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Welch Plantation Cemetery

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05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

Location - In woods near site of Pleasant Hill school, Copiah County, Mississippi, long abolished.  This former school was built on the site of the Welch Slave Cemetery.  T2N  R2W

Francis M./ Son of Demsey & Elizabeth Welch.

William F./ Son of Dempsey & Elizabeth Welch

Dempsey Welch/ b. Dec. 24, 1798/ d. Dec. 6, 1864.

Elizabeth/ Wife of Dempsey Welch/ b. Jan. 8, 1804/ d. July 1, 1852.

George W./ Son of Dempsey & Elizabeth Welch.

James J./ Son of Dempsey & Elizabeth Welch.

Three infant babes of Isaac & Mary J. Towers.

David/ Son of Isaac & Mary Towers/ b. Apr. 8/ d. Sept. 12, 1861.

Mary Elizabeth/ Dau. of Isaac & Mary Towers/b. - 16, 1848.

Isaac D./ Son of Isaac & Mary J. Towers/ b. June 26, 1847/ d. Oct. 11, 1847.

Amanda/ Dau. of Dempsey & Elizabeth Welch.

J.W. Mathis/ b. Oct. 20, 1833/ d. Aug. 4, 1912.

Laura M. Wife of J. W. Mathis/b. May 11, 1839/ d. July 20, 1885.

Lucy E./ Wife of J.W. Mathis/ b. Mar. 8, 1836/ d. Oct. 8, 1895.

Charlie P. Smith/ b. Nov. 8, 1865/ d. Dec. 8, 1904.

Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Boykin/ d. Sept. 29, 1944.

05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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