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The following information was submitted by Shannon Mahaffery from her personal research files, information she extracted from different books while in Salt Lake City. 
All of the book numbers are from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT and are mainly from Chickasaw Times Past.

A trip through Mississippi History
By Mike Shaw and Ed Duroy
pg 38"
In 1840, a Methodist Church was organized in Chickasaw County.  William D. Rhodes donated the land for the church and cemetery.  His son, G.D. Rhodes started building the church building, but died before it was finished.  He was the first person buried in the cemetery. (This info conflicts with the Rhodes chapel inscription that states Jacob Rhodes is the founder.  Jacob is indeed the first person buried in the cemetery.  One explanation to the conflict could be that they meant to type JD Rhodes instead of GD.  This is only speculation.)  The paster, Rev. Frances Asbury Guin and his son, Jesse, finished the church.  It was called the Rhodes Church, and was also used as a school.  After Rev. Guin died, the name of the church was changed to Asbury Chapel as a memorial to him.  He is also buried in the Asbury Cemetery.  Florice G. Moseley wrote: "In 1909, Asbury Chapel was destroyed by a tornado.  By this time Van Vleet  had become a town and it was decided to rebuild there and call it Van Vleet Methodist Church.  The cemetery is two miles south of Van Vleet and is still known as Asbury Cemetery.
Another account, given by Mrs. Howard Ray and Mrs. Doyle Stublefield, said the church building was destroyed by wind about 1900 and for several years the community was without a building.  by that time many of the members were living in Van Vleet, so the church was rebuilt there on land donated by Anna Shaw Carter and Smith Shaw Jr."
Voters of Sparta-1870-1875 District No. 3, Chickasaw County
976.2942 B2c V.15
pg 35
Rhodes, Jacob    
The Rhodes connection 976.2942 B2c V.8
pg 71 
Willie Rice Rhodes was the daughter of David S. Rhodes and Mary Ann Elizabeth Beall.
David S. Rhodes b. 14 Feb 1826 in Tuscaloosa County, AL was the son of William Rhodes and his wife, Eleanor Capshaw.
William H. Rhodes b. ca 1800 in KY, was the son of William H. Rhodes (SC) and wife, uknown.
Oddfellow Cemetery, Okolona MS
Rhodes Henry R. 8 Dec 1832-20 Jan 1923
Rhodes Chapel Cemetery
976.2942 v.3c?
pg 115
Rhodes, Jacob 3 Mar 1797 Jul 1880 Founder of Rhodes Chapel Church and Cemetery
Land Rule Tax Book for 1851-52 (Original Chickasaw County)
976.2942 B2c v.7
pg 21-22
Jacob Rhodes SW 16-14-2E 160 acres
George W. Hardin (Jacob's daughters husband) SE 16-14-2E 160 acres
Jacob Rhodes NE 22-14-2E 160 acres
Jacob Rhodes South 1/2 22-14-2E 320 acres
Farmers and acreage listed in 1860 census
976.2942 B2c v.9
pg 33-Rhodes, William 308 acres
pg 37-Rhodes, J H 80 acres
Slaveowners in Chickasaw County, Mississippi
976.2942 B2c v.9
pg 76-Rhodes J H 5 black, 5 total
Building a neighborhood in the 1860's Chickasaw county
Owners of land in T12-E by using the Land Assessment List in this issue of the Chickasaw Times Past for 1861-1864
976.2942 B2c v.9
pg 161
NE J M Fowler
NE J T Cooper
NE JO Bishop
NW D S W Roads
SW W Gray
SE Josh Gozey
pg 164
NE WM Mccrieght
NW J G Randolph
SW Jacob Roads
SE J G Randolph
NE Jacob Roads
NW W & W Griffin
SW Jacob Roads
SE Jacob Roads
Township 12 Range 5 East
976.2942 B2c V.10
pg 74
Ellis & Rhodes
James Rhodes
Isby Ellis/James H. Rhodes
James H Rhodes
John Dellis/Dennie Dellis

1844 Roll (continued)
976.2942 B2c V.10
pg 84
Rhodes: William...Carroll D.....R H
Rouls: H
Township 13 Range 4 East
1848 Chickasaw Co. Land Roll
Section schedule: (line 1) NE1/4, (line 2) NW1/4, (line 3) SW1/4, (line 4) SE1/4
976.2942 B2c V.9
Thos Crocker
William Rhodes
Edward Featherston
R S Rhodes
Thomas C. Crocker/State of Miss
Wm Rhodes
State of Miss
Joshua Goza
W W Westmoreland
Wm C Dea/W W Westmoreland
David Rhodes
Old Attic Records Continued
Transcribed by Shirley Mathis
font size="+0">7835. (7836)(1677)(1894) George L. Blair Vs. Oscar Gates and D.S. Rhodes, landlord.  Blair sued for possession of 75 acres of land situated in the west 1.2 of SW of S 8, T 13, R 4E except of 15 acres conveyed by William Rhodes to the Methodist Church known as Asbury Chapel.
Old Attic Records continued
976.2942 B2c V.18 #4 April
page 16
box 23 page 259
156. (1860) W.C. Layton Vs W.B. Rhodes, J.W. Rhodes and Jacob Rhodes.  Defendents were indebted to John H. Russell for $50.00
976.2942 B2c V.8
pg 86
4.  Deed dated August 25, 1847 between Barnard Seay and his wife Sarah and William Rhodes Chickasaw Co. MS Record Book
This information is taken fron one of the oldest books in the Houston, Ms. courthouse.
Judgement Roll      1845 cont. from Vol. X, No. I
976.2942 B2c V.10
pg 175
617----William Dowing ?? Vs. Carrol d. Rhodes
Probate Records
976.2942 B2c V.12
Case: Rhodes estate and very large packet
William Rhodes was the father of Carol D. Rhodes.  Disputed over who owned lands NW1/4 17 T13 R4 purchased in 1842 e1/2 NW17 T13 R4e
Some names mentioned: Emily and Nina Bishop, Wm and Jane Downing and Mary J. Brakefield
No. 273    1874
Mrs. M. J. Brakefield vs William Rhodes
Case:  Land Dispute over payment
Names mentioned: Interrogation of J. E. Breakfield said Mrs. Brakefielf was dead.  Interrogation to propossed to J. C. bishop, J. M. Seay, F. G. Wood, Benjamin Murray, M. J. Brakefield wife of E. A Brakefield. (M. J. Brakefild was a Rhodes) Very large packet
(spelling was not changed)
Probate files continued
976.2942 B2c V.16 Apr 1997
Sarah Rhodes et all vs G. W. Hardin & wife
Case:  Petition to sell lands in Jacob Rhodes est.
Names Mentioned:  Daughters: Sarah Rhodes; E. A. Griffin; Mrs. George (Elisa) Hardin; Mrs. Mahathy dec'd, minor children Ailsey & Jacob; Amanda McCluney, dec'd, James, her husband and guardian of children, Columbus, Vilanora, Elizabeth, Cliff and Cora McCluney.

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