Blythe Creek Cemetery

The following photo was submitted by William Latham, Jr. This tombstone was placed on the grave by Mr. Latham.

PHELPS, William Alexander; b. May 19, 1834, d. May 2, 1889; Pvt Co G 33 Miss Infantry Confederate States Army -- married
Martha Ann Latham, sister of Alfred Garner Latham, great-grandfather of William Latham, Jr. William and Martha were the of six children. Martha and most of the children are buried in Double Springs Cemetery.

The following cemetery information  (Partial Listing) was submitted by Ann Jarratt.

Fondren, Frank F.;  b. 1850; d. 1934
Fondren, Sarah Babe Bradberry; b. 1852; d. 1929

Fondren, J. J. "Buster"; b. 10 October 1878; d. 8 July 1965

Fondren, Sim; b. 1836; d. 1932

Fondren, Nolen; b. 24 January, 1908; d. 9 March 1988

Smith, Edna Fondren; b. 9 November 1907; d. 12 November 1998
Smith, Adolphus "Doc"

Murrah, Tessie Fondren; b. 13 January 1903; d. 5 July 1980

Fondren, William Clyde; b. 3 February 1901; d. 6 June 1972
Fondren, Gladys;  b. 10 May 1903; d. 20 July 1997

Fondren, G. H.; b. 22 May 235; d. 21 December 1926

Fondren, Sim; b. 1836; d. 1932

Young/B>, Mae Fondren; b. 17 December 1888; d. 6 August 1980

Fondren, James Melvin; b. 17 April 1874; d. 2 November 1960
Fondren, Zella Oswalt; b. 26 October 1875; d. 20 August 1947

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