonnie Robertson
Father: William T. Spears
Mother: Annie Jones
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 253

Spencer, Christopher M.
07-08-2002-Corinth, MS
07-08-2002-Corinth, MS
Father: Shane Spencer
Mother: Diane Crum
Grandfather: Jerry Crum
Hatchie Chapel Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 172

Spencer, Howard V.
01-18-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
06-14-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Lorene Hancock
Daughter: Joyce Harris
Father: Hugh Spencer
Mother: Ellen Crum
Lone Oak Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 272

Spencer, Harold Eugene
01-29-1944-Alcorn Co., MS
11-06-2001-Walnut, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Sleep Apnea
Never Married
Brother: Shane Spencer
Father: Clyde Spencer
Mother: Verdie Burrow
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 139

Spooner, Kimberly Selene Strickland
12-13-1970-Corinth, MS
03-29-2003-Pompano Beach, FLA
Spouse: Rick Spooner
Father: Gary Strickland
Mother: Oma Paulette Wood
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 205

Stansides, Kathryn Reed
07-04-1929-Rienzi, MS
10-20-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Rienzi, MS
Spouse: James Stansides
Died: 10-07-1998
Daughter: Glenda Stansides
Father: Tom Reed
Mother: Roxie Wilemon
Hinkle Baptist Church Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 189

Starch, Eldon A.
04-30-1931-LaCross, WIS
02-01-2002-Corinth, MS
Heart Attack
Spouse: Mary E. Phillips
Father: Andrew Starch
Mother: Sallie Andrego
Page 150

Stark, Mabel Plantz
08-11-1907-Marshall, WIS
09-08-2004-Corinth, MS
Aspiration Pneumonia
Spouse: Clarence Stark
Daughter: Joan Hamberg
Father: William Plantz
Mother: Betsy Halverson
Page 90

Starnes, Archie W.
12-15-1918-Shelby Co., TN
12-06-2003-Corinth, MS
Heart Failure
Spouse: Violet Lee
Daughter: Debbie Starnes
Father: Doley Starnes
Mother: Elizabeth Jones
Holly Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 239

Stones, Mildred Lucille Thasher Dillon
11-09-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
11-13-2004-Corinth, MS
Anemia/Diabetes/Myelodys Plasia
Spouse: Taylor Stones
Daughter: Diane Broadway
Father: John R. Thasher
Mother: Leo E. Huff
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 302

Story, Geraldine Scribner
11-04-2004-Corinth, MS
Res. Batesville, ARK
Father: George Scribner
Mother: Gussie Hurley
Services @ Willie Hayes Funeral Services
Batesville, ARK
Page 300

Stott, Minnie Jo McGlaffen
10-09-1937-Tuson, AZ
06-02-2003-Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Paul "Sonny" Stott
Son: Paul Stott
Father: Harry McGlaffen
Mother: Henrietta McGlaffen
Sent to Son: Steven J. Perry
Tuson, AZ
Page 216

Stover, Vivian D. Wells
12-25-1929-Bethel Springs, TN
10-29-2000-Corinth, MS
Acute Myocardial Infarction/Acute Hemorrhage/
Hip Fracture
Son: Mike Jobe
Father: Frank Wells
Mother: Lula Holland
Sun Set Memorial Garden Cem
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Page 83

Strickland, Alvis A.
01-25-1918-Alcorn Co., MS
12-30-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ruby Poindexter
Father: Richard Perry Strickland
Mother: Annie Burcham
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 141

Strickland, Ellen Newell
08-24-1915-Oklahoma City, OK
08-09-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: A.W. Strickland
Son: Albert Strickland
Father: Oscar Newell
Mother: Mattie Bowers
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 120

Strickland, Gertrude Taylor
12-04-1911-Corinth, MS
12-31-2000-Boise, Idaho
Spouse: George Strickland
Son: Stan Strickland
Father: Will Taylor
Mother: Kansas Dodd
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 92

Strickland, Oma Paulette "Polly" Wood
12-24-1950-McNairy Co., TN
04-01-2002-Glen, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Gary Strickland
Father: William Wood
Mother: Lois Morgan
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 163

Strickland, Viola Crum
06-05-1937-Miss. Co., ARK
05-07-2003-Corinth, MS
End Stage Colon Cancer/Emphysema
Spouse: Bob Strickland
Father: Lee Crum
Mother: Ruby Glenn
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 212

Studdard, Gladys, B. Felks
04-16-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
12-06-1999-Alcorn Co., MS
Legally Separated
Brother: Thomas J. Felks
Father: John D. Felks
Mother: Thelma Parker
Old Danville Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 27

Stutts, Mattie Ruth Hampton
05-17-1930-Alcorn Co., MS
01-13-2000-McNairy Co., TN
Res. Michie, TN
Spouse: L.D. Stutts
Father: Cleo Hampton
Mother: Effie Strickland
Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery Michie, TN
Page 37


Talley, Willie Orval
11-24-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
12-19-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Edna Sanders
Father: Ronald Talley
Mother: Annie Mills
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 29

Taylor, Bill M. Sr
08-04-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
08-12-2001-Tupelo, MS
Res. Corinth, MS
Spouse: Nellie V. Taylor
Daughter: Cynthia Davis
Father: Ernest Taylor
Mother: Lucy Estelle Young
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 121

Taylor, Charles Orlanda
12-22-1912-Alcorn Co., MS
12-15-1999-Corinth, MS
Asperation Pneumonia
Spouse: Maggie Strickland
Daughter: Judy Childs
Father: Albert Taylor
Mother: Annie Pittman
Forrest Memorial Park Cem
Page 28

Taylor, Cleo Marshall
01-16-1943-Alcorn Co., MS
10-04-2004-Memphis, TN
Son: Scott Taylor
Father: Freemon C. Taylor
Mother: Emma C. Hill
Jerusalem Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 297

Taylor, Margaret Stiles
01-04-2002-West Helena ARK
Res. Poplar Grove, ARK
Informant: Sue Rutledge- Rienzi, MS
Father: W.D. Stiles
Mother: Nell Perkins
Sun Set Memorial Park Cemetery West Helena, ARK
Page 145

Thigpen, Edna M. Culver
05-30-1922-Pickwick, TN
08-24-2001-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Carl Thigpen
Son: Ed Thigpen
Father: Arch A. Culver
Mother: Edith Johnson
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 122

Tice, Cortez D. Storey
05-31-1921-Clay Co., AL
10-16-1999-Corinth, MS
Ovarian Cancer
Spouse: Van Tice
Father: James Storey
Mother: Clauda Hannah
Forrest Memorial Park Cem
Page 19

Toloso, Eva Jane Judd
06-04-1919-Caldwell Co., MO
03-26-2002-Corinth, MS
Resp. Failure/CHF/Coronary Artery Disease
Granddaughter: Gerri Rossi
Father: Alvie Ancel Judd
Mother: Elvie Grace Davis
Harmony Hill Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 161

Treece, Delphia Flippo
06-06-1909-Perry Co., TN
11-23-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Treece Sr
Son: Roy Treece
Father: Thomas Flippo
Mother: Nepsey Flippo
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 86

Tubbs, Raymond H.
08-27-1922-Tuscumbia, AL
01-19-2000-Coprinth, MS
Sister: Alice Vanderford
Father: Lee Tubbs
Mother: Della Lindsey
Fraleys Church of Christ Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 38

Tucker, Dorothy M. Duboise
03-24-1922-Beebee, ARK
05-30-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Edward Leon Tucker
Daughter: Janola Howard
Father: Elwyn Duboise
Mother: Ola Carrigan
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 214

Turner, Caley South
10-07-2002-Tupelo, MS
10-08-2002-Tupelo, MS
Res. Mantachie, MS
Premature 23 Weeks
Father: Scotty J. Turner
Mother: Rebecca M. Tieken
Rowland Mills Baptist Church Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 184



Vanderford, J.P.
02-26-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
09-02-2001-Corinth, MS
SGt. US Army Veteran
Spouse: Madella McNutt
Father: Oacar Vanderford
Mother: Bessie Grissom
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 125

Vansandt, James I.
12-11-1931-Elomone Co., AL
03-22-2001-Corinth, MS
Staff Sgt US Air Force
Pulmonary Embolism/Post Shoulder Surgery
Spouse: Bonita Henry
Father: William Vansandt
Mother: Sula Mae Woodfin
Pine Vale Cemetery 1872 CR 700 Corinth, MS
Page 106

Voyles, Hershell E.
03-12-1922-Alcorn Co., MS
11-04-2004-Corinth, MS
Brother: Edward A. Voyles
Father: Allen Voyles
Mother: Dora Griffin
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, Ms
Page 301


Waldrep, Audrey A. Johnson
09-03-1963-West Memphis, ARK
05-22-2004-Glen, MS
Car Accident
Spouse: Victor Waldrep
Father: James E. Johnson
Mother: Doris Bickerstaff
Glendale Baptist Church Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 269

Waldrep, Scott Edward
02-10-1969-Toledo, OH
01-08-2004-Iuka, MS
Probable Myocardial Infarction/HCVD
Never Married
Father: Grady E. Waldrep
Mother: Doris Holland Burcham
Glendale Baptist Church Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 246

Walker, Carol S. Jacobs
09-29-1954-St. Louis, MO
01-02-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Billy Walker
Father: John Jacobs
Mother: Rose Hilburn
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 35

Wall, Louise Hutchins
01-09-1922-Alcorn Co., MS
07-25-2000-Corinth, MS
Resp. Failure/Lung Cancer
Spouse: Russell Wall
Father: John B. Hutchins
Mother: Missie Sanders
Box Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 65

Wallace, Mildred L. Reddell
11-18-1935-Alcorn Co., MS
02-27-2002-Alcorn Co., MS
Hypoxemia/Renal & Aortic CAD
Spouse: Dale Wallace
Father: Anderson Brian Reddell
Mother: Josephine Flatt
Henry Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 153

Watkins, David Harold "Sonny"
12-04-1949-Alcorn Co., MS
07-13-2003-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Joyce Rickman
Father: Willie D. Watkins
Mother: Marie West
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 222

Weathers, Bobbie J. Morrow
10-29-1932-Gernada, MS
08-14-2002-Corinth, MS
Son: Billy Weathers
Father: Roy Morrow
Mother: Inez Phillips
Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 178

Whitaker, Raymond Eugene
04-22-1946-Tishomingo Co., MS
06-16-2000-Corinth, MS
Respitory Failure/ Pneumonia/Lung Cancer
Sister: Earnestine Brown
Father: Searcy Whitaker
Mother: Vertie Brewer
Shady Grove Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 62

Whitfield, Jewel Estell Holder
09-15-1915-Prentiss Co., MS
02-09-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Terry C. Whitfield
Daughter: Arneta South
Father: Arthur Holder
Mother: Ada Hendrix
Rowland Mills Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 43

Wilbanks, Bessie Marie Barnes
03-24-1921-Tishomingo Co., MS
07-28-2001-Corinth, MS
Res. Walnut, MS
Spouse: Emert Wilbanks
Father: Cleveland Barnes
Mother: Sally Short
Brush Creek Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 119

Wilbanks, Emert H.
10-14-1912-Tippah Co., MS
10-04-2004-Walnut, MS
Lung & Prostate Cancer
Spouse: Bessie Marie Barnes
Father: Miles WilbanksMother: Margie Wilbanks
Brush Creek Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 296

Wilbanks, Jewell Elaine Flatt
08-25-1950-Shelby Co., TN
12-04-2004-Rienzi, MS
Lung & Neck Cancer
Friend: Michael Burcham
Father: Jimmy Lee Flatt
Mother: Evon Emma Smith
Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery.
Shiloh, TN
Page 04

Wilbanks, Judy Nelson
08-18-1948-Tippah Co., MS
02-01-2004-Walnut, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Levoyd Wilbanks
Father: James B. Nelson
Mother: Valeria Sanders
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 252

Wilbanks, Patricia A. Cofield
09-12-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Kenneth Wilbanks
Father: Odis Jones
Mother: Velma Cofield
Hatchie Chapel Cemetery Walnut, MS
Page 78

Wilbanks, Terry "J.L."
10-23-1944-McNairy Co., TN
05-31-2004-Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer/Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Spouse: Peggy Dixon
Father: Troy B. Wilbanks
Mother: Clois Littlejohn
Wilbanks Family Cemetery Pocahontas, TN
Page 270

Wilkins, Peggy J. Childers
11-09-1941-Hardin Co., TN
09-13-2004-Tupelo, MS
Res. Iuka, MS
COPD/Tobacco Abuse/
Supranuclear Palsy
Daughter: Margaret Glidewell
Father: Herbert Childers
Mother: Frances Malone
Pisgah United Methodist Church Cemetery Shiloh, TN
Page 292

Williams, Jimmy Dale
12-13-1943-West Point, MS
01-24-2001-Memphis, TN
Res. Corinth, MS
Pfc. US Army Veteran
Sister: Mary Jane Marlar
Father: James R. Williams
Mother: Frances Greenwood
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 97

Willis, Mary E. Lauderdale
02-24-1914-Booneville, MS
03-21-2004-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Howard Willis
Daughter: Ann Burress
Father: Joe Lauderdale
Mother: Fannie Green
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 261

Wilson, Beatrice "Dora" Shields
06-29-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
10-23-2000-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Heart Failure
Spouse: Troy Wilson Sr
Son: Troy Wilson Jr
Father: William Oscar Shields
Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Plaxico
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 81

Wilson, Carolyn Allen
11-05-1946-Holly Springs, MS
09-20-2003-Corinth, MS
Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Spouse: Dale Wilson
Father: Henry Allen
Mother: Thelma Bolden
Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 229

Wilson, Mary Jewel Sides
07-28-1919-McNairy Co., TN
07-31-2000-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Perino Wilson
Father: Joe Sides
Mother: Mamie Tucker
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 68

Wooley, James Hollis
08-22-1912-Alcorn Co., MS
08-06-2004-Tippah Co., MS
Cardio Failure/ Coronary Artery Disease
Spouse: Laura Edith Mills
Father: Jessie Wooley
Mother: Betty Stewart
Tippah Memorial Gardens Cemetery Ripley, MS
Page 284

Worsham, Vera Mae Strickland
08-04-1927-La Panto, ARK
09-14-1999-Corinth, MS
Stomach Cancer
Spouse: Charles N. Worsham
Son: Mike Worsham
Father: Albert Warren Strickland
Mother: Pearl Walley
Corinth National Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 14

Wren, Jimmy Carroll “Ray"
10-03-1939-Alcorn Co., MS
09-14-2001-Corinth, MS
Brother: Clyde Wren
Father: Chester Wren
Mother: Ethel Yarber
Old Danville Cemetery Rienzi, MS
Page 128


Young, Elsie Marie Gilliam
06-04-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
01-08-2001-Corinth, MS
Metastic Mass Lezion
Spouse: Clifton Gene Young
Father: James Charles Gilliam
Mother: Ida Lee Carlin
Holly Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 94

Young, Louis F.
11-05-1925-Corinth, MS
04-01-2000-Corinth, MS
SM3/C-US Navy Veteran
12-28-1943 / 06-08-1946
Spouse: Beulah V. Nauman
Daughter: Leda Prestridge
Father: Fred Young
Mother: Myrtle Jones
City Cemetery Corinth, MS
Page 55
Alcorn County Home
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