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William Barnes - 1838

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God Bless America

                                        $500 Reward


Ran away or were stolen from the plantation of the subscriber, near this place on the night of 26th March last, two negroes, viz: a man named Robert and his wife Nancy.  Robert is about 25 to 30 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, slender made, very dark countenance.  He has two very noted marks or scars, one on the left under the jaw bone of a circular form caused by a thrust with the muzzle of a gun and is half the size of the bore of a common shotgun; the other is on his leg, which I do not recollect; but believe it to be the left; just above the ankle, caused by a cut with an ax, which severed one of the leaders and which whenever he moves that foot has a tremulous motion. Nancy, is of a copper color, about 20 years of age, about five feet high, and a fine looking girl. They both move briskly and speak when spoken to.


I am induced to believe they were stolen and will give five hundred dollars for the apprehension and prosecution of the thief or thieves to conviction, and $50 a piece for the negroes if brought home or lodged in any jail so that I can get them.


                                                                                                William Barnes


Gallatin, Mississippi April 4, 1838


Published in the April 29, 1838 Southern Star in Copiah County, MS.



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