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Russell-Tillman Cemetery

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God Bless America
Location: about 3 1/2 miles southwest of Martinsville in section 11. Recorded by Jim and Louise Perrin, March 18, 2002
The abandoned cemetery is about 750 north of the Martinsville Road in a heavily forested area.
There are about 2 dozen markers, mostly broken and toppled, remaining in the cemetery located at the top of a wooded knoll.
There were indications of serveral other graves without markers.
Issac A. Russell 10 March 1831 29 Oct. 1908 Sgt., Co. E, 39th Miss Inf. CSA
Hemby Beall 2 Dec. 1891 18 Oct. 1894 Son of Elisha Laura Beall
Lula Beall 24 April 1896 21 July 1898 Dau. Of Elisha and Laura Beall
J. Elizabeth Tillman 17 Aug 1846 18 Oct. 1907 Wife of Wiley J. Tillman "She believed and sleeps in Jesus"
Wiley J. Tillman 7 Oct 1827 4 Mar. 1906 "Gone but not forgotten"
S.C. Hoard 8 Apr 1835 2 Jul 1881 Wife of W. J. Tillman "We have laid the in thy grave untill we see thy heavenly face"
Willey Tillman 4 Aug 1863 10 Aug 1863 son of W.J. and SC Tillman
Clayton & Lucy Tillman 2 Dec 1801/ Jan 1804 4 Nov 18xx / 6 Oct 18xx Note: Broken monument & hard to read
James F Foster 17 Jul 1899 26 Feb. 1900 In memory of son of J.S. and D.E. Foster "Gone but not forgotten"
Clarence F. Foster 6 Feb. 1889 26 Oct. 1890 "Gone but not forgotten"
Infant Son of H.R.R. and C. Tillman 1 Oct. 1896 1 Oct. 1896
Carnelia Comfort 1 Oct. 1880 Wife of H.R.R. Tillman "Here I lay thy burden down and change the cross into the crown"
W.J. Tillman Jr. 22 Sept. 1885 23 Feb. 1878 son of H.R.R. & C.F. Tillman Note: date errors
C. F. Windom 14 Feb. 1865 11 Jun. 1894 Wife of H.R.R. Tillman "Sleep on, sleep on in my savior arms"
H.R.R. Tillman 5 May 1851 26 Sept. 1896 son of W.J. & S.C. Tillman "A noble man, a noble father lies here"
Luke Tillman 17 Jul 1877 16 Aug 1878 son of W.A. & J.E. Tillman
W.A. Tillman 22 Jan 1852 11 Feb. 1917 "Father"
Mrs. W.A. Tillman 7 May 1854 12 Feb. 1933 "Mother"
Minnie L. 28 Sept 1898 8 May. 1904 dau. of O.L. & M.A. Waldrop "A sleep in Jesus, blessed sleep"
Infant Son of G. and Betty Teler Sept. 1895 Sept. 1895 "At rest"
Cimmie Howard 28 Jun 1880 11 Apr. 1895 son of G. J. & L. Howard "At Rest"
Note: According to her death certificate, Jane Russell, dau. Of James and Mary Brister Russell is buried here.
Death is listed as 13 Dec. 1981 -no marker found.
Josephine Tillman Russell is alos said to be buried here.

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