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Malmaison Cemetery

This is also known as “Greenwood Leflore Cemetery” and is located on the site of Greenwood Leflore’s Malmaison Plantation.  Greenwood Leflore was the last Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.  As chief, he was awarded many acres of land from the US Government.  I think ended up with about 15,000 acres in Mississippi and Texas.  He also had about 400 slaves to operate his plantation.  Malmaison was the name of the plantation and his home was a very large 2-story brick mansion, built in 1954.  The mansion burned in 1942 and his family eventually sold the land surrounding it.  The Choctaw Indian Tribe of Mississippi now has control of all the lands of Malmaison and have restricted travel, in the area.

LOCATION:  Township 19 North Range 3 East Section 7.  The road leading to Malmaison is an untended gravel or dirt road and is likely unusable in wet weather.  The cemetery has a chain link fence around the entirety and has 3 locks on the gate.  Only those markers that could be read through the fence were recorded.

Transcribed by Dudley Rinicker on 29 October 2004


BRYAN,  Marvin W.  b.  1869  d.  1924

BRYAN,  Rosa A. Harris  b.  Nov 28, 1878  d.  Jul 7, 1903  Wife of Marvin W. Bryan  Dau of J.C. & R. C. Harris

GOODSON,  Claude G.  b.  Jan 28, 1888   d.  Mar 18, 1912

HALSEY,  A. Hughes  b.  Mar 17, 1881  d.  Feb 6, 1891  Son of J.B. & M.J. Halsey

HALSEY,  Greenwood L.  b.  1840  d.  1900

HALSEY,  Greenwood Leflore  b.  Dec 3, 1879  d.  Oct 19, 1887  Son of J.B. & M.J. Halsey

HALSEY,  John B.  b.  Jun 3, 1842  d.  Jul 22, 1900

HALSEY,  Louis L.  b.  Oct 3, 1879  d.  Sep 29, 1920

HALSEY,  Mary J.  b.  Jul 19, 1851  d.  Mar 12, 1896

HARRIS,  Alice Clay  b.  Mar 4, 1861  d.  Nov 2, 1863  Dau of K.C. & Rebecca Cravat Harris

HARRIS,  James Clark  b.  Aug 16, 1826  d.  Sep 26, 1904

HARRIS,  Louie D. Leflore  b.  Oct 10, 1858  d.  Jul 26, 1864  Son of J.C. & R. C. Harris

LEFLORE,  Greenwood  d.  Aug 31, 1865  Aged 65 yrs  Last Great Chief of the Choctaw Indians east of the Mississippi River

LEFLORE,  Priscilla J.  b.  Dec 8, 1817  d.  Nov 8, 1910

WILLIAMSON,  C. E.  b.  Jan 22, 1859  d.  Jun 9, 1903

YARBRA,  Edward R.  b.  Jan 25, 1884  d.  Nov 10, 1911


Records at the Carroll County Library indicate that the following are also buried in this cemetery, but the inscriptions could not be read through the fence:

DONLEY,  Alfred Somerville b.  Nov 29, 1880  d.  Aug 27, 1890  Son of J.F. & Dora Donley

DONLEY,  Elizabeth  b.  Jun 27, 1785  d.  Jul 23, 1837

DONLEY,  John L.  b.  Jan 18, 1854  d.  Dec 21, 1913

DONLEY,  Samuel   b.  Oct 22, 1820  d.  Jun 2, 1888

HARRIS,  G. Leflore  b.  Oct 29, 1886  d.  Jun 13, 1896

HARRIS,  Rebecca Leflore  b.  May 4, 1837  d.  Jun 21, 1922  Wife of James Clark Harris

LEFLORE,  Rosa Donley  b.  Jun 11,  1804  d.  Oct 3, 1829  Wife of Greenwood Leflore

RAY,  Edna Earl  b.  Jan 7, 1878  d.  Sep 28, 1884  Dau of Wm. & Florence D. Ray

RAY,  Henry Jonathan  b.  Jul 19, 1881  d.  Oct 7, 1881  Son of W. L. & Florence D. Ray

TERRY,  JohnT.  B.  May 5, 1856  d.  Dec 4, 1901

WRIGHT,  George W.  b.  May 27, 1861  d.  Nov 14, 1908

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