Goodwin-Tabb Family of  Chickasaw Co, MS

The GOODWIN and TABB Families as related by granddaughter of Frances GOODWIN in a letter written about 1989. Her name is Cordia BODINE. She was about 83 at this time.

John Henry TABB and Fannie Frances GOODWIN (my grandmother) was married June 4,  1886 Chickasaw County Mississippi. They came to Texas March 1, 1895 and lived with Grandmother TABB. Two old bachelor brothers Dick and John GOODWIN near  Aberdeen, Texas which was a post office, grocery store and blacksmith shop until their daughter Donie TABB (my mother) married my father John Wesley AMMONS  August 5, 1899. A year later they moved in with my parents until their deaths. John Henry TABB died 22 Nov 1908. Fannie Frances (GOODWIN) TABB died in 1930. No dates on when Dick (Richard) and John GOODWIN came to Texas. Not sure if Dave GOODWIN was married when he came or not. He bought land north of Salt Fork River in Collingsworth Co., Texas. Ranched and farmed as children grew older they decided to sell, get closer to school. Sold out moved to Paducah, Texas where they lived till children all married except twin sons and youngest daughter. They moved to southeastern Colorado where their two older sons lived. State Rugut and Grover where they owned ranches and farms. Don't know dates of birth or death. Grandmother spoke of sister Warren as oldest daughter not sure if she was married did say was buried in Mississippi. Queen GOODWIN married a man by name of WEATHERSBY, no date where married or given name. I always thought she lived close to Uncle Redden (GOODWIN) do know she lived in Oklahoma. She visited grandmother
fairly often. No dates on birth and death. Aunt Roxie (GOODWIN) and husband
Sam BLAKE lived here  he owned blacksmith shop at Aberdeen Texas, he sold out and moved to Paducah Texas where they lived until passed away. Them and two daughters are buried at Paducah. No date on marriage or where they came from here. Grandmother (Frances GOODWIN TABB) talked of a brother Art that fought in war between states. War been over some months before he came home said she was drawing water when he rode up on a mule. Said "May I have a drink of water" she turned and said " why brother Art" he replied "I don't know you". She called her father, he came from house. He didn't recognize any of them he had been wounded, they asked him to stay with them till rested up. After a week he began to recognize them and she also spoke of her father and brother Bill being in army till they was wounded. Never spoke of Bill after that as I remember. Dick and John GOODWIN to young to join army. Told about soldiers of North raiding farms taking things especially farm animals. They managed to keep one horse and one cow. When they heard them ( Northern soldiers) coming Dick would take horse and John cow to the forest where they would hide. They held their nostrils so couldn't neigh and moo. Said sure was scary on dark nights. With horse was able to make a garden and raise feed for animals.

These are the people of whom she speaks.
David A. GOODWIN was born in 1810 in Georgia and married Eleanor POUNDS born 1814 in Alabama on May 4, 1836 in Bibb, Co., Alabama. Their children are as follows.

1. Arthur B. GOODWIN born 1838 in Alabama and married M. Callie WOFFARD  2-15-1866 in Chickasaw Co., Ms. He served in Co. H, 13th Regt. Mississippi Volunteers in the  Infantry. Was in battles First Manassas, Leesburg, Garnett's Farm, Savage Station, Malvern Hill, Maryland Heights, Sharpsburg and 1st Fredericksburg in 1861 and 1862. He suffered pneumonia several times as well as a fractured hip and was retired on July 26, 1864.
2. America GOODWIN born 1839 in Alabama.
3. Queen Elizabeth GOODWIN born 2-16-1842 in Houston, Chickasaw, Mississippi. She married Jim (H.D.) WEATHERSBY 10-6-1873 in Fannin Co., Texas. She died 1-1-1936 in Washita County, Oklahoma.
4. William Jackson GOODWIN born 11-16-1845 in Chickasaw Co., Miss. He married Sarah Elizabeth HIGHTOWER 10-10-1869 in Chickasaw Co. He died 7-30-1929 in Oklahoma.
5. Frances S. GOODWIN as mentioned above.
6. Richard E. GOODWIN born 1849 in Chickasaw Co., Miss.
7. David GOODWIN born 1851 in Chickasaw Co., Miss. married Annie DAVIS 7-23-1881 in Fannin Co., Texas
8. John B. GOODWIN born 1854 in Chickasaw County, Miss.
9. Roxanna GOODWIN born in 1855 in Chickasaw Co., Miss. and married Sam BLAKE 12-23-1879 in Fannin County, Texas.
10. Redden Andrew GOODWIN (who is my great grandfather) born 10-5-1859 in Chickasaw Co., Miss. He married Electa Elizabeth E. GOODWIN 7-17-1880 in Fannin Co., Texas. Redden died 12-23-1945 in Fresno, California. Electa died 12-19-1941 in Blanchard, Oklahoma and is buried in Cordell, Washita, Oklahoma.

The Goodwin Family of Mississippi and Texas in the 1800's, contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Sara A. Rollins  

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