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R. W. HALEY, a prominent planter, whose post office address is Okolona, Miss, was born in that place in 1849. His father
was DR. SAMUEL HALEY, and his mother's maiden name was LEGROVE. DR. HALEY was born in 1811 in Tuscaloosa 
County, Ala. and was a planter and merchant, as well as a physician. In the latter capacity he was known in 
Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. He joined the Masonic order in North Fork, Ala., and was a member of more than 
ordinary prominence. He and his wife were communicants of the Baptist church. He had five children, all of whom are living: 
FANNIE A., PEREGRINE, R. WESTON, ALICE, and EMMA. DR. HALEY died in Mississippi in 1881.

R. WESTON HALEY received his education in the schools of Memphis, and married BEULAH GREENWOOD, of Monroe 
County, who bore him six children, five of whom are living: CHARLES, GREENWOOD D., THOMAS A., SARAH C. and 
DURWOOD S. MR. HALEY is a member in good standing of the Chickasaw lodge No. 720, Knights of Honor, and he and 
his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

MRS. HALEY was a daughter of D.C. and SARAH (DALE) GREENWOOD. The latter was born in Marion County, Ala., 
was reared in Sumter County, of the same state, and received her education at Demopolis, Utah, and Livingston. Her parents
were HUGH and CATHERINE DALE, the former a life-long planter, a man of good education and great nobility of character,
and who was elevated to a high rank in the Masonic order. The old DALE plantation in Alabama, though it has changed hands
, is still in good repair, and is a landmark in that part of the state. MR. DALE was born in Ireland, and immigrated to America 
at the age of eighteen. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and his wife of the Methodist Episcopal church. Five of 
their children are yet living: JOHN C. (planter and miller of Tipton County, Tenn.), BALIVA [BOLIVAR] E. (a planter of the 
same place), SARAH D. (now MRS. GREENWOOD),  MARTHA H. (MRS. SAMPSON...*actually was "SANSOM"), the two 
last named living in Monroe county, Miss. and KATE (MRS. HADLEY), a prominent teacher in Louisiana.

D.C. GREENWOOD was born in Quincy, Monroe County, Miss. in 1826, the son of THOMAS and LYDIA GREENWOOD.
He was a Mason and Knight of Honor, having joined the first named order in Aberdeen in 1851, and the last mentioned at 
a later state in Okolona. In early life he graduated from the law department of a Virginian institution, but was never a legal 
practitioner. He was of a literary turn of mind and inclined towards a journalistic career, finally becoming editor of the Aberdeen
Independent and Chickasaw Messenger. He served in the Civil war as first lieutenant in FERGUSON's command. MR. and
MRS. GREENWOOD had twelve children, eight of whom died while young: EDWARD E. died at the age of nineteen, just as
he had completed preparations to enter college; THOMAS D. died at the age of twenty-five years, an Oakford graduate, who 
carried off the honors of his class, and made the best record of any student in the college up to that time. MRS. R.W. HALEY
is a graduate of the school of Veronna and received her diploma with high honors.

Source: Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Volume 1, part 2, p. 838-839, 1891.

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