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Oldest probate books available are:
Probate C covers 1837-1846.
(The index is on the web site.  The actual records are at the Corinth Chancery Clerk's office in Alcorn County.  They are upstairs.  You can also view copies of these records at the Alcorn County Genealogical Society library and the Iuka Historical Society library.)
Probate Index 2 covers 1841-1870
(Note Probate 2 years overlap Probate C.  These records are upstairs at the Corinth Chancery Clerk's office in Alcorn County.)
The first 4 probate books of Alcorn County (after the split) were burned in a courthouse fire.  They should have covered 1870-1913.  Starting with Probate 5 and following books are at the Corinth Chancery Clerk's office in Alcorn County.  The index books are downstairs but the actual documentation is upstairs.  Each index assigns a case number and you need that number when you search upstairs for the documentation.
Probate 5 covers 1913-1918
Probate 6 covers 1918-1921
Probate 7 covers 1921-1925
Probate 8 covers 1925-1929
Probate 9 covers 1929-1934
Probate 10 covers 1934-1938
Probate 11 covers 1938-1942
Probate 12 covers 1942-1943
Probate 13 covers 1945-1947 (note there is a gap between 1943 and 1945)
Probate 14 covers to 1950
Probate 15 covers to 1952
Probate 16 covers to 1955
Probate 17 covers to 1957
Probate 18 covers to 1959
The following books are upstairs at the Corinth Chancery Clerk's Building in Alcorn County.
Record of Police Court 1857-1862
Administrators 1858-1870
Probate Minutes 1855-1857
Guardians Bonds Letters 1858-1870
Misc. Records 1860-1867
Probate State 1855-1856
Probate Court Records 1851-1853
Probate Records 1849-1851
Probate Records 1847-1851
Probate Court Records 1857-1861
Probate Court Records 1857-1862
Probate Court Records 1852-1855
Probate Court Records 1836-1846
Probate Court Index No. 2
Settlement of Estate No. 1
Abstract Titles Copy 1836-1870
Book of Records of Chancery Court 1836-1868
Abstract of Corinth Titles-Old Tish. Co.
Probate Minute Book 1857-1859
Probate Record 1846-1847
Board of Police Court 1836-1852
Motion Docket 1858-1877
Final Record
Probate Court 1853-1855
Land Trust Deds 1854
Deed Trust Book 1857-1870
Trust Deeds 1860-1879
General Index to Deeds 1836-1861
General Index No. 2 1861-1870
Deed A starts 1839
Deed AA 1867-
Deed BB covers 1867-1880
Deed CC covers 1867-1871
Deed E covers 1839-1941
Deed F covers 1841-1843
Deed G No. 1 covers pages 1-328
Deed G No. 2 covers pages 329-655
Deed H covers 1845-1848
Deed M covers 1848-1849
Deed N covers 1849-1851
Deed O covers 1851-1852
Deed P covers 1852-1853
Deed Q covers 1853-1874 (Tippah Co. included)
Deed R covers 1854-1855
Deed S covers 1855-1856
Deed T covers 1856-1857
Deed U covers 1857-1858
Deed V covers 1852-1857 (note overlap)
Deed W covers 1859-1861
Deed X covers 1859-1866
Deed Y covers 1861-1867
Deed Z covers 1866-1867
The following books are downstairs at the Corinth Chancery Clerk's building in Alcorn County.  Each book has a full name index.
Will Book A covers 1854-1902
Will Book 1 doesn't exist and covered 1902-1921
Will Book 2 covers 1921-1923
Will Book 3 covers 1920-1938 (note overlapping of dates)
Will Book 4 covers 1938-1953
Will Book 5 covers 1953-1961
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