Alcorn County Almshouse (Poorhouse or County Home)

Alcorn County Almshouse (Poorhouse or County Home)

Compiled from 1900 census

Supervisors Dist. No. 1 Enumeration Dist. No. 3 Sheet No. 10

By: Vicki Burress Roach

(Editors Note: Hershal and Edward Voyles are relatives of mine. They live in Corinth on Oakland School Road. They have always told me our ancestors, Alford N. and Dollie Voyles, ran the poorhouse for about 11 years. Alford and Dollie were my great great grandparents. Hershal and Edward told me many people who resided in the Farmington area were born at the poorhouse because that was the nearest place to get medical attention. I’m not sure what year the poorhouse was closed. The building still stands and is now the Alcorn Co. Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, the cemetery that is behind the building is surrounded by the landfill. I surveyed it for our cemetery book. It is terribly overgrown and there were no legible markers. But, there were rows and rows of graves with rock markers or temporary funeral home markers that have rusted with age. There is a dirt road dividing the cemetery. An employee of the landfill told me it was his understanding that one side of the road was the white side and the other side was the black side. I assume the people listed on this census died and were buried there.)

Also you can find this information on the 1880 Census.
1880 U.S. Federal Census
State: Mississippi
County: Alcorn
All Townships
Districe: 2
Image: 24 of 60
The County Poor House Information begins on line 30.
Sumitted By: Marilyn


NAME		relation race	sex	born	    agestatus birthplace
VOYLES Alford N., 	head	white	male	Sept. 1853	46	MMS NC NC
			occupation is listed as superintendent of almshouse
			married 22 years
VOYLES Dollie	wife	white	female	Sept. 1859	40	MTN MS TN
			married 22 years
			9 children with 9 children living
VOYLES Eddie	son	white	male	Sept. 1879	20	SMS MS TN
VOYLES Mattie	dau.	white	female	July   1881	18	SMS MS TN
VOYLES Anderson	son	white	male	Jan.   1884	16	SMS MS TN
VOYLES John M.	son	white	male	Nov. 1885	14	S MS MS TN
VOYLES Ethel	dau.	white	female	Jan.   1888	12	SMS MS TN
VOYLES Taylor	son	white	male	Oct.  1890	9	SMS MS TN
VOYLES Columbus A. son	white	male	Mar.  1894	6	S MS MS TN
VOYLES Jennie	dau.	white	female	Nov. 1896	3	S MS MS TN

BLAKENEY Sarah		white	female	July 1849	50	WdMS MS SC
				0 children with 0 children living
SAWYERS Ruth		white	female	Apr. 1835	65	WdAL SC SC
				0 children with 0 children living
GIDIUN Sarah		white	female	Mar. 1840	59	WdUN UN UN
GARRETT Nancy		white 	female	Dec. 1854	45	WdWdUN UN UN
				1 child with 1 child living
KELLY Pearl			white	female	Jan.   1899	1SMS UN UN
RINGER Thomas		white	male	May  1852?	48	SMS UN UN
JACKSON Calvin		white	male	Mar. 1830	70	MAL UN UN
				married 15 years
				0 children with 0 children living
JACKSON Caroline		white	female	Feb. 1860	40	MMS TN TN
				married 15 years
				0 children with 0 children living
MARLAR George		white	male	Jan. 1880	20	SMS MS MS
MCCARTER George		white	male	        1884	16	STN AL AL

BATES Henry			black	male	Jan. 1851	49SAL AL AL
BRYANT Joseph		black	male	blank		46WdAL AL AL
LOCK Dayman?		black	male	Apr. 1826	84	WdNC NC NC
SEARGENT Marthy		black	female	     1840	60	WdKY VA VA
				0 children with 0 children living
MORRISON Emiline		black	female	Feb. 1835	65	WdVA VA VA
				0 children with 0 children living
ROSE Mary			black	female	Mar. 1830	70	WdSC UN UN
				0 children with 0 children living
PATTON Katie		black	female	May 1885	15	SMS UN MS
ROLAND Pet.?		black	female	Aug. 1869	30	SMS UN SC
WALKER Sarah		black	female	Oct. 1899	7 months	MS UN MS
JONES William		black	male	Mar. 1830	70	SUN UN UN
Alcorn County Home

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