2007 Corinthian Funeral Home Records

A special thanks to Ricky Holland (Owner); for allowing us to share this valuable information with our fellow researchers.
Transcribed by Janice Switcher & Helah Wilson April 6, 2009
Janiceswitcher@att.net & helahw@comcast.net

BAKER, James Thomas
September 16, 1928—Ripley Co., TN
March 18, 2007—McNairy Co., TN
Spouse—Betty Pearson Baker
Father—R. L. Baker
Mother—Ora Lee Green Baker
Bethel Springs Cemetery
Bethel, TN
Page 153

BARNES, Ray Daniel
December 1, 1929—Tippah Co., MS
February 8, 2007—Golden Living Center
Residence—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Martha Wilbanks Barnes
Father—Lumey Barnes
Mother—Willie Barnes
Church Cemetery
Ripley, Tippah Co., MS
Page 140

BARNES, Dewey Leroy
February 19, 1938—Walnut, MS
May 4, 2007—Memphis, TN
Spouse—Joyce Shaw Barnes
Father—Lymon Barnes
Mother—Jose Shaw Barnes
County Line Baptist Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., MS
Page 161

Blasingame, David Wayne
August 4, 1951—MS
April 15, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Celia Renea Blasingame
Jacinto Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 158

BLAND, James Richard, Sr.
September 6, 1949—Trenton, NJ
February 20, 2007—Corinth, MS
James Richard Bland, Jr.
Mother—Dorothy Karaffa Bland
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 143

BREWER, Charles L.
September 20, 1965—MS
December 3, 2007—Corinth, MS
Father—Lawrence Brewer
Mother—Doris Inez Irvin Brewer
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 193

BREWER, Doris Inez
September 12, 1934—Savannah, TN
December 4, 2007—Corinth, MS
Late husband—Lawrence Brewer
Father—Harrie Irvin
Mother—Pauline Morris
Son—Gary Brewer
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 194

BRIGHT, William Junior
July 14, 1933—Alcorn Co., MS
June 10, 2007—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Patricia Glidewell Bright
Father—William A. Bright
Mother—Virdie Butler Bright
County Line Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 169

BURCHAM, Doris J. Waldrep
October 15, 1942—Tippah Co., MS
January 21, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Ronnie Burcham
Father—Millard Holland
Mother—Audie Walker Holland
Grandson—Jason Waldrep
Glendale Baptist Church Cemetery
Glen, MS
Page 134

BURCHAM, George Wallace
March 27, 1930—Alcorn Co., MS
December 7, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Lula Christine Hudson
Father—Tilman Burcham
Mother—Virgie Rorie
Vanderford Cemetery
Rienzi, Alcorn Co., MS
Page 195

BURNETT, Tracy June
May 25, 1954—Bolivar, TN
November 11, 2007—Jackson, TN
Residence—Pocahontas, TN
Companion—Mancel Veach
Father—Archie Shields
Mother—Opal Irwin Shields
Ebenezer Cemetery
Middleton, TN
Page 190

BURROW, Joyce J.
October 16, 1933—TN
July 28, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Earnest L. Burrow
Father—Guy W. Wilbanks
Mother—Julie Willingham Wilbanks
Christ Temple Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., MS
Page 180

BUTLER, Lindsey P.
June 11, 1996—Corinth, MS
July 27, 2007—Michie, TN
Father—Terry Butler
Mother—Nancy Price Griffin
Liberty Church of Christ
Michie, TN
Page 179

COFIELD, Carol Sue Hayes
August 26, 1945—Oakland, CA
February 2, 2007—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Charles Cofield
Mother—Mildred Hayes
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 139

COLEMAN, Evelyn Annie James
February 13, 1934—Briggsville, AK
February 8, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Donna S. Winfield
Father—Harvey James
Mother—Ethel Knotts James
Elmwood Cemetery
Blytheville, AK
Page 141

Crum, Alyene
November 7, 1929—Alcorn Co., MS
January 7, 2007—Walnut, MS
Father—Norman Crum
Mother—Roxey Wilbanks
Brother—Daniel Crum
Hatchie Chapel
Walnut, Tippah Co., MS
Page 131

CRUM, Jimmy Dewey
March 31, 1948—Alcorn Co., MS
October 23, 2007—Hardin Co., TN
Daughter—Penny Simmons
Father—Dewey Crum
Mother—Faystelle Stanley Crum
Overton Hill Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 188

DILBECK, James Earl
February 25, 1935—KY
June 6, 2007—Corinth, MS
U.S. Army veteran
Spouse—Mary Meeks Dilbeck
Father—James Dilbeck
Mother—Montana Sysco Dilbeck
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 168

DOBBINS, Delores Ann
December 26, 1935—Nashville, TN
July 12, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Billy Dobbins
Father—Robert Draughn
Mother—Nancy Poole
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 175

DOWNS, Ire Joy
June 12, 1924—Tippah Co., MS
August 23, 2007—Tupelo, MS
Residence—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Mae Reese Downs
Father—Oscar Downs
Mother—Anna Brock Downs
Tippah Shiloh Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., MS
Page 182

DOWNS, Berdie Mae
April 20, 1927—Prentiss Co., MS
September 28, 2007—Walnut, MS
Son—Wade Downs
Father—James Reese
Mother—Sally Luttrell
Tippah Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., MS
Page 185

May 7, 1920—Tippah Co., MS
June 23, 2007—Memphis, TN
Residence—Walnut, MS
U. S. Army Pvt. (08-1-1942 to 06-04-1943)
Daughter—Teresa Wilbanks
Father—William Flake
Mother—Wardie Flake Wilbanks
Union Cemetery
Chalybeate, Walnut, MS
Page 173

August 12, 1943—Alcorn Co., MS
July 1, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Edna Garrett
Father—Oliver Ford
Mother—Lessie Davis Ford Grammer
Tuscumbia Baptist Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 174

GRAY, Daniel F. Boone
July 25, 1940—Michie, TN
July 16, 2007—Glen, MS
Spouse—Mary Ann Gray
Father—Rady Gray
Mother—Mary Ruth Wardlow Gray
New Hope Church of Christ Cemetery
Glen, MS
Page 176

August 10, 1934—Corinth, MS
June 18, 2007—Corinth, MS
Son—John B. Hastings
Spouse—Barbara Gail Clark Hastings
Father—John Hastings
Mother—Alma Henderson Hastings
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS
Page 172

HILL, William Gene
November 19, 1932—Cherokee, AL
July 16, 2007—Corinth, MS
Informant—Diane Howell
Father—Gene Hill
Mother—Gladys Highfield Hill
Rock Hill Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 177

HOLLINS, Brenda Kay
April 25, 1952—Alcorn Co., MS
May 27, 2007—Corinth, MS
Son—Mark Duncan
Father---Johnnie Hollins
Mother—Mary Davis
Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery
Iuka, MS
Page 164

HOLLOWAY, Martha Pearl
February 17, 1940—Alcorn Co., MS
June 18, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Charles L. Holloway
Father—Ogle Mitchell
Mother—Ethel Null Mitchell
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 171

HORN, Vadean V. Jones
March 31, 1925—Corinth, MS
April 8, 2007—Corinth, MS
Grandson—Eddie Lawton
Father—Clyde Jones
Mother—Margaret Tenneyson
Camp Ground Methodist Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 157

December 4, 1925—Tippah Co., MS
January 25, 2007—Corinth, MS
Age 81
Residence—Iuka, MS
Son—Mike Howard
Father—Walter Howard
Mother—Lillie Whitfield Howard
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 136

JACKSON, James Ray
August 22, 1942—Backland, MS
March 11, 2007—Jackson, TN
Residence—Michie, TN
Wife—Dorothy Miller Jackson
Father—Troy Jackson
Mother—Ruby Brooks Jackson
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 148

JOBE, Angelyn Babb
November 1, 1916—Corinth, MS
June 13, 2007—Indian Path Medical Center--TN
Daughter—Martha Denton
Father- Jewell Galloway Babb
Mother—Althea Whitehurst Babb
Box Chapel Cemetery
Kendrick, Alcorn Co., MS
Age 170

LABRIE, Raymond I. Sr.
February 22, 1945—Portland, MN
May 29, 2007—Memphis, TN
Residence—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Paulette LaBrie
Father—Raymond LaBrie
Mother—Ethel LaBrie
Community Pentecostal Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 167

LYTAL, Freddie Lee
July 21, 1956—MS
November 15, 2007—Central MS Medical Center
Brother—Bobby Lytal
Father—Aaron Hall Lytal
Sadie I. Bridges
Page 192

Malone, Lou Vela
August 15, 1914—McNairy Co., TN
May 12, 2007—McNairy Co., TN
Spouse—Ellis Malone
Father—Robert Malone
Mother—Emma Berry Malone
Sister—Francis Childers
Community Church of Christ Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 162

MASK, Gaines I.
October 13, 1936—Iuka, MS
May 23, 2007—Jackson, TN
Residence—Michie, TN
U. S. Air Force Veteran
Father—Ruie Mask
Mother—Vera Lindsey Mask
Nephew—Jason Neiharth
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 166

January 24, 1925—Homie, OK
October 27, 2007—Corinth, MS
Father—Frank Mayhall
Mother—Maude Welch Mayhall
Nephew—Douglas Mayhall
White Sulphur Cemetery
Pickwick, TN
Page 189

December 14, 1906—MS
January 10, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Edna Gray
Father—John Thomas Meeks
Mother—Nancy Griffin Meeks
Ramer Cemetery
Ramer, TN
Page 132

MORGAN, Milton C.
March 6, 1926—Alcorn Co., MS
February 10, 2007—Iuka, MS
Residence—Rienzi, MS
Daughter—Carolyn Chase
Spouse—Betty Sue Strickland
Father—Forrest Davis Morgan
Mother—Ruthie Bonds Morgan
Christ Gospel Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 142

MULLINS, Barbara Sue
September 1, 1941—Oxford, MS
January 4, 2007—Corinth, MS
Residence—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Bill Mullins
Father—Laverl Ed. Bland
Mother—Lillie M. Davis
Camp Ground Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 130

NEWMAN, Mildred K.
April 25, 1952—MS
March 15, 2007—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Eli Olen Newman
Father—Luna K. Wilbanks
Mother—Hazel Nabors
Brush Creek
Walnut, MS
Page 150

OWEN, Charles V.
May 31, 1931—AL
March 10, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Helen Tucker Owen
Father—Nowell Owen
Mother—Luler Terry Owen
Forrest Meorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 146

PARKER, Larry Sidney
September 27, 1953—Alcorn Co., MS
December 25, 2007—Corinth, MS
Father—Cletis Perkins
Mother—Emma Tschudi
Sister—Katherine Parker
Corinth City Cemetery
Page 196

PITTMAN, Martha L.
May 3, 1919—MS
March 10, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Ernest Pittman
Father—Jewel G. Babb
Mother—Althea Whitehurst Pittman
Box Chapel Cemetery
Kendrick, Alcorn Co., MS
Page 147

July 10, 1958—Alcorn Co., MS
August 23, 2007—Corinth, MS
Residence, Walnut, MS
Father—Billy Porterfield
Mother—Betty Tidwell
Brush Creek Cemetery
Walnut, Alcorn Co., MS
Page 181

POTTS, Mary Nell
September 28, 1924—Alcorn Co., MS
February 3, 2007—Sanctuary Hospice House
Son—Curtis Potts
Father—Buford Curtis
Mother—Ruby Millstead
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 138

PRICE, Johnny David
December 6, 1946—Alcorn Co., MS
November 18, 2007—Corinth, MS
U.S. Vietnam Veteran Sp.4
Father—James David Price
Mother—Clara Burcham Price
Burcham Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 191

RAGLAND, Janet Whitehurst
October 25, 1924—Crockett, MS
July 27, 2007—Corinth, MS
Residence—Michie, TN
Spouse—Charles Ragland
Father—Barnett Whitehurst
Mother—Myrtle Bryce Whitehurst
Acton Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 178

REED, Jerry Don
July 8, 1946—Fort Worth, TX
March 17, 2007—Walnut, MS
Spouse—Pebble Hunt Reed
Father—Albert Reed
Mother—Mary A. Nelson Reed
Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 152

October 13, 1944—Lexington, TN
February 25, 2007—Germantown, TN
Residence—Faulkner, MS
Spouse—Trudy Patia Roberts
Father—Clarence Roberts
Mother—Louise Wilson Roberts
Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 144

Robinson, Christine
July 30, 1917—Grandee New Mexico
January 8, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Sandra R. Blanton
Father—Ross Wilson
Mother—Maude Perry
Memorial Garden Cemetery
Paragould, AK
Page 129

January 15, 1920—Tishomingo Co., MS
April 17, 2007---Corinth, MS
Daughter—Judy Holland
Father—Clarence D. Smith
Mother—Bertha Bullard
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 159

SMITH, Edie Ann
July 28, 1949—Tippah Co., MS
May 16, 2007—Tiplersville, MS
Daughter—Cassandra Dixon
Father—Clovis Carter
Mother—Annie Gates Carter
Cedar Mound Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 163

SMITH, Ronald Cary James
July 13, 1959—Tracy, CA
May 29, 2007—Corinth, MS
Father—James Ronald Smith
Mother—Elaine T. Smith
Brother—Randy Smith
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 165

SPENCER, Bertha D.
September 7, 1917—MS
August 28, 2007—Corinth, MS
Son—Billy W. Spencer
Father—Clayton Mills
Mother—Emma Mills
Brush Creek Cemetery
Walnut, Alcorn Co., MS
Page 183

STEVES, Erion B.
February 25, 1933—Alcorn Co., MS
March 26, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Marvin Stevens
Daughter—Patricia Henderson
Mother—Evire Jewel Jones
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 155

STONE, Billy Joe
June 9, 1947—Alcorn Co., MS
April 8, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Shelia Boren Stone
Father—James Stone
Mother—Bessie Thompson Stone
Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery
Wheeler, MS
Page 156

STREET, Harold Wayne
February 20, 1941—Middleton, TN
March 19, 2007—Baptist Memorial, Desoto, County, MS
Residence—Southaven, MS
Spouse—Nelda Mincy Street
Father—Harold Street
Mother—Vivian Kennamore
Campground Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 154

STRICKLAND, Ruby Virginia P.
March 27, 1922—Alcorn Co., MS
January 6, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Alvis Strickland
Daughter—Peggy Osborn
Father—Henry Poindexter
Mother—Clara Brown Poindexter
Farmington Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 133

SWICK, Caleb James
September 16, 2004—Corinth, MS
April 28, 2007—LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center
Residence—Corinth, MS
Father—Shane Swick
Mother—Jamie Duggar
Tuscumbia Church Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 160

May 27, 1910—Sunflower Co., MS
September 26, 2007—Corinth, MS
Son—John Swindle
Father—Robert N. Nichols
Mother—Lona Helton Nichols
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 184

SWICK, Jamie M.
June 1, 1980—St. Louis, MO
October 11, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Shane Swick
Father—Bobby Jack Vinson
Mother—Sherry VinsonDuggar
Tuscumbia Church Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 187

THOMPSON, Mildred L.
September 21, 1923—Somerville, TN
January 22, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Mike Thompson
Father—Willie Tom Heathcock
Mother—Katie Zenobia Forbes Heathcok
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 135

November 28, 1922—Savannah, TN
October 6, 2007—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Margaret Dunn
Father—E. H. Thompson
Mother—Hazzie L. Smith
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 186

WALDREP, Victor Mark
May 22, 1962—Russellville, AL
December 12, 2006—Corinth, MS
Son—Jason Waldrep
Father—Grady Waldrep
Mother—Doris Holland
Glendale Baptist Cemetery
Glen, MS
Page 128

WATKINS, Timothy Gerald
August 24, 1959—Alcorn Co., MS
March 5, 2007—Corinth, MS
Father—John Floyd Watkins
Mother—Rainie Holland Watkins
Page 145

May 6, 1932—Calhoun, MS
March 12, 2007—Corinth, MS
Son—Tony McNair
Father—Samuel Melton
Mother—Anna Lee Wilson Nelson
Community Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 149

WILLIS, Clara Nelda
December 3, 1941—MS
March 16, 2007—Corinth, MS
Spouse—David Willis
Father—Acy Barnes
Mother—Lonia Tate Barnes
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 151

WOODS, Maxine Robinson
September 11, 1919—MS Co., AK
February 1, 2007—Corinth, MS
Brother—Lucky Robinson
Father—William Gary Robinson
Mother—Mattie Lambert Robinson
Holly Baptist Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 137

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