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To His Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States


The Petition of Daniel P. Perkins, a citizen of Bolivar County in the state of Mississippi would respectfully

show that - your petitioner is a married man, has a wife and an adopted son, he is 32 years of age.


Your petitioner is an applicant for special amnesty provided in the proclamation of Mar. 29, 1865.  Your petitioner is not included in any of the excepted classes named therein unless he is embraced by the 13th exception relative to parties owning more than twenty thousand dollars of taxable property.  Your petitioner owns (1400) fourteen hundred acres of land in Bolivar County, Mississippi, which is at present unprotected by a levee.  Also several mules, meat cattle and c.  The stock however being very limited and entirely inadequate to cultivate the plantation.


He has been living upon his plantation during the entire rebellion and is still living there.  He has not been in the armies of the Confederate State or held any kind of office under the so called Confederate Government.  That during the rebellion he paid taxes, tithes and c. to the offices of the Confederate state as he was required by them to do.  Petitioner has taken the amnesty oath in good faith and intends without mental reservation of any kind to abide by and keep the same.  He is now and expects to remain hereafter a loyal and law abiding, orderly and peaceful citizen of the United States and he respectfully asks for full amnesty and restoration to all his rights of ?? and property in as full and ample a manner as they heretofore existed.

No portion of the property of the petitioner is in the possession of the authorities of the United States nor have any steps been taken to subject it or any.


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