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Thompson Chapel Cemetery

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05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

God Bless America

Thompson Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery is located in the southeast corner of Copiah County, Mississippi, bordering Lincoln County immediately to the south and Lawrence County to the east. The cemetery is located at the intersection of Timberlake Road and Bahala Road. Originally, the cemetery was adjacent to Thompson Chapel Methodist Church, organized on April 22, 1917. The church no longer exists; a marker was erected in 1973 identifying the location of the church. There are approximately 20 identified graves in the cemetery. The cemetery is well maintained and still in use, with the last burial in 1998.


Directions: (1) From North: Take US 51 South toward Wesson, turn left on Bahala Road (approximately one mile north of Wesson) for 0.3 miles to the railroad track; turn right on Railroad Street after crossing the railroad and continue for 0.6 miles; turn left on Timberlake Road at the Lake Lincoln sign for 2.2 miles where Timberlake becomes Sunset Road; turn left (actually continuing on Timberlake) for 3.2 miles. (2) From South: Take US 51 North from Brookhaven area to Wesson; turn right on the second street beyond the four-way stop; cross the railroad onto Railroad Street for 0.7 miles; turn right on Timberlake; follow directions above.


Information compiled 1 August 2001 by Larry W. Little ( and Janice and Ken Cooper.





Butler, [Infant]

2 July 1926

2 July 1926

B/D; Infant daughter of M/M W.E. Butler


Butler, Sally Waldrop

9 May 1884

6 June 1978

w/o Wm. Edwin Butler

Butler, Helen Rhea

13 July 1918

25 Jan 1986(*)

w/o Samuel E. Butler

Butler, Samuel Edward

14 Feb 1912

31 Jan 1985 (*);

h/o Helen Rhea Butler

Butler, William Edwin

7 April 1878

28 Sept 1968

h/o Sally Walfrop Butler

Castilaw, Luanna B.     

4 June 1908

15 Nov 1953

Mother; w/o Milford L. Castilaw

Castilaw, Milford L.      

31 July 1899

16 April 1963

Father; h/o Luanna B. Castilaw

Davis, Grover C.          

15 Oct 1884

14 Jan 1961


Davis, Sue Logan

22 Aug 1856

14 Feb 1939


Farmer, Mary Emma Butler

24 Aug 1882

22 Feb 1966

w/o Norvel R. Farmer

Farmer, Norvel R.         

23 May 1888

9 May 1939

h/o Mary Emma Butler

Fuller, Lucie Mae Davis

22 Oct 1881

10 Nov 1964

Auntie; w/o Marion Douglas Fuller

Fuller, Marion Douglas

14 July 1881

26 Dec 1966

Uncle Marion; h/o Lucie Mae Davis

Grunsendorf, Charles




Hallman, Robert M.       

17 Sept 1942

17 Mar 1998


Morgan, Emma Lea



w/o Luther Lee Morgan

Morgan, Fredrick L.      

30 July 1895

5 Sept 1972

Miss CPL Co 18 Inf Div WW-1"

Morgan, Horace

14 Nov 1923

14 Nov 1923

B/D; s/o M/M H. J. Morgan

Morgan, Luther Lee



h/o Emma Lea Morgan

Patterson, Joe Allen

11 Oct 1931

25 Dec 1982

SPC US Army Korea

Ruwaldt, Ina Davis

11 Oct 1896

24 Feb 1982

Mother; w/o Grover C. Davis



05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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