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Lenoir Cemetery

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Lenoir Cemetery


Lenoir Cemetery is located at near Barlow (Copiah Co.) Mississippi, on Warren Hood Road, 1/10 mile from the intersection with Old Port Gibson Road (MS 548). Thirty-one gravestones have been identified. In addition, there are a number of depressions, indicating additional graves. Red and Audrey V. Hudson, of Vidor, Texas, maintained the cemetery for a number of years. However, because of advancing age and health reasons, they are no longer able to visit the cemetery. The cemetery is located in a stand of hardwoods, but there are a number of small pine seedlings growing there also.


The listing below is in alphabetical order, last name first, by the family name.


DIRECTIONS: [1] (From Jackson MS area) Take I-55 South approximately 30 miles; Take Exit # 61 (Hazlehurst/Fayette) Right on MS 28 toward Fayette for 2.5 miles; Turn right on Old Port Gibson Road; Continue on Old Port Gibson Road for 14.7 miles; Turn left on Warren Hood Road; The cemetery is located on the right 1/10 mile. [2] (From the West: Natchez or Vicksburg area) Take MS 18 to Hermanville, MS; Turn on MS 458, which becomes the Old Port Gibson Road; Continue on this road approximately 12 miles to Warren Hood Road; Turn right on Warren Hood Road; The cemetery is located on the right 1/10 mile. [3] (From Brookhaven, MS area): Take MS 550 to Union Church; Turn Right onto MS 28 (toward Hazlehurst); Continue on MS 28 for 9.1 miles; Turn Left on MS 547 for approx. 5 miles; Turn Right on Barlow Road for approximately 6 miles Barlow; Turn left on Warren Hood Road and continue for 4.7 miles; The cemetery is located on the left.


Actually, there are three cemeteries located at the site: one white and two Negro. The white cemetery is called Lenoir Cemetery.


Information compiled 1 March 2002 by Larry W. Little (



Name                                        DOB                 DOD                 Inscription/Comments


_______, [Infant]                                                20 Oct 1885     [Grave sone is broken; Aged 1 yr. 4 ms, 20 ds.

Beesley, Amanda Ann                 9 Oct 1820     22 Apr 1853     Aged 32 yrs. 6 mos. 13 dys.; w/o P. B. Beesley, Sr.

Beesley, P. B. Sr.                    19 Apr 1816     4 June 1850     Aged 34 yrs. 1 mo. 15 dys.; h/o of Amanda Ann Beesley.

Beesley, William H.                     17 Oct 1844     4 Jan 1864     s/o P. B. and A. A. Beesley.

Buckley, Roda Elizabeth                       2 July 1866     Aged 28 ys. 5mos. 26 dys. w/o A. F. Buckley, MD; d/o James and Anne Beesley. Stele.

Butler, Edwin Brown               24 July 1861     8 Nov 1861     s/o W. J. and L. J. Butler.

Butler JEMIMA                          26 May 1856     Aged 38 yrs. 3 mos. 29 dys.; w/o J. W. Butler. [Name on same stele with husband.]

Butler, Jesse W.                    24 Jan 1859     Aged 44 yrs. 3 mos. 21 dys.; h/o JEMIMA Butler; [Name on same stele with wife.]

Butler, L. J.                               6 Sept 1821     15 May 1891     w/o Capt. W. J. Butler.

Butler, John E.                           24 Feb 1840     1 May 1874     s/o J. W. and G. Butler.

Butler, William                           24 Oct 1855     2 Dec 1891     s/o W. J. and Louisa J. Butler.


Dunbar, Henry E.                     17 May 18??     11 May 1876     [Grave stone is broken; on ground.]


Filmore, J. M.                            16 Mar 1856     19 Jan 1860     Aged 3 yrs. 10 mos. 3 dys.; s/o J. B. and Elizabeth Jones.


Haynes, Hester E.                                             24 Aug 1875     Aged 32 yrs.; w/o C. B. Haynes.

Jones, Elizabeth McRee                                      10 Sept 1880     Aged 50 yrs.; w/o J. B. Jones

Jones, Eugene (Bud)                1862                 1889

Jones, Francis E.                     15 Oct 1863     1 Sept 1866     d/o J. B. and Elizabeth ones.

Jones, [Infant]                                                                            [Grave stone broken] d/o J. B. and Elizabeth Jones.

Jones, J. M. Filmore             16 Mar 1856     19 Jan 1860     Aged 3 yrs. 10 mos. 3 dys.; s/o J. B. and Elizabeth Jones.

Jones, John Ira                          25 Feb 1858     3 Dec 1858     s/o J. B. and Elizabeth Jones.


Lyles, James W.                    7 May 1867     22 Aug 187?

Lyles, Mary P.                           12 Sept 1856     22 Aug 1870


Vardaman, Ayers A.                       1836            1901

Vardaman, George Clinton            13 June 1891     30 June 1891     s/o A. A. and L. J. Vardaman.

Vardaman, Margaret Olena            7 Aug 1879     7 Oct 1882     d/o A. A. and L. J. Vardaman.

Vardaman, Mary Peter                4 Nov 1874     Aged 28 yrs.;      [1st w/o A. A. Vardaman.]

Vardaman, Sarah Elizabeth            8 Sept 1882     11 Aug 1885     d/o A. A. and L. J. Vardaman.


Washington, George              18 Feb 1885     10 Nov 1910

Washington, Molend              20 May 1864     25 Mar 1910

Weeks, J. F.                             1 Jan 1831     18 Jan 1895     Stele.

Weeks, Sarah C.                     25 Feb 1801     14 Oct 1888     born in Pendleton County, South Carolina; w/o William Weeks.

Weeks, William            8 Oct 1794     6 Apr 1884     born in Jefferson County, Georgia; h/o Sarah C. Weeks.

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