Marriages of Amite County Mississippi - Gender Undetermined

NOTE:  This list was compiled from many sources, primarily the LDS film
of Amite County Marriages and the LDS IGI Files.  It covers primarily 
the era 1800 -1900 although there are a few later entries.  Anyone 
wishing to make additions or corrections should contact me via email.

SPOUSE 1                      SPOUSE 2                       DATE
===========================   ============================== ==========
ARNOLD, J W                   RATCLIFF, S A                  1886-Dec-28
BANKSTON, M J                 NEWMAN, A G                    1882-Dec-07
BATES, S B                    HAYGOOD, S E                   1899-Nov-15
BROWN, J L                    FISH, L A                      1886-Oct-19
COCKERHAM, J E                KEAGLEY, J D                   1896-May-26
COOK, D E                     POWELL, M A                    1899-Dec-13
DAY, M A                      TRASK, W E                     1899-Apr-20
DUNAWAY, A O                  KIRKLAND, P A                  1899-Jul-11
FISH, L A                     BROWN, J L                     1886-Oct-19
HAYGOOD, S E                  BATES, S B                     1899-Nov-15
KEAGLEY, J D                  COCKERHAM, J E                 1896-May-26
KIRKLAND, P A                 DUNAWAY, A O                   1899-Jul-11
MARTIN, G D                   NELSON, S E                    1886-Aug-19
MCLEAN, M R                   SMILEY, J W                    1899-Dec-05
NELSON, Linnie                WILSON, J T                    1899-Dec-14
NELSON, S E                   MARTIN, G D                    1886-Aug-19
NEWMAN, A G                   BANKSTON, M J                  1882-Dec-07
POWELL, M A                   COOK, D E                      1899-Dec-13
RATCLIFF, S A                 ARNOLD, J W                    1886-Dec-28
SMILEY, J W                   MCLEAN, M R                    1899-Dec-05
SPILLMAN, H                   STEWART, E                     1897-Jan-07
STEWART, E                    SPILLMAN, H                    1897-Jan-07
TRASK, W E                    DAY, M A                       1899-Apr-20
WILSON, J T                   NELSON, Linnie                 1899-Dec-14

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