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Pine Grove Cemetery

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05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

Location: SE of Hazlehurst. Cemetery in woods by the side of the road near site of old Pine Grove Methodist Church and Public School, no longer standing.

Copied by: Frances A Cook & Vivian Cook  13 June, 1954

C. C. Stapp /Father/ 30 Aug, 1844/25 OCt, 1925

w Ada Miller w/o C. C. Stapp /Mother/ 13 Oct, 1842/19 Aug, 1915

Gilleath Miller  31 Jan, 1820/22 April, 1883

Pearl w/o L. A. Perrett  25 Aug, 1876/19 Dec, 1902

Ada Jackson  d. 22 Oct, 1940/ aged 36y 6m 11d

Eupertie Amanda w/o B. M. Brown  26 Aug, 1866/5 Dec, 1917

Belford Mesear Brown  d. 14 Nov, 1948/ aged 83y

Dorothy Pearl d/o BM & Pearl Brown  Jy, 1919/9 mar, 1920

Augustus H. Stevens  Co. E 1 Miss. Inf. Sp Am War

John S. s/o CT & AM Davis  5 Mar, 1870/15 Oct, 1898

Mary Dickson Foles /Mother/ d. 22 Ap, 1883

Bettie Dickson  d. 22 Ap, 1883

Archie Dickson  d. 22 Ap, 1883

Thomas Foles  d. 22 Ap, 1883

Matilda L. Hamilton  5 Aug, 1855/23 June, 1930

H. A. Hamilton  28 Dec, 1839/19 Oct, 1902

Addie Louise Hamilton  3 Jy, 1849/1 May, 1929

E. C. Hamilton  28 Dec, 1839/19 Oct, 1902

Huston Dwight s/o LM & ME Hamilton  8 Aug, 1907/13 June, 1908

George F. Fleming  Moopman's Co. 24 Miss. Cav. CSA

Mrs. S. C. Fleming  d. 21 Ap, 1934/ aged 59y

PINE GROVE CEMETERY, Copiah County, MS. Location: On Union Road at the intersection of Union Road and White Road, Southeast of Hazlehurst. Directions:  Take the south Hazlehurst Exit off I-55. Turn East onto County Farm Rd. From County Farm Rd., turn left onto U.S. Hwy 51. From 51, turn Right onto Monticello Rd.  From Monticello Road turn left onto McCardle Rd. From McCardle Rd, turn Left onto White Rd. White Rd. dead ends into Union Rd. The cemetery is on Union Road at the intersection of White Rd. The cemetery is located in a grove of old pine and oak trees, just on the side of  Union Road.

These names were NOT listed on the trancription by Frances A. Cook and & Vivian Cook, June 13,1954. The transcription by Debbie Van Scoy and Mary Barr Touchstone, September 19, 2001.

Stacy Jackson (no dates)

Charley Jackson (no dates)

Fanny Jackson (no dates)

Dorothy Jackson (no dates)

Dicey L. Myers  August 20, 1888 - November 22, 1893

Huntley L. Myers  February 25, 1901 to June 20, 1901

John W.Anderson  August 21, 1821 to  October 26, 1881

B.F. Watts  December 14, 1849 to March 14, 1908

Huston Dwight s/o L.H. & M.E. Miller  August 8, 1907 to June 18, 1908

Virgil s/o L.H. & M.E. Miller, d. December 29, 1908

Albert s/o L.H. & M.E. Miller d. March 20, 1912

Mary Ellen d/o L.H. & M.E. Miller April 24, 1925 to May 4, 1925

John Davis s/o C.T. & A.M. Davis march 5, 1870 to October 15, 1893

J.H. Walker s/o W.H. & A.G. Walker January 25, 1882 to June 16, 1893

Mary d/o W.J. & L.C. Myers November 23, 1882 to March 27, 1894

Cathie Miller 1862-1892

Cilleaty Herrington Miller January 31, 1820 to April 22, 1883

Belford Morrow Brown  September 10, 1864 to November 14, 1948

 Monument "This stone memorializes Sebron Kingston Miller, Husband to Celeaty Miller, buried in J. Davis County. Born February 14, 1814 and Died July 14, 1866. Placed by his Descendants."

George E. Fleming, Moorman's Co. 24 Miss. Cav. CSA (correction from Cook transcription)

Samuel J. Fleming, 4th MS Cav. CSA

05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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