Cook Family Biography

Absolom Martin Cook was born June 7, 1864 in Tishomingo Co, MS. His parents were Martin Cook and Clearrinda Autry. He married Nancy Ellen Wright on Aug 29, 1896 in Tishomingo Co, MS.
They moved to McNairy Co, TN where they had 10 children.

Azier Eli Howell Cook was born June 18, 1897; died Sept 21, 1996
Willie J. Bryant Cook; born Sept 29, 1898, died Apr 7, 1981
Hester Ardena Cook, born Aug 2, 1900, died Dec 11, 1944
Jimmie Stanford Cook, born Sept 8, 1902, died Jan 10, 1919
Quida Althery Cook, born Feb 3, 1904, died Feb 6, 1997
Margaret Ellen Cook, born Dec 14, 1907, died Oct 10, 1989
Martin Troy Cook, born Jan 26, 1909, died Mar 4, 1963
Thomas Gery Cook, born Apr 13, 1911, died Apr 23, 1964
Earl Woodrow Cook, born Aug 22, 1912, died Jan 19, 1984
David Ray Cook, born Jan 11, 1916, died Jul 22, 1994

Absolom Cook and wife Nancy moved to Chickasaw Co, MS in the year 1919, into what is called the Flatwoods. He bought 160 acres of this land. My grandfather was among the first to build a sweet potato house.
He was told this was poor farming land. But, my grandfather knew all about commercial fertilizer. As people now know, the Flatwoods are some of the best farming land in the United States.
A. M. and Nancy and their children have passed on, but their children and great-great-great grandchildren still live in Chickasaw Co.

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