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Organization of The Mound Bayou Oil Mill and Mfg. Co.


The Mound Bayou Oil Mill and Manufacturing Company, which was incorporated on the 19th day of May, 1909, was organized on the 29th day of May, 1908, at Mound Bayou, Miss., in the County of Bolivar by the election of Isaiah Montgomery, A. A. Casey, Chas. Banks, Jno. W. Francis, H. H. King, John W. Strauther, T. J. Wilson, W. F. Howard, W. W. Cox, C. W. Gilliam, J. A. Martin, J. H. D. Robinson, G. C. Washington, M. E. Davis, C. A. Greene, S. D. Redmond, S. P. Felder, E. C. Morris, C. N. Miller, W. E. Mollison, E. W. Lampton, W. W. Phillips, E. E. Perkins, A. M. Johnson, and J. H. Bufford, as Directors, who elected the following officers to serve for one (to 2nd Tuesday in June, 1909) year to wit:  Isaiah T. Montgomery, President; C. N. Miller, 1st Vice Pres.; J. H. D. Robinson, 2nd Vice Pres.; A. A. Cosey, Sec.; Jno. W. Francis, Treas.; Chas. Banks, Manager, and W. E. Mollison, Attorney.  The post office address of the President is Mound Bayou, Miss.  The postoffice address of the Secretary is Mound, Miss.

I, Isaiah T. Montgomery, who was elected President of the Mound Bayou Oil Mill and Manufacturing Company on the 29th day of May, 1908, do hereby certify that the foregoing report of the organization of said company is correct and true.


            Isaiah T. Montgomery, Presdt.

A.    Cosey, Secretary.



Filed May 30, 1908.