Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Burkitt Family

The following information and photos was submitted by Ronald Cramer.

At the MS State University Library, Special Collections Department Manuscript Division; there is a collection of clippings and Okolona, MS newspaper clippings concerning the life and activities of Benjamin Franklin Burkitt. He was a lawyer, a Mississippi legislator, editor of the Chickasaw Messenger that later became the People's Messenger, a leader in the Farmer's Alliance which became the People's Party. He was a nominee for Vice-President of the United States by the People's Party.
Frank enlisted in the CSA at 18.  He served in Biffles Regiment TN calvary achieving the rank of Captain.  It is reported that he was an aide to General Forrest, but I have no proof..  He served in the MS legislature, ran for governor in 1895, and was nominated for Vice President on the Populist part.  The History of Chickasaw County, MS Vol 1, 1895 has an excellent article on his life with a photo.  Unfortunately it may be copyrighted.  He also was a Grand Mason in MS.

Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Burkitt was born July 5, 1843 near Lawrenceburg, TN; died Nov 18, 1914; and is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Okolona, MS. He is the son of Henry Lemuel Burkitt and Louisa Howell. He first married Mattie Schrimsher who was born Mar 4, 1847; died Dec 24, 1905 and is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Okolona, MS.
        Benjamin and Mattie were the parents of the following children:
        1. James D. Burkitt, born Apr 15, 1888, died Mar 23, 1913, buried in IOOF Cemetery, Okolona; married J. M. Cary
        2. Myrtle Burkitt, born Apr 24, 1872 in MS, died Aug 23, 1893, married F. M. Beatty in Chickasaw Co, MS
        3. Lutie Burkitt, born Aug 4, 1875, death date unknown, buried in IOOF Cemetery, Okolona
        4. Frank Burkitt, born Dec 8, 1878 in MS, died Oct 3, 1879, buried in IOOF Cemetery, Okolona
        5. Anges Burkitt, born Nov 2, 1880, died Oct 22, 1881, buried in Okolona Cemetery
        6. James Howell Burkitt, born Sept 22, 1882 in MS, died Jan 26, 1930, buried in Okolona Cemetery, married Minnie Evans King on  Sept 19, 1903
        7. Mary Louise Burkitt, born Aug 22, 1875, died Oct 29, 1970, married Harrison Edward King
        8. Bennie B. Burkitt, birth and death information unknown, married unknown Dossett
        Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Burkitt married second Elizabeth (Betty) Mitchell, born Sept 16, 1878, died Dec 20, 1939, buried in IOOF Cemetery, Okolona, MS.
        Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Burkitt were:
        1. Edward Russell Burkitt, born about 1911, died Aug 27, 1970 in Corinth, MS; married Dorthy Ramer
        2. Ruth B. Burkitt, birth and death information unknown, married W. H. Gaskin
Photos submitted by Ronald Cramer are:
Louisa Burkitt -- Louisa, wife of Gen. H. L. Burkitt, Apr 7, 1825, died Sep. 29, 1889
Gen'l Henry Lemuel Burkitt -- born Halifax Co, N. C., Oct 18, 1818, died Okolona, MS, May 14, 1901
Henry Lemuel Burkitt
Capt. Frank Burkitt, born July 5, 1843, died Nov.18, 1914

Bettie Mitchell Burkitt -- born Sept 16, 1868, Died Dec 20, 1939, second wife of Benjamin Franklin Burkitt
James Howell Burkitt -- born Sept 22, 1882, died Jan 26, 1930, S/O Benjamin Franklin and Mattie Burkitt
Jennie Burkitt Cary -- born Apr 15, 1868, died Mar 23, 1913, D/O Benjamin Franklin and Mattie Burkitt
Myrtle Burkitt Beatty, born Apr 24, 1872, died Aug 23, 1893, D/O Benjamin Franklin and Mattie Burkitt

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