Leake Cemetery

Take old Hwy 8 E. from Houston. Go about 4 miles and take the dirt road to the left and continue down this road about 2/10 mile and take the first road to the right.
On this road, go about 1 1/2 to 2 miles to Subdivision Boundary marker LU #4 & Yellow Compt #30 and deer camp #1939 T42. The cemetery is just back in the woods on the south side of the road.

COX, Ruby H., B. Dec 9, 1889, D. Jun 4, 1890; daughter of A. C. & P. A. Cox
COX, Helen M., B. Jan 9, 1838, D. Jul 2, 1889
SMITH, Abner E., D. Aug 19, 1879 in his 75th year (Mason)
SMITH, Mary B., D. Jul 4, 1848, daughter of Hector McKinnon, 49 y
NAUGLE, William T., B. Jan 5, 1849, D. Dec 24, 1877, son of A. & E. A. (thrown from horse and drowned in the Chuquatonchee Creek)
LAGRONE, John Adam, B. Jun 11, 1830, D. Jan 3, 1896
SEAY, William J., D. Jun 2, 1876, son of W. P. & S. E.
Double Marker:
SEAY, Emma A., D. Apr 19, 1871, daughter of W. P. & S. E., 7 y, 11 m, 9 d
SEAY, James B., D. Jul 28, 1886, son of W. P. & S. E., 1 y, 5 m, 20 d

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past, Vol V, No IV

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