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Wesson School 7th Grade

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Wesson School 7th grade

Wesson School class - 7th grade

Names on back of photo
The names are numbered but do not tell which direction the numbers start.
1. Otto Thompson
2. James Mathews
3. Johnnie Evans
4. Eugenia Whooten
5. Ira Smith
6. Ella Dunoway
Ernie Lee Temples
8. Walter Robertson
9. J.P. Sandifer
10. Chistir Bendram (very hard to make out but I think this is what it said)
11. Robert Rea
12. Oscar White
3. Earl Smith
14. T.J Hodges
15. Ruth Cannon (my relative, I know she is the little girl in the second row, 5th child from the left- She was born in Wesson in Jan 1, 1906 )
16. M.L  Furr
17. Nell Harris
18. Mary Alice Housel
19. Gladys Mallar
20. Bella McKnight
21. Alberta Sandrifer
22. Lillian Hennington
23. Bessie Tyson
24. Dora Robinson
25. Ruby Wallace

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