John Headen Harris Family

These photos and information were submitted by Miriam Rone who is generously sharing some of her family information and photos for researchers of Chickasaw Co, MS.

Leona Bailey May Harris               John Headen Harris

Born July 17, 1812; Died Jan 20, 1880     Born Nov 8, 1803; Died Sept 17, 1883
Buried at Halsell Cemetery                    Buried at Halsell Cemetery

Elizabeth Bailey Richardson (Mrs Vincent May)
Mother of Mrs. John Headen Harris
Born 1793; Died Jan 8, 2873
Buried in May Family Cemetery, Chickasaw Co, MS

Francis Marion Harris
Born June 4, 1831; Died Sept 17, 1883
Buried at Holladay Cemetery
Chickasaw Co, MS

Sarah Elizabeth Harris (Mrs. George Isbell)
Born Feb 3, 1833; Died Aug 27, 1903
Buried at Holladay Cemetery, Chickasaw Co, MS

Ann Fisher Harris ( Mrs. W. H. Johnson)
Born April 4, 1840; Died 1888
Buried at Holladay Cemetery, Chickasaw Co, MS

"Doc" John Vincent Harris
Born Oct 31, 1844; Died 1898
Buried at Halsell Cemetery

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