Prairie Mount (Franks) Cemetery, Chickasaw Co, MS

Prairie Mount (Franks) Cemetery is located about 1.7 miles from the Chickasaw/Pontotoc County line on Hwy 41 going toward Okolona, on the north side of the hwy. and about 150 yards north on the right side of wagon road. This is a large cemetery, but there are few headstones or markers.

RAGSDALE, Charles J., B. Feb 19, 1851, D. Jun 7, 1851, son of W. & P. M. Ragsdale
DAMAGED STONE, parts of this stone missing, only readable information  is ____ 23 ___, --c (possibly Dec) 20, 1881
STONE, Robert T., B. Sep 15, 1854, D. Aug 26, 1881, this grave is located directly behind above grave, but askew, same type of stone and engravings as above grave.
KILPATRICK, Mary A., B. Dec 13, 1861, D. Jan 5, 1873
FRANKS, Wm. L., D. Oct 4, 1853, 25 y, 6 m
FRANKS, Prudence, D. Apr 16, 1853, consort of Joshua Franks, 65 y, 4 m
FRANKS, Sarah Ann, D. Aug 30, 1849, consort of George Franks, 23 y, 10 m

Information taken from Chickasaw Times Past Vol IV, No III

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