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Samuel Olds - 1837

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I will on the second Saturday of February 1838, it being the 10th day of the same month, proceed on the premises, to sell the following described real estate of the late Samuel Olds, deceased, to wit; one half of the north forth and the east half to the northwest fourth of section thirty-three; also one half of the east half of the southeast fourth of section thirty-two in township two range two west, lying and being in the county of Copiah and State of Mississippi. There is a grist and saw mill on the premises, one half of which will be sold with the lands, together with one yoke of oxen; also the property of the deceased.The interest to be sold in the above property is such as Samuel Olds, deceased, had in his life time, which he believed to be an unquestionable title, one half of the above described lands and the mills, thereon, better known perhaps as the Turkey Creek mills.Terms of sale one and two years credit, from the first of January, 1838, with bonds and approved security.


Martin Fortner

Administrator of Samuel Olds, deceased


Copiah County December 23, 1837


Published in January 13, 1828 Southern Star in Copiah County, MS.


[Transcriberís note:Martin Fortner is the brother of Ann Fortner Olds widow of Samuel Olds.Samuel Olds was approximately 28 years old at the time of his death.]


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