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Courthouse Election List of 1898

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God Bless America

Election list for the 8th day of November 1898. Were paid either $1.00 or $2.00 for each person.







J.L. Miller

H. R. Caldwell

Jos. Sumrall


George Cleveland

H. H. Harris

J. C. Burt






A. M. Martin

A. L. Peagler

H. Page


W. L. Curtis



Forest Hill





R. S. Middleton



Hazlehurst East





W. T. Matheny

J. W. Coor

J. B. Errington


L. W. Featherston

W. W. Mayes

J. T. Parker

Strong Hope





T. J. Farmer

J. H. Owens

H. C. Owens


Dennis King

C. E. Carpenter

D. T. Swilley






C. O. McKinnell

W. R. Beasley

W. H. Beasley






J. W. Ashley

J. B. Middleton

M. Ramsey


W. H. Walker

G.E. Fleming

E. M. Ashley

Hazlehurst West:





S. G. Salter

J. C. Pitts

L.W. Ceats


Phil Massa

J. R. Freeman

J.B. Penn






Mac C. Stuart

S.F. Lusk

S.O. Bridewell


W.C. Loving, Jr

H. B. Gillis

H. W. Kelly






J.D. Douglass

R.G. Johnson

Robt Aylwood


E.M. Cook

S. Hartzog

H. Wilks



E.F. Pierce

C.I. Edwards


J.G. Ainsworth

C. J. Mcbride


Spencer’s Mill





N.M. Higdon

R.Q. Allen

J.Q. Barlow


J.P. Herrington

E. M. Wade

N.E. Spencer






F.M. Davis

P.H. Davis

R.C. Douglass


J.B. Middleton

W.C. Smith

J.W. Weeks

Mount Hope





J.R. Harris

L.Q. Wright

T.Z. Hall


W.F. Funchess

S.M. McLemore


Pine Bluff





J.G. Smith

D.C. Woods

Enos Donahoe


T.W. Huey

J.M. Dillard

A.J. Hodges

Crystal Springs West





A.J. Sturgis

W.W. Copper

R.E. Fleming


J.C. Murphy



Crystal Springs East





I.M. Jones

H. Hennington

J.H. Didlake


W.L. Reber

J.A. Terry

W.J. Beard






G.M. Barlow

N.M. Collins

M.M. Sojourner


O. Dulaney

H. Berry

A.R. Trayler

Browns Store





Wm M. Wilson

J.H. Garth

A.J. MacFarland


S.W. Allen




This writing was in “old Style” long hand so some of the initials may be wrong or the names may be misspelled.


Article taken from the Courthouse Anniversary – Copiah County Courier May 1, 2002

Content Copyright Rob Crawford,, County Coordinator    All rights reserved.

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