Cemetery List

Submitted by William G. Latham, Jr.
Information obtained from Mary East of the Bryan Memorial Library of West Point.

Cemetery Name

Brand/Mixon Cemetery Brandtown
Cairo Cemetery Cairo
Cantrell Family Cemetery Kilgore Hills
Cantrell Cemetery Una
Caradine Cemetery Clay County
Catholic Cemetery Montpelier
Cedar Bluff Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery Cedar Bluff
Cedar Bluff Methodist Cemetery Cedar Bluff
Chandler Cemetery Palo Alto
Coleman Cemetery Montpelier
Cox & Cannon Cemetery Tibbee
Davidson Cemetery Montpelier
Dexter Cemetery Barr Hill
Duke Family Cemetery Monroe County
Ellis Cemetery Old Waverley
Enon Baptist Cemetery Big Springs
Greene Family Cemetery Palo Alto
Greenwood City Cemetery West Point
Hardy Cemetery Abbott
Hartsfield Cemetery Hebron
Hatchett Cemetery  
Hawkins Cemetery  
Hebron Baptist Cemetery Pheba
Henryville Methodist Cemetery Pheba
Kilgore Cemetery Kilgore Hills
Lebanon Cemetery Monroe County
McCondy Baptist Cemetery Chickasaw County
McPherson Cemetery Siloam
Memorial Gardens Cemetery West Point
Old Hudson Cemetery Vinton
Old Montpelier Cemetery Montpelier
Palestine Cemetery Montpelier
Palo Alto Cemetery Palo Alto
Peden Cemetery Pheba
Peterson/Miller Cemetery Siloam
Pheba Cemetery Pheba
Pine Bluff Cemetery Pine Bluff
Pitchlynn Cemetery Waverley
Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery Una
Rocky Hill Cemetery Kilgore Hills
Shaffer Family Cemetery Siloam
Smith Cemetery Chickasaw County
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery Tibbee
Swinson Cemetery Griffith
Vinton Cemetery Vinton
Watkins/Old Big Springs Cemetery Big Springs
Westbrook Cemetery West Point
Wooten Cemetery Lone Oak
Young Cemetery Waverley




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