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Letters 1862 (Welch)

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God Bless America

Camp Posey near Winchester, Va.  October 6, 1862

Mrs. Ann Welch

Dear Madam: 

Your answer of Aug 25th was received a few days.  Since I was absent from the Regiment at the time the letter came and did not get it until a day or two since and will try now and reply to it.  I visited your Brother every day or two and did everything in my power that I could for him to relieve his sufferings and render him comfortable.  He suffered very severely with his wound but bore his sufferings with Christian forebearance and  makeup.  He had been wild and rattling before being wounded but told me before his death that he felt that God had forgiven his sins and he was ready to go any time his Father called him and believed  he would go to rest.  When any of his company would go to see him he would beg them to quit sinning and to serve God.  His wound was the cause of his death but not from mortification.  He was not as well attended to as he ought to have been by the nurses in the Hospital.  I was afraid the other piece of hair I sent you would get lost and saved another piece in this letter.  The bone of his leg was badly shattered.  I think that was the principal cause of his death.  For a short time before his death, there was a young lady waited on him and did everything in her power for him, but it was too late.  I have forgotten her name.  He spoke of you a great deal and wanted you to be with him, also of his other relations.  One of his (Rgmt?) Daniel Farmer, died not long since from wounds received in the same fight while on his way home.  Sam Farmer, another of his (Rgmt?) is sick at Richmond.  Benjamin Deason is the only one left of his (reg ?) in the company.  He has been through all of the fights and never received a scratch. You said you had read two of my letters to ______, you will please tell her that I would like for her to answer them as haven't received but one letter from her since I have been in Virginia.  Your brother was in his right mind all the time up to his death.  He was very decently buried.  We are not doing anything at this time but drilling.  I expect we will have another fight from present appearances before this month is out.  The weather is getting pretty cool.  Give my kindest regards to Mr. Welch and to James Cammack and family.

Very respectfully,

Thos G. Smith

Co. D 12 Miss Infantry



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Camp Davis Ford Near Manassas Junction, Feb the 4, 1862

Dear Brother,

Your kind letter came to hand eight days after you wrote it.  I was glad to hear that you

were all well, Dock.  I have not much news to write at present only there is a great deal of cold bad weather here.  There has been snow on the ground for about a month.  Snow falls here a half leg deep in some places.  We had pretty cold time of it standing on guard.  Dock, I have not got my furlough yet.  I have not heard anything of it.  I expect that they will be ______.  There was one of our company got his about three weeks ago and several others out of this Regiment A.  I cannot tell what was the reason that we did not get ours for we were about the first that enlisted in the Regiment.  Well our time is nearly out and I reckon that we will go home them - that is if we can. But if we are needed I am willing to stay here but if I get my furlough I will take it and come home for a short time.  When I wrote to you before I expected to be at home now.  Dock, tell your sister Melissa Coor that I got the blanket and socks that she sent to me.  Tell her that I am much obliged to her for them.  I got them from Charles over at Centreville.  Dock you said in your letter that you got a letter from John when you received mine.  When you write to him again give him my best respect and love and tell him that he must write to me.  I have never have heard from him nor Mary nor Inghram since I left home.  Tell him I don't know where he is he knows where I am here in old Virginia with her light device the loftiest motto that ever blazed up and Warriors Shield or a nation  arm.  Dock I sent a Bull Run pipe by William Bondurant  to Aunt Adeline Purser.  I told him to give it to Uncle Fred.  I never had time to write to Uncle Fred to tell him to give it to Aunt Adeline.  I know that he don't smoke and Dock I want you to tell Liz that I would like for her to write to me since she has got married.  Dock, tell Ann to keep the old Turkey hen until she sees me coming and let her get as tough as beef and then she will be about right.  I have not saw Charles in about two or three months Dock.  I want you to write to me as soon as you get this.  I like very much to be at home now.  I cannot tell when I will be at home.  Dock this leaves me well at present.  I hope that it will find you all the same.  Nothing more at present.  Write to me without fail and I will answer you every time.  I remain your true friend.

  s/   William H. Purser



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