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Unknown Cemetery - Shelby


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Overview of Cemetery



Aaron Oscar Benson

Addie B. Singletary

Albert Daniel

Alice B. Sanders

Anne Harper Daniels

Anthony Plump

Beatrice Ellis

Beulah Johns

Blanchie Grinner


Bobbie A. Jones

Broken Stone

Caeb Johnson

Caldonia C. Bland

Charlie Griffin

Cora R. Brown

Corine Powell

Curtis Saddler

Cynthia A. Houston

Dave Daniels

Dell Pelt

Eddie B?

Ethel D. Brown Adams

E. W. Powell

Fannie Griffin

Fannie Powell

Floyd and Effie Ola Lewis

Frank Singletary Sr.

George A. Hunter

Giuseppe Calassi

Hattie Hickenbottom

Hattie R. Adams

Henry Giaccaglia



James Price


John Allen Nelson

Johnnie Akins

Johnny Coston

Johns Johnson   (2)

Kineshia Hunter Jiles

Leanna Jefferson

Lee D. Bomer Jr.

Lerome McCoy

Louise Corns

Louise E. Weathersby

Louis Floyd

Luetishey Lewis

Mary E. Mixon

Mary Nelson

Matilda Miller

Melvin Lewis Johnson

Miller Taylor

Minnie Hutson

M. Johnson

Morris Williamson

Oscar Bibbs

Patty McGrew

P. Bland

Ray Bens

Richardson  (2)  (3)  (4)

Robert Earl Smith

Robert Lewis Sr.

Robert Shorter Sr.

Rome McCoy

R. T. Shorter

T. J. Lacey


Turner Murry

Two Unknowns











Viola E. Nelson

Virginia Lee Cook Welch

Vivian Griffin



This cemetery is in deplorable condition with fallen trees, missing stones and heavy overgrowth.  The perimeter of the cemetery contains the graves of numerous African Americans, most of whom are listed above.  The interior of the cemetery has only two stones visible, both surnames being Italian.  There are countless indentations, row after row,  that show countless gravesites with no stones showing.  It appears, after observing stones on the outer perimeter, that headstones are sinking directly into the earth at a relatively fast pace.  It is possible that this has occurred on the interior of the cemetery.  A lifetime local resident and others who have relatives buried in this cemetery say that at one time it was a Catholic cemetery that contains the remains of many Italian immigrants who settled in Shelby, MS.  They remember attending a Blessing of the Graves numerous times as children.  None remember a Catholic Church being on the property, only the cemetery.  It is said that in later years a church was built by African Americans and that is the reason for the graves on the perimeter of the trees.



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