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Estate of William Gilbert

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Copiah Co., Ms., Probate Book L., p. 222



This is to authorize any three of you jointly to appraise the goods, chattels & personal Estate of William Gilbert late of said County-deceased, so far as they shall come to you sight & knowledge; each of you having first taken the oath hereunto annexed a certificate whereof you are to return annexed to an inventory of said goods, chattels of personal estate by you appraised, in dollars & cents; and in the said inventory you are to set down in a column or columns opposite each and the value thereof.


Witness Thomas Keller Judge of Probate of said County, the 3rd Monday in June Eighteen Hundred & thirty seven. Issued the 21st day of June 1837.

Rowland Johnson, Clerk


We do Swear that we will well & truly without partiality or predjudice value & appraise the goods, chattels & personal Estate of William Gilbert, deceased. So far as the same shall come to our sight & knowledge and will in all respects perform our duty as appraised to the best of our skill and judgment, so help us God.

Sworn and signed before } John Allred

On this 22 day of July 1837 } Wm. Mullins

Hugh McSansin? } Zias Davis



A true and perfect Inventory of the goods, chattels & personal property of William Gilbert late of Copiah County deceased appraised by us whose names are underwritten this 22nd day of July 1837.


Eleven head of Cattle appraised to $77.00

One horse appraised to 144.00

One lot of plows appraised to 10.00

A lot of tools appraised to 12.00

A cutting knife wedge & iron appraised to 2.00

A lot of potware appraised to 4.00

A lot of coopers ware appraised to 1.215

One clock appraised to 24.00

One bed stead appraised to 2.00

One bed stead & furniture appraised to 25.00

A lot of crockery ware appraised to 4.00

One Sand stone appraised to 2.00

One lot of hogs appraised to 5.00



John Allred

Zias Davis

Wm. Mullins

Sale bill on the Estate of William Gilbert

Cassandea Gilbert are cow & calf $6.00

one cow at .75

one lot of hogs at 5.00

one plough & gear at 0.75

one plough 1.00

one lot of pot ware at 2.00

two piggins at 0.37

one ? at 0.16

one clock at 1.00

one lot of crockery at 0.50

one bed stead & furniture at 3.00

one bedstead at 0.25


Seth Applewhite one cow & calf 10.00

John Allred two head of cattle at 9.75

John Allred two yearlings at 13.62

John Witherspoon one cow and calf 16.50

Reuben Leach one horse at 144.50

Archibald Baker one harrow at 2.25

Seth Applewhite two axes at 3.00

Do one lot of tools at 1.00

Do do 2.00

Do do 1.00

William Tillery one sand stone 1.50



One eighth of land 450.00




A Bill of sale of articles sold by Webster Gilbert at a private sale 1837

One ? Case $125.00

One set of shop tools 15.00

One shot gun 8.00

Corn to the amount of 65.00







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