Providence Baptist Church History
A copy of the Original Organization of Providence Baptist Church

Written by James H. McCarty, April 12, 1885

The State of Mississippi -- Choctaw County
In living memories, the Brethren and Sisters in eunity of Benjamin Watson School House. Giving it would be to the Glory of God -- and the advancement of Christ Kingdom. And the need to call for letters of dismission, and go into the organization of a Church at home. Named place, Having chose the 2nd Sabbath in April as the time to organize. And called a Presbytery to organize us nto a regular Missionary Baptist Church. named so Presbytery J. L. Fulkes, A. J. Parham, and A. J. Walker. And the Presbytery has met us on said Sabbath. the proper arrangements were made to enter into the business of organizing the Church. Bro. Fulkes led prayer. Bro. Walker arose and announced object of our meeting and finance, and the appropriate discourse from Matt. Br. Fulkes then arose and requested Bros and Sisters having letters to take their seats in order. Bro. Parham then read the Abstract of Faith and Church Covenant, and the hitherto subscribed to the Presbytery, and requested the Bros and Sisters to except them. And to each other the Right hand of Christian Fellowship. then charge given by Bro. Fulkes.
Done and sequed this the 12th day of April, 1885.
                                                        First Church Clerk -- James H. McCarty
                                                        First Elders            -- A. J. Parham
                                                                                      -- J. L. Fulkes
                                                                                      -- A. J. Walker
                                                       First Pastor             -- W. A. Walker

                                                                    Re-copied by Grandson,
                                                                    Zolie Hugh McCarty
                                                                    June 15, 1982

In Memory of Rev. Benjamin Watson
May 24, 1841 -- Sept 18, 1926
Recorded by: Zolie Hugh McCarty (Typist: Betty Connell)

Realizing that much too little has been said about Uncle Benjamin, I now feel it is my duty to honor him, as he made possible the location of Providence Baptist Church and Cemetery.
Providence community has no church. They were holding service in the one room school house. I have referred to this in recent records.
My grandfather, James H. McCarty, realized the need of founding a church at home. He began a proposal to friends and neighbors of the community. Soon it became a rality. Uncle Benjamin owned many acres of land in and around Providence. No doubt he was a generous man. He gave three acres of land and the school house to advance the church.
Rev. A. J. Parham, a Baptist Minister, had moved his family to Ackerman in 1883. They were the third family to move there after the town was born. Even though he lived in Ackerman, he never preached there. He was Pastor at Spring Hill, Chester and Baker School. Rev. Parham, Eld. A. J. Walker, Eld. J. L. Fulkes, and Grandfather McCarty organized the church on April 12, 1885.
There is no record that Rev. Benjamin Watson ever preached there. But his brother, Rev. Joe H. Watson, served the church fifty years as pastor. Some of my first collections of Providence is Bro. Joe. He would walk down from on McCurtains Creek to preach at Providence. This was during the depression, so there was no money. the members would play him in produce, such as corn, meat, syrup, etc.
The present pastor, Bro. W. T. Holloway, has been serving for some thirty years. The church is ninety-seven years old. Bro. Watson and Bro. Holloway have served for eighty of those years.
Bro. Benjamin Watson was also a mason. He is buried there in the cemetery. Born: May 24, 1841 -- Died: September 18, 1926.

Providence Church Register
Females 1885

The following females were on the register of Providence Church in 1885: Nancy Mullens, by Letter; Sula Mullens, by Letter; Nancy Watson, By Letter; Sarah Mullens, By Letter; S. f. McCarty, By Letter; M. A. McCarty, By Letter; Ellen McCarty, By Letter; Mollie Smith, By Letter; Mary Oliver, By Letter, Martha Watson, By Letter; Josey Miller, By Letter; Mattie Tomlin, By Letter; Sallie Sutherland, By Letter; Mattie AC Merideths, Dismissed; Ella Smith, Letter received Sat. before 3rd Sun.; Moneana Campbell, By Letter; Martha Reed, By Letter; Janney Oliver, Received; Mattie Miller, By Letter, Naucissus Bowie; Elina Cox; Sarah Rosamund; Parthema Hawkins; Ella Bruce, Dismissed By Letter; Elina Mills, By Letter; Martha E. Kyanbuill; Savilla Johnson, By Letter; Annie Thackerson; Malinda Johnson, Baptism; Sallie Mills, Baptism; Nancy Wilson; and Nancy McCarty, By Letter.

The Death of Rev. J. H. D. Watson*
August 23, 1940

It is with sad hearts that we report the death of our great friend, Christian brother and pastor.
Rev. Watson, born Sept. 12, 1858, became a Christian, joining the Clear Springs Baptist Church. In 1885, he moved his membership to Providence Baptist Church and became a deacon  the same day he united with Providence Baptist Church.
Bro. Watson was licensed to preach on the second Sun. of May, 1886. His first pastorate was at New Haven Church in Sept, 1886; serving New Haven as pastor until he became physically disabled. He was ordained by Providence Church in Sept, 1886 and served as pastor of Providence for 45 successive years and later served as pastor for three additional years.
During his fifty years of active ministerial work in Choctaw and adjoining counties, Rev. Watson served as pastor at fifteen different churches.
Bro. Watson died at the age of 81 years, 10 months, and 4 days. Bro. Watson is survived by his wife Mrs. Martha Jane Fair Watson; daughter sMrs. W. F. Bowie of Blytheville, AR; Mrs. J. C. Buff of Summersville, SC;  Miss Josephine Watson, Pressman's Home, TN; sons W. W. Watson, Weir, MS; J. T. Watson, Blackwell, OK; and Robert E. Watson, St. Francesville, LA and fourteen grandchildren.
We do desire, as far as possible, to share our friendship and sympathies with the bereaved.

By the committee of the Providence Baptist Church
W. S. Morris, W. J. McPherson & Doyle B. Tennyson

*Abstracted from notice copied at Choctaw Co Library, Ackerman, MS

Above info taken from articles copied at Choctaw Co Library, Ackerman, MS

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