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Terry Cemetery

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Location (Sept, 1961): about 3 miles north of Crystal Springs and south of County Line; about halfway between Hwy #51 and the Ill. Central Railroad

Note: This small family cemetery is in a wooded area with undergrowth.  An old trench surrounds it, thus providing perfect drainage.  Two large vaults, side by side, of native stones and built above the ground, have deteriorated for lack of attention.  Propped against the face of one of the vaults is a marble slab bearing the names of Sarah Terry and her son.

No marker could be found for the other.  One wonders if it might not be the grave of Sarah's husband, William Terry.  The only other marker found in this cemetery bore the name of Augustus R. Terry.  There appears to be another grave by this one and some indications of there having been a marker for it.

Sarah Terry  d. 11 June, 1834 /aged 73y

Rowland I. s/o William S. & Sarah Terry  d. 13 Dec, 1836 /aged 34y


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