Chickasaw County, MS Bibliography

The following selective bibliography contains published material with Chickasaw county as a primary subject.  Part of this list was generated from a search of libraries that offer telnet access.  Other items listed are publications of the .  If you have information that you would like added to this page, please contact me.


Chickasaw County Historical and genealogical Society, Cemeteries in Chickasaw and Surrounding Counties, Volumes I and II, Houston, MS

Chickasaw County Times Past, Volumes 1 through 16

History of Chickasaw County, Volume 1, 1985

History of Chickasaw County, Volume II, April, 1997

The People, Land Owners, and Land Patents, (includes part of Calhoun, Clay, and Webster Counties)

Lewis, Monte Ross, Chickasaw Removal: Betrayal of the Beloved Wariors, 1794-1844

Microcard, An Invitation to Emigrate to the Western Country, [microfilm].  "Notice is hereby given, to such of the good people of Maryland, and elsewhere, who are desirous of emigrating with their families to the western country, that a setttlement is intended to be made at Chickasaw Bluff, on the Mississippi River, and the western district of North Carolina, in the spring, 1792."

Moore, Alexander, ed. Muskhogean Journals; Thomas Nairne's Muskhogean Journals: The 1708 Expedition to the Mississippi River.

Murray, Nicholas Russell, Computer Indexed Marriage Records: Mississippi

Rowland, Dunbar and A. G. Sanders, eds., Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion. Jackson, MS: Press of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, 1927-84.

iUniverse Publishing, Inc.,April, 2005, Always A Blessing In The End by Paulette Ivy Harris. The chronicles of the four ancestral lineages of Ben Ivy and Ruth Thompson. 


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"If you teach them where they come from, they won't
need as much help finding where they are going!"
 Cordelia Carothers " Aunt Dee" Geoghegan (1894-1987)


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