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Centennial School 1921-1952

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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

God Bless America

Bruce Haley

Floyd Scott

Ernest Kimble

Annie Lee Stricklin

Doris Price

TW Jackson

Charlie Frank Stuart

Nelson Smith

Scott Haley

Dorothy Price

JB Bailey

Houston Newell

Lucille Nettles

George Lyons

Golden Britt

Thelma Smith

Charles Edward Norton

Helen Minton

Vermilia Gill

Vincie Lee Bailey

Hermon Smith

Ellis Stuart

Versie Ray Burns

Marvin Burns

Norman Nettles

Jackie Britt

Grace Newell

Troy Kimble

Denver Smith

Katie Lee Minton

Doris Newell

Quittman Burns

Alma Lyons

Troy Jackson

Mattie Munn

Elizabeth Price

Willie Fore

Neil Smith

Bessie Haley

Howard Hailey

Homer lee Huff

Denver Britt

Edith May Britt

Vivian Burns

Carl Allen

Roy Smith

Jim Smith

Burdett Britt

Laura Burns

Paul Cousins

Roy Dennis Jackson

Bilbo Britt


Augusta Herring

Howard Russel

Juanita Middleton


Students that attended Centennial School located on Sylvarena Road. The school operated from March 6, 1948 until 1952. The school was located on land owned by the Stuarts.


This information was published in the Copiah County Courier, 2/14/2001 and the names were taken from an old picture. This explains the order.


Anita Britt Entrican owns the picture and brought it to the Copiah Courier paper.


Correction to the above table:


Elizabeth Peyton sent this correction (via Bob Guyton) her answer of October 26, 2002 is as follows:

"That information about Centenial School is incorrect.I attended that school from 1927 to 1931.Doris and Dorothy attended there I'm pretty sure from 1929 to 1931.In 1932 Daddy changed schools and sent us to Allen.Augusta Herring taught me.Juanita Middleton taught Dorothy and Doris.Some of those pupils listed were several years older than I. Some of them could have begun attending there in 1921. I was in the second grade my first year there.

I have a copy of that picture but I cannot locate it right now. It was printed in some newspaper -Hazlehurst or Brookhaven- several years ago.Anna Bert sent me a copy.

I donít think it gave any dates on it.(Elizabeth Peyton)

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