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Charter of Incorporation of Merigold Telephone Company


1.      The corporate title of said company is Merigold Telephone Company

2.     The names of the incorporators are:  H. B Brooks, post office Merigold, Miss; Frank Wynne, post office Merigold, Miss.; S. F. Perry, post office Merigold, Miss.; T. J. Davis, post office Merigold, Miss.

3.     The domicile is at Merigold, Mississippi.

4.     Amount of capital stock Five Thousand Dollars.

5.     The par value of shares is Ten Dollars.

6.     The period of existence is Fifty Years.

7.     The purpose for which it is created:  To construct and maintain a telephone exchange at Merigold, Mississippi, to erect and maintain lines of telephone in connection with the said exchange, maintained in the town of Merigold, to erect and maintain lines of telephones in the rural districts hereinafter described in Section 9, to do all things incident to the business of a telephone company and necessary to maintain said telephone exchange.


The lines which it is proposed to build and operate are described as follows:  On all the streets and highways of the Town of Merigold and continuing in a westerly direction out what is known as the Six Mile Lake road to the bridge on said road that crosses Six Mile Lake, continuing thence south to the residence of J. A. Johnson; beginning at the south limits of the Town of Merigold continue thence in a southerly direction along the Jones Bayou Road to the corporate limits of the Town of Cleveland; beginning at the intersection of the ones Bayou Road and the road leading to the Wilmot Plantation on Sunflower River, continuing along said Wilmot Road to Sunflower River, thence across said Sunflower River to the Birch Plantation; beginning at a point where the Wilmot Road intersected by the road leading to the Spitler Plantation, continuing out the latter road and thru the property of the said Spitler and S.F. Perry, thence across Sunflower River to the residence of John Dixon; beginning at the north corporate limits of the Town of Merigold and continuing thence to the corporate limits of the Town of Mound Bayou.  All of said territory being in the counties of Bolivar and Sunflower, in the State of Mississippi.    


8.        The rights and powers that may be exercised by this corporation are those conferred by the provisions of Chapter 24, Mississippi Code, 1906.  H. B. Brooks, S. F. Perry, Frank Wynne, T. J. Davis, Incorporators.


State of Mississippi

County of Bolivar

This day personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority, H. B. Brooks, Frank Wynne, T. J. Davis, and S. F. Perry, incorporators of the corporation known as the Merigold Telephone Company, who acknowledged that they signed and executed the above and foregoing articles of incorporation as their act and deed on this the 22nd day of April, 1914.     A. J. Smith


Received at the office of the Secretary of State this the 20th day of August, A. D, 1914, together with the sum of $20.00 recording fee and referred to the Attorney General for his opinion.     Jos. W Power, Secretary of State

Jackson, Mississippi, August 21, 1914

I have examined this charter of incorporation and am of the opinion that it is not violative of the constitution or laws of this state or of the United States.     Ross A Collins, Atty. Genl.


State of Mississippi, Executive Offices



The within and foregoing charter of incorporation of Merigold Telephone Company is hereby approved.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the great seal of the State of Mississippi to be affixed, this 24th day of August 1914.     Karl Brewer

By the Governor, Jos. W. Power, Secretary of State


Recorded Aug. 25, 1914        


Merigold Telephone Co.

The Merigold Telephone Co which was incorporated on the 25th day of Aug 1914, was organized on the 14th day of Sep, 1914 at Merigold in the county of Bolivar, by the election of J. A. Sample, J. B. Thomas, Frank Wynne, H. B. Brooks, S. F. Perry;\, G. C. Michie and . S. Borodfsky as directors, who elected the following officers to serve for the ensuing year to-wit:  H. B. Brooks, Presdt; J. B. Thomas, Vice Pres., Frank Wynne, Secy & S. F. Perry, Treasr.  The post office address of the President is Merigold, Miss.  The post office address of the Secretary is Merigold, Miss.

I, H. B. Brooks, who was elected President of the Merigold Telephone Co on the 14th day of Sept. 1914 hereby certify that the foregoing report of the organization of said company is correct and true.

H. B. Brooks, President

Frank Wynne, Secretary.

Filed Oct 1, 1914.