Old Chickasaw Co Photos

The following photo was submitted by Mary Watts. She only knows the identity of the man sitting, William J. Green and his son, Willis Levi Green, standing in the light suit. If you can identify any of the other persons in this photograph; please submit the information to the coordinator so that their identity can be posted.  NOTE: Additional identification for members in this photo has been submitted by Evelyn Crocker, who has ties to the Green family. Her identification of persons in the photo are listed below the photo.

Sitting from left to right: (young girl) Allie Green, (her mother) Mary A. (aka) Elizabeth Frances Kirby, William Joshua Green, Jr. (son of William Joshua Green who was kille during the Civil War, and Rhoda Caroline Kirby, who ater married my great-grand uncle James Pickney Bryant of Paris MS. James Pickney
Bryant died Mar 11, 1880. His wife moved to Chickasaw Co where her Green son was living.)
Back row: Standing left to right: Vallie Kirbie, Wm. Oscar, Claude Vermon, Willis Levi

The following photos have been submitted for publication over a period of time and I am just now getting them posted. I apologize for having lost the information as to who submitted which photo and am unable to identify any of the photos or persons in them. If you submitted one of these photos or know any of the persons in them.

The above photograph is of Cyrus McElroy and wife Lucetta

The following three photos were submitted by Nancy Bell. They were taken from the album of her grandmother, Lucy Sansom Scott and were taken around 1910-1920. Nancy is asking anyone that can identify anyone in the photos to please contact her. 

The next two photos were submitted by Jay Luquette

I thought this might be of interest to others in Chickasaw.  My grandfather, Rad Walker Reeder, is the young boy standing next to the teacher.  The Houlka Schoolhouse is in the background.  The schoolhouse opened around 1907, which is the year my grandfather was born.  I'm not sure how old he is in this picture, but I'd say it has to be around 1917 or so.  Don't know any of the other children in the photo, but I thought it might be of interest to other families searching for ancestors.

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