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Cook Marriages II

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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

The following table has been submitted by Lynn King Adams and all data refelects her research.She can be reached at

Cook, Josephine

Isaac Wilson

December 8, 1882

Cook, Launo

John G. Langheart

December 26, 1919

Cook, Mary Lynn Pickett

Robert West Scott

April 28, 1990

Cook, Mary

Cumber Brown

November 10, 1894

Cook, Mamie Gray

E.D. Graves

January 1, 1925

Cook, Mary

David Hamilton

December 1, 1831

Cook, Mary E.

W.L. Haley

January 4, 1866

Cook, Mollie V.

James M. Hunt

February 20, 1866

Cook, Mary E.

Samuel T. Hennington

January 10, 1871

Cook, Marvis

George Jackson

June 14, 1924

Cook, Martha

David B. Lowe

june 22, 1837

Cook, Minnie

Frank Miller

April 18, 1890

Cook, Malinda

James M. Pierce

February 23, 1853

Cook, Mary E.

Eugene A. Ray

July 30, 1879

Cook, Maggie

Frank Shannon

October 26, 1892

Cook, Mandy

Ben Sutton

February 16, 1917

Cook, Mary

Charlie Tyler

June 9, 1915

Cook, Olive

H.J. Vogler

October 21, 1891

Cook, Parson

Jimmie Brown

October 27, 1923

Cook, Pheba W.

Andrew Trim

April 28, 1845

Cook, R. A.

W.I. Martin

June 13, 1889

Cook, Sampson

Amanda Oatis

January 15, 1867

Cook, Samuel B.

Estell Marie Slay

May 3, 1927

Cook, Stella

Potter Johnson

May 23, 1923

Cook, T.H.

Lilian Gates

May 28, 1912

Cook, Tillman

Alma Sanders

February 25, 1925

Cook, Tina

F.A. Guynes

June 1, 1903

Cook, W.A.

M.E. Newman

January 28, 1879

Cook, W.B.

Emma Mays

December 6, 1882

Cook, William

Pinky Robinson

December 4, 1901


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