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20th Mississippi Infantry

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Attached is a listing of casulties suffered by the 20th Mississippi infantry at Ft. Donelson, TN in February 1862. The report was written by Major W. M. Brown, commanding the regiment. The regiment was composed of men from
Winston, Boliver, Monroe, Carroll, Noxubee, Harrison, Scott, Jasper and Attala Counties in Mississippi. I hope this is of use.

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20th Mississippi Regiment

Casualties at Fort Donelson, TN February 1862


From the report of Major W. M. Brown.  Printed in Official Reports of Battles published in 1864, pages 134 - 137.  Report can be viewed as part of the Making of America project at the following web:


Company A, Capt. H Coutey, Lieut. R. M. Wilson.

Killed, private H. N. Vowel—1.

Wounded, Lieut. R. M. Wilson, privates J. Jamaison, Davy Morgan, J. R. Gumm, W. M. Brown—5.



Company B, Capt. W. A. Rover, Lieuts. T. B. Sykes, Murf, and Robert.

Killed, Sergeant Dan. Howard, privates Dick Cooper, tom Carroll, rufus Gore, John Dabbs, James Whalen, John C. Pollack, D. A. Kyle, W. M. Langston—9.

Wounded, mortally, J. McEwen (since dead); mortally, J. K. Famier (dead).

Seriously and slight, H. Y. Bresly, L. C. Steward, Henry Catley, S. F. Williams, J. R. Seely, J. P. Willis, W. T. Porter, Sam. M. Johnson, B. W. McCullen, J. A. Wamble, J. H. Wore; missing, Edward Brown, John Lynch, G. C. Robinson—11.

Company B, surrendered—34 aggregate.


Company C, Capt. J. Z. George, Lieuts. J. M. Liddle, T. W. Keyes, and Stoddard, 69 privates—73 aggregate.

Wounded, D. L. Jackson—1.



Company D, Capt. C. K. Massey, Lieuts. J. C. Williams, Datson, and McClelland, 54 privates—58 aggregate.

Killed, Sergeant W. H. Horden—1.



Company E, Lieut. W. S. Champlin, commanding, 1 commissioned officer, 41 privates—42 aggregate.

Killed, private J. P. Wattlebaum—1.

Wounded, Lieut. J. S. Champlin, Sergeant W. K. Washington, Corporal J. P. Yates, privates Y. J. Bell, W. T. Bandy, H. Frederick, W. O. Fink, J. Germain, R. McCarty, W. M. Redman, F. C. Seely, H. F. Zenan—12.



Company F, Capt. H. B. Graham, Lieuts. O. R. Eastland and L. E. R. Sterling.

Wounded, Lieut. O. R. Eastland, badly, Lieut. E. R. Sterling, Sergeant Odom, Corporal Fleming, private Welch—5.



Company G, Lieut. W. R. Nelson commanding, 34 privates—35 aggregate.

Killed, privates G. White, C. Nabers, E. Wallace—3.

Wounded, Sergeant M. Maken, privates J. Starke, Early J. Finder, W. Wingo, J. M. Cully, J. Bevel—7.



Company H, 1st Lieut. R. W. Paine, commanding, Lieuts. J. S. Barbee and Harrison.

Killed, Lieut. R. W. Paine, private Dan A. Davis—2.

Wounded, Lieut. J. H. Barbee, privates M. Davis, James M. Wilson, John H. Faulkner, James M. Finny—5.



Company I, Capt. W. M. Chatfield, Lieut. Williams, 34 privates—36 aggregate.

Wounded, D. W. Thompson—1.



Company K, D. T. Patterson, Lieuts. Oldham and Conway.

Killed, private T. H. Perry—1.

Wounded, W. Dioyne, badly; T. Rooke, badly; slightly, D. C. Patterson, Sergeant J. Dodd, privates R. H. Fox, W. C. Copshow, L. O. Young, James Gensel, W. S. Sandrod, Pat. Horn, Pyshus Stephens.





Aggregate engaged—500.



Surrendered—454.  That being the number returned by the commanding officer of companies on Sunday, February 16, 1862, the day we were surrendered; afterwards many of them reported that they had known several to escape.


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