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Co. G - Rockport Steel Blades

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Company G - Rockport Steel Blades

Organized in Copiah County; mustered into State service at Rockport on July 15, 1861.

Mustered into Confederate Service at Grenada on August 24, 1861.


Alford, James, Private

 Allen, C. B., Private

 Andrews, D., Private

 Andrews, W., Private

 Archer, J., Private

 Battin, Augustus, Private

 Beard, Thomas H., Private; 4th Corporal

 Beasley, Isaac N., Private

 Beckham, Thomas A., Private; 4th Sergeant

 Bell, Hiram, Private; 3rd, 2nd and 1st Corporal

 Bell, James, Private

 Bell, M., Private

 Bennett, J. A., Private

 Bennett, Jacob W., Private

 Briggs, Claiborne C., Private

 Burt, L., Private

 Bysowski, Augustus S., Private; Musician (fifer)

 Cade, Richard, Private

 Cammack, J. M., Private

 Cammack, Thomas J., Private 2nd Segeant

 Carlisle, Edward, Private

 Carlisle, Stephen, Private

 Catchings, Charles C., Private; 3rd Corporal

 Catchings, Joseph, Private

 Chadwick, Daniel C., Private

 Chrisman, Thomas J., Private

 Cliburn, William, Private

 Coker, Seaborn B., Private

 Conn, Benjamin F., Private

 Conn, J. P., Private

 Crawford, Henry C., Private

 Crawford, Hiram H., Private

 Crawford, J. W., Private

 Crawford, James A., Private; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant

 Crawley, Josiah, Private

 Crews, Robert, Private

 Crum, O. C., Private; Commissary Sergeant

 Davis, H. B., Private

 Davis, John, Private

 Davis, Washington E., Private

 Enwright, D., Private

 Farmer, Josiah J., Private

 Ferguson, Samuel, Private

 Fitzgerald, William H., Private

 Furr, William, Private

 Garrett, David, Private; 2nd Sergeant

 Gay, T. S., Private

 George, Andrew J., Private

 Gilbert, J. L., Private

 Graves, A., Private

 Graves, Benjamin F., Private

 Graves, J. A., Private

 Graves, Robert G., Private

 Gray, Richard E., Private; 1st Sergeant; 3rd Lieutenant

 Gregory, W. W., Private

 Grice, James H., Private

 Grubbs, David, Private

 Hamilton, Ezekiel C., Private

 Hamilton, Isaac, Private

 Hamilton, John C., Private

 Hamilton, Reuben, Private

 Harper, John A., Private; 3rd Sergeant

 Harris, A. J., 5th and 4th Sergeant

 Harris, B. T., 2nd Lieutenant

 Harris, Isaac, Private

 Hawkins, A. E., Private

 Hendricks, William, Private

 Herrin, Isaac, Private

 Hollingsworth, Jacob, Private

 Holt, David, Private

 Honea, Francis, Private

 Honea, W. H., Private

 James, Andrew, Private

 James, George, Private

 James, John, Private

 James, M. A., Private

Johnson, Andrew H., Private

Jones, Austin, Private

Jones, Matthew, Private

Kilcrease, John, Private

Laird, J., Private

Land, Benjamin F., Private

Lewis, Alfred A., Private

Lewis, Thomas E., Private; 5th and 4th Sergeant

Little, Samuel, Private

Long, B. F., Private

Lovin, William, Private; 4th and 2nd Corporal

Lowe, Jesse, Private

Lobusher, Adolphus, Private; Musician (drummer)

Martin, Albert G., Private

Mattingly, John, Private

McKinley, Seaborn, Private

McLemore, Willis W., Private; Musician (drummer)

McManus, Hugh, Private

Middleton, R. P., Private

Middleton, J. B., Private

Miles, S. J., Private

Moore, J. M., Private

Murry, Alexander, Private

Neal, Benjamin F., Private; 4th Corporal

Neal, Daniel R., Private

Neal, Hugh H., Private

Neal, James M., Private

Neal, Josiah W., Private

Nelson, Gideon, Private; 4th Sergeant; 2nd Lieutenant

Newman, Francis, Private

Newton, James; Private; 4th and 3rd Corporal

Newton, William F., Private

Norman, Craylin P., Private; Ensign

Norman, Ellison L., 2nd Lieutenant

Norman, Jasper J., Private

Page, Joshua, Private; 4th, 3rd and 2nd Corporal

Pierce, Francis M., Private

Pope, J. K., Private

Powers, W., Private

Ramsey, T. W., Private; 2nd Corporal

Ramsey, Thomas J., 1st Lieutenant

Randell, Elbert, Private

Randell, James R., Private

Rankin, D., Private

Ray, C., Private

Ray, William J., Private; Corporal

Rhymes, Jesse J., Private

Ritnour, Henry C., Private; 1st Corporal; 5th Sergeant

Roberts, James A., Private

Rowan, E. A., 1st Lieutenant; Captian

Siebe, Jacob, Private

Siebe, James, Private

Simmons, David, Private

Simmons, William, Private

Smith, Elias, Private

Smith, William M., Private

Steele, Archibald, Captain

Stucky, P., Private

Suttles, John, Private

Sykes, J., Private

Terry, William E., Private

Tower, Isaac N., 1st Sergeant

Trawick, Hugh, Private

Trawick, Robert, Private

Vance, K. M., Private

Walker, John, Private

Walker, Robert J., Private

Watson, Joseph, Private

Wells, D., Private

Williams, V. C., Private

Williams, Wiley A., Private

Willis, Abraham B., 3rd and 2nd Lieutenant; Captain

Womack, Jacob M., Private



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