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Attala County Descriptive Register
Transcribed by Tara Barrett in 1998

The microfilm copies of the Descriptive Register of 1864 & 1865 were sent to me by volunteer Donna Cuin (a big thank you for her help). Some parts of the microfilm were difficult to read so please allow for a few errors. If you would like to contribute information about Attala County please contact me at Tara Barrett.

Descriptive Register 1864 & 1865

ROUNTREE, J E 48 Hazel Grey 6'2" Fair SC Farmer
ROBERTS, J J 48 Grey Dark 6' Dark NC Farmer
CONOR, B J 47 Blue Light 6'1" Fair GA Farmer
Swayze, F N 36 Blue Dark 5'7" Fair MS Farmer
BROWN, O Y 42 Grey Dark 5'11" Fair MS Farmer
THOMPSON, T W 30 Blue Dark 6' Dark MS Farmer
MCCRAREN, J R 43 Blue Light 5'10" Fair SC Tanner
HUTCHINSON, Jho. 48 Grey Black 5'11 Dark TN Farmer
DONALDSON, Wm. 44 Blue Dark 5'10" Dark TN Farmer
BARNETT, F H 48 Bk Black 5'7" Dark GA Farmer
RICHARDSON, Jno. 31 Bk Black 5'7" Dark NC Wagonmaker
DAVIS, James J 36 Grey Black 5'10" Dark AL Farmer
LUSE, N H 40 Grey Black 6' Dark MS Farmer
KELLY, W D 33 Dark Black 5'10" Dark TN Farmer
RIMMER, J D 48 Grey Dark 6' Dark NC Farmer
CHESNUTT, A 46 Grey Dark 6'1" Dark NC Store Clerk
JOHNSON, A 49 Grey Black 5'8" Dark TN Wheelwright
WILSON, J F 34 Blue Light 6' Fair GA Minult?
JAMISON, Henry 42 Blue Grey 6' Dark TN Farmer
COMFORT, D B 40 Blue - 5'10" Dark KY Druggist
ADKINS, J R 24 Blue Dark 5'10" Tan MS Druggist
LONG, W J 20 Grey Dark 5'11" Dark MS Farmer
GUNDER, James 48 Grey Dark 5'9" Dark TN Farmer
CUDD, F F 48 Hazel Dark 6'1" Dark SC Farmer
TUBB, J A 47 Hazel Dark 5'7" Dark AL Farmer
SMITH, H W 47 Grey Dark 5'11" Dark AL Farmer
YOUNG, W J 39 BK Dark 5'10" Fair Ireland Druggist
HUTCHINS, W A 33/83 Grey Light 5'8" Fair GA Farmer
DOSS, J M 39 Blue Dark 5'8" Dark GA Wagonmaker
NASH, J A 42 Grey - 5'11" Fair MS Physician
WEBB, J B 30 Grey Black 5'5" Fair SC Farmer
FLEMING, Frank 48 Grey Black 5'10" Dark SC Farmer
COOK, David 41 Blue Black 5'9" Dark MS Black Smith
PREWITT,W M 46 Grey Dark 5'9" Dark MS Farmer
VEASY, W C 47 Grey - 5'10" Tan GA Farmer
DAVIS, Jessee 35/85 Hazel Auburn 5'8"1/2 Fair AL Farmer
CADE, James 45 Blue Black 5'10" Darl SC Farmer
YARBROUGH, Jack 37/47 Blue Brown 5'10" Fair SC Psyician
RIGSBY, G C 49 Blue Dark 5'10" Dark NC Farmer
WILSON, W D 39 Blue Brown 5'11" Dark GA Black Smith
LAND, T W 40 Blue Brown 5'11" Dark GA Physician
FHELLY, R 20 Blue Light 5'6" - MS Farmer
LUCAS, E E A P 32 Blue Light 5'9" Fair GA School Teacher
BLUMENBURG, F M 48 Blue Light 6' Fair SC Farmer
BARRETT, John 48 Blue Dark 5'10" Dark SC Farmer
COFFEE, W H 42 Hazel Auburn 5'11" Fair TN Mechanic
WEEKS, J H 40 Blue Light 5'7" Fair AL W. Maker
WEEKS, H H 39 Blue Black 5'9" Fair AL Black Smith
CLARK, W J 49 Blue Dark 5'9" Fair GA Farmer
HUGHES, J E 48 Grey Light 6' Fair SC Farmer
BOJEST, J N 30 Hazel Black 5'9" Fair MS School Teacher
MEEK, G 46 Blue Light 5'9" Dark TN Farmer
MIMS, T D 45 Hazel Black 5'8" Fair GA Farmer
STONEHEIT, A H 48 Blue Dark 5'11" Dark GA Farmer
MIMS, R F 48 Hazel Grey 5'11" Fair GA School Teacher
DICKEN, H I 42 Blue - 6' Fair GA Farmer
HETER, Reuben 49 Blue - 5'9" Dark MS Ferryman
GOSS, J D 32 Black Sandy 5'9" Dark OH Shoe maker
CARLILIES, J A 36/86 Black Black 5'10" - SC -
LITTLE, W B 41 Grey Light 6'4" Fair MS Farmer
MOORE, J 28 Blue Sandy 5'11" Dark MS Hatter
BEACHAM, Colosin 43 Grey Dark 5'2" Dark Tn Tanner
HINES, H R 38 Blue Dark 5'10" Fair GA Minister
HANNAH, Jn W 36 Black Dark 6'1"1/2 Fair MA Tanner
RADCLIFF, Z L 47 Hazel Black 5'11" Dark TN Farmer
THOMPSON, J M 46 Blue - 6' Fair GA Miller
CRAFT, J F 47 Blue Dark 5'8" Dark GA Tanner
BROWN, R D 48 GREY Sandy 5'9" Dark GA Farmer
TOWNSEN, Z E 46 Hazel Black 5'9" Fair AL Farmer
BROWN, H D 46 Blue Sandy 6' Fair GA Farmer
TANNER, M S 45 Hazel Sandy 5'11" Fair VA Farmer
DAVIS, A M 43 Blue Sandy 6' Fair AL Farmer
PRATER, Aaron 47 Black Dark 6' Dark SC Farmer
BALL, Jacob 48 Hazel Sandy 6'2" Dark KY Farmer
WILLIAMS, T E 49 Blue Dark 5'9" Fair GA Farmer
GEORGE, W C 31 Grey Sandy 5'8" Dark AL Farmer
LOWELLE, J H 34 Black Dark 5'6" Fair AL Physician
FURGESON, J A 38 Hazel Tan 5'8" Fair SC Tanner
HINES, J B 48 Hazel Dark 6' Dark GA Farmer
PEE, George C 40 Hazel Black 5'9" Dark SC W Maker
BURCHFIELD, Thomas 47 Dark Sandy 5'8" Fair AL Farmer
REITEN, Julius 41 Black Dark 5'6" Dark Europe Stge Maker
REESES, A B 48 Bur. Tan 5'7" Red GA Farmer
CALDWELL, J F 21 Dark Dark 5'7" Dark AL Farmer
MATHEWS, J F 45 Hazel Dark 6'1" Dark AL Tanner
WASSEN, W J 30 Hazel Dark 6' Dark GA Tanner
NASH, J T 46 Black Light 5'8" Fair AL Farmer
WASSEN, N C 25 Black Dark 5'10" Dark GA Tanner
FREEMAN, J T 43 Hazel Dark 5'11" Dark VA -
TIPTON, W N 21 Blue Sandy 5'10" Fair TN Farmer
MUSSLEWHITE, Mily 48 Blue Sandy 5'11" Fair NC Farmer
ROBERTSON, G B 37 Grey Dark 5'11" Fair MS Miller
MOORE, W W 44 Blue Light 6' Dark NC Farmer
ROBINSON, J M 47 Hazel Auburn 5'5" Dark NC Farmer
DONALD, W T 23 Blue Light 5'10" Fair MS Farmer
RICHLING, J N 38 Hazel AM. 5'11" Fair GA Tanner
HUMPHREYS, G W 25 Black Black 5'6" Dark MS -
KIMBRELL, J S 49 Hazel - 6' Dark GA Farmer
TEAR, J H 22 Blue Black 5'8" Tan GA -
HARMON, John 87 Grey Light 5'9" Tan AL Farmer
PORTER, James M 30 Hazel Black 6' Dark MS Farmer
STINGLY, J W 34 Blue Dark 5'10" - SC Farmer
CHINAULT, T N 46 Blue Dark 5'10" - AL Farmer
DEESE, W D 26 Hazel Black 5'6" Dark MS Farmer
MURFF, John 17 Hazel Light 5' Sallow MS Miller
FLETCHER, T J 38 Dark Dark 6'1" - MS Farmer
SCARBOROUGH, J L 42 Hazel Auburn 5'3" - NC Minister
DICHMAN, Jeremiah 38 Black Black 6'2" Dark KY Farmer
ROSS, W M 32 Blue Light 5'?" Fair SC Minister
WITKINS, J J 40 Grey Black 6' Sallow AL Farmer
FULLILOVE, B P 4? Grey Auburn 5'10" Dark GA Black Smith
HENRY, J H 43 Blue Auburn 6' Fair GA Physician
GALLAWAY, G M 40 Hazel Dark 5'10" Dark MS Physician
HOLLAND, John T 39 Blue Dark 5'7" Sallow GA S maker
ELLINGTON, D H 49 Blue Grey 5'10" Sallow SC Farmer
MUNSON, S 43 Blue - 5'9" Sallow NJ Farmer
BULL, W F 49 Hazel - 6' Sallow GA Farmer
CROSBY, W W 37 Blue Auburn 5'9" Dark Ga Farmer
DINAH, W S 23 Blue Light 5'10" Fair MS Farmer
ALMEN, N G 47 Hazel Auburn 5'8" Fair NC Farmer
SIMS, Zachariah 48 Hazel Grey 5'10" Sallow GA Farmer
MCCLINTOCK, J W 46 Blue Sandy 5'8" Fair SC Farmer
KELLY, James 46 Grey Auburn 5'11" Fair MS Farmer
COLEMAN, Samuel 50 Grey Grey 5'10" Dark SC Farmer
KING, W P 28 Blue Sandy 6' Fair MS Tanner
TOOL, William 47 Dark Dark 5'8" Dark SC Farmer
ALLEN, C H 39> Dark Dark 5'5" Fair NJ Miller
SAVAGE, W B 26 Grey Black 5'10" Dark SC Farmer
HOLMES, B R 44 Blue Sandy 6' Fair MS Physician
HEARD, T W 24 Dark Dark 5'7" Dark MS Tanner
ALLEN, W W 36 Blue Dark 6' Fair MS Farmer
MEGGS, G W 35 Grey Dark 5'10" Dark MS Mechanic
ROSAMOND, W E 48 Grey Dark 5'6" Dark MS Physician
BOYETT, C G 33 Hazel Dark 5'11" Fair MS Farmer
BOYETT, J E 32 Dark Dark 5'8" Dark MS Farmer

Copyright © 1999 Tara Barrett. All rights reserved.

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