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First Constitution of Doty Springs Church

Submitted by Phil Ray, 1999


Saturday, before the 3rd Lord's Day in June 1851. We, the following brethern and sisters, met at the meeting house near Thomas Burchfield's according to appointment, for the purpose of being constituted into a Regular Baptist Church. The Presbytery called for that purpose. Being present to wit. Elder Wm. Nash, H. W. Portwood and James Ray and many visiting brethern from sister churches being present, the Presbytery proceeded to the constitution of the church the following the following Brethren and Sisters being Constituted. The same of on the following abstract of faith and rules to church then went in to the election of deacons which resulted in the election. Wm. Ray and P.M. Ray. Names of members who went into the constitution:

P. M. Ray
James Ray
E. Marion Ray
Wm. Ray
Clarissa Ann Ray
Susan Ray
Susan Aplin Ray
Mary Ann Ray
Polly Berry
Sarah Lansdale
Christy Ray

We the undersigned having been called upon as a Presbytery met at the time and place above specified and having by due examination found the above named brethern and sisters Orthodox, or sound in the faith, proceeded to the constitution of said Church and declared them a regular Baptist Church in order authorized to attend to all business concerning the house of God.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and affixed our names. This June 14th, 1851:

Presbytery: H. W. Portwood

W. W. Nash
James Ray

Copyright: Phil Ray, 1999

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