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Mark your calendars in November!
Monday, November 3rd , will be our regularly scheduled  meeting.  At 6:30 p.m. we will meet at the Copiah County  Courthouse   in Hazlehurst where Chancery Clerk, Steve Amos, will give  us a tour to see the restorations that have taken place.  Last  December we met and saw the courthouse before work began.  You'll be  amazed to see how it looks now - simply beautiful!
Saturday, November 8th,   the Family Research Association is  hosting a Genealogy Fair   at Alta Woods Methodist Church Family  Life Center on Terry Road in Jackson.  This year's event will be even  better than last year.  Not only will there be tables with genealogy  information, there will also be speakers.  A flyer is attached with more  information.  Presentations (with PowerPoints) will include the Old  Capitol Restoration, African & Native American Research, and Preserving  Heirlooms (by yours truly).  I'll be glad to give you directions - it's  easy to find.
Saturday, November 15th , our very own VP, Dan Johnson,  will give a presentation for the Simpson County Historical & Genealogical  Society at the D'Lo Community Center at 10:00 a.m.  The topic is   Samuel Brown - Patriot, Pioneer, Statesman .  While  researching to discover his "first family" connection, Dan uncovered some  interesting documents - and even a murder!  Dan will give some good  research tips on using non-traditional documents for genealogy research.  I  hope you can join us for this event.  E-mail me if you need  directions.
Saturday, November 22nd,   will be our first   cemetery cleanup day   starting at 10:00  a.m.   Some of you may recall that I mentioned at the last  regular meeting that we chose the Joshua Hennington Cemetery on Didlake  Road as our first project.  This is a relatively small cemetery  with approximately 15 grave markers. We will need to rake,  pick up some markers (need dirt), cut small trees, set some pavers as steps  to have access up a small enbankment, and do some general cleanup.   This will be a good cemetery to start with.  Please help  us.  Word is getting around that we are really working to document and  save cemeteries.  This is one more step in that direction.   E-mail me as soon as you can if you will be able to help.  We need  all the help we can get to make it go smoothly and efficiently.  I'm  working on signs to place at each one.  If anyone has any suggestions on  that, please let me know.
Look forward to seeing our local members soon.  Please  contact me should you have any questions.
Tricia Nelson

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