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Selected HighLights - 1888

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December 20, 1888

Read the High School Notice

Items are scarce this week.

Where you expect to spend Xmas?

Circuit court is in session at Columbia this week.

Dr. Buford Larkin of Oakdale was in town last Tuesday.

Mr. I. N. Bush and wife of Hebron are visiting relatives near this place.

The publisher of this paper departs for Columbia tomorrow, where he goes to spend Christmas.

Mrs. W. R. Selman, of Tryus was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J.D.Carlisle, last Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. W. C. Hickman, of Chester, Texas, was among his many friends of this place last week.

Miss Belle Johnson, who has been teaching school at Oakdale, in this county, was a pretty visitor to our town last Saturday.

Mr. J. D. Cannon, of Martin, Claiborne county, was a welcome visitor to our town last week.  Mr. Cannon is an old ex residenter of this place, and we were all very glad to see him.

We are very sorry to learn of the death of Mrs. Amanda Garrett, which sad event occurred 3 miles south of this place on Wednesday, the 12th, at the residence of Mr. W. C. Maxwell's Jr.  Mrs. Garrett had been in very bad health for some time and her death at any moment was not unexpected.  She was an estimable lady, and was well-liked by all who knew her.  Her loss will be keenly felt.

Board of Supervisors(continued from last week.)

Ordered that the following allowances be made to the managers of the election held Nov. 5th, 1888 to wit:  The following were allowed $1.00 each,

W. H. Butler, Pharoah Oatis, T. A. Hickman, T. M. Beal, G. W. Garrett, W. A. Selman, Wesley Davis, J. W. Ross, H A Session, J L Gray, N B Buckley, W A Armstrong, Jno E Knight, F M Pierce, C H Moore, B F Swilley, M Stringer, G A Smith, D A Scarborough, G W Johnston, Ward Blackman, J J Get, P M Givens, J P Sauls, J W Ballard, W R Lambert, joseph price, Mark Elliott, J T Elliott, C P Peney, A M Peney, W D Boyd, J D Wallace, J D May, J T Collins, C F Carney, Reuben Oatis, N H Sharp, J S Neal, T D White, B F Newsom, W B Easterling, H M Smith, C B Slater, J M Bridges, J F polk, Rufus Hail, W W Conerly, J C Burkett, A Solomon, W. L Polk, S. D. Nelson, J. N. Burkett, Amos Haynes, W. J. Patterson, D. P. McInnis, O G May, E H Williamson, F J Leonard, Ben Moore, C. G. Ellzey, B F Turner, J. M. Cannon, J. M. Armstrong.

The following were allowed $2.00 each: A. E. Weathersby, J. P. Sartin, W C Dale, J E Wallace, N L Sistrunk, J A Calhoun, J F Floyd, L W Buckley, J L Parkman, J C Williamson.

Ordered that the following road commissioners be allowed $2.00 each, N H Sharp, T D White, T. J. Patterson, A. J. Nelson, J. F. Floyd, W. H.Herrington.

Ike Polk was enrolled as a pauper at the rate of $3.00 a month.

F. M. Autry was appointed overseer of Smith Ferry road, from foot of hill at King place to Rockport road, in lien of W A C Peake, resigned.

The following named persons were appointed to serve as grand jurors at the January term, 1889, of the Circuit Court, to wit:  District No 1, J. W. Ross, N. A. Garrett, A. H. McGuflee, D. W. Garrett.  District No. 2, B. F. Swilley, J. B. Smith, A. J. Turnage, B. R. Buckley.  Dist No 3, I. G. Lawrence, Holden Pearson, W. W. Gunnels, Josiah Miller.  Dist No. 4, A T Longino, Jno M. Smith, J T Sutton, Joe M Payne, Dist No 4, J. D. Burkett, W. D. Polk, J. T. Laird, B. S. Watts.

The note of J. H. Prine, with Jesse Wilson as security for the loan of $134,00 of school land fun was received, and the note of E. L. Jones for $300,00, held by the county Treasurer as cellateral security for the note of said Jesse Wilson was released as such security and the Treasurer was authorized to deliver the note of said Jones to said Wilson.

Homestead Notice

Joshua J. Lee, wit: John S. Blackwell, E. H. Griffith, of Monticello, O. F. Wilson, W. M. Lambert of Fair River. Jefferson Elliot, wit: Ed Moss, Frank Darr, Hiram Sartin, Spencer Bridges, all of Sartinsville. Roling May, wit: Green Smith, Spencer Bridges, Calvin Carney, Fred Bower, all of Sartinsville. Alexander Blackwell, wit: Adam Blanchard, Andrew Soloman, Thomas Buckley Isham Newsom, wit: Phillip Payne, Plat Jones, John Avery, all of Hebron Wallace Evan, wit: J. J. Fuller, A. Pl Ward, J. L. Lambert, all of Saulsbury.

December 13, 1888

Read the High School Notice

Several locas are crowded out this week.

Col. A. E. Weathersby is attending justice court in Mt. Carmel

Don't forget about our high school meeting on the 31st.

Dr. G. A. Teunisson returned home from the National Alliance this week.  The Doctor bought with him a sample of the pine straw bagging, which we believe to be the strongest material that we have yet seen in that line.

Two negros, who live near Blountville, were brought over to town and lodged in jail last Friday evening, charged with murder.  It seems that last April that a peddler, name and residence unknown, passed through this county, and after crossing the river at this place going eastward, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.  Not attention was paid to the matter at the time,however, as the man was looking pale and sickly and the general impression was that he had died a natural death.  Subsequent developments, however, proved this to be untrue.  One of the negros, (there were three implicated in it) Bill Barnes, confessed to cobbing the man and pushing him in a canal,at the same time implicating these other two Negroes.  He then skipped.  The remaining two Negroes were at once arrested and had a preliminary trial, but nothing definite was learned.  They claim to be innocent of the charge of murder, but acknowledge robbing him, and then giving the money back.


Cheap salt

Having made special arrangements with the salt mines we will offer our friends and patrons, for the next thirty days, best quality fine salt at only $1.00 per sack. You can't do without salt, so don't forget the place - John McGrath and Sons, Brookhaven, Miss.

Board of Supervisors.

Dec. Term, 1888

At a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the following members and officers were present, to wit: Archy Fairly, N. B. Buckley, D. A. Scarborough, F. F. Roberts, D. M. Lee, Sheriff and Will C. Cannon, Clerk.

Ordered that the report of commissioners appointed to lay out public road from Silver Creek post office to Columbia road, known as the Silver Creek and Columbia road, be received and approved and said road established, and the following names persons were appointed to act as overseers, to wit: J. M. Armstrong from Silver Creek postoffice to Silver Creek church, and hands were as signed to work said road.  W. B. Stringer, home Silver Creek church to Columbia river road, and hands were assigned to work said road.

Ordered that the report of the commissioners appointed to examine the contemplated change to Smith and Wesson road, be accepted and approved and that said road remain as now stands.


Alfred Sharp, Queen Barton, Burrel Burton be enrolled as a pauper at the rate of $3.00 per month.

Ordered that the following allowances be made, to wit:

S. S. Dale, M. D. L. Crawford, T. C. Maxwell, Abraham Oatis, E. O. Smith, T A Ennis, E W Brown, sheriff Copiah county for conveying prisoner here, J. G. Sistrunk, W. A. Calhoun, E. L. Lee, Thos Smith, (continued until next week)

Homestead Notice

Needham W. Lee, wit: J. T. Griffith, J. S. Blackwell, A. Blackwell O. F. Ellison, all of Monticello Jefferson Elliot, wit: Ed Moss, Frank Carr, Hirain Sartin, Spencer Bridges, all Sartinsville Roling May, wit: Green Smith, Spencer Bridges, Calvin Carney, Fred Bower, all Sartinsville

Commissioner's Sale, Adline L. Cannon, et al. vs Sarah Watts, et al.

Adminstrator Sale:

Estate of Wm Weathersby.  By virtue of an order of the Chancery Court of Lawrence county, Miss, made at the Nov. Term 1888, I will on the 29th day of Dec. 1888 at the court house door in the town of Monticello, within legal hours, sell to the highest bidder for case the following claims to wit:

P. C. Mullins, James Kennedy, W. C. Dickerson,Wm Brewer, Henry Brewer, Dave Sutton, Perry Carlisle, Matilda Washington, Jim Caves, Jim Davenport, John Parkman, Lewis Carr, John King, Bill Wilson, Dick Fugler, Jods May, John Terry, Bob Fuller, Henry Johnson, Joe Williams, Commodore Davis,

D. M. Lee - Administor

D. M. Le, Sheriff and com, vs. B. S. Watts, et al.

December 6, 1888

Read McGrath's advertisements

Toys and Holiday goods at Powell's

Mr. G. W. Garrett took in Hall's show last week.

Go to Powell's for fruits, fine candies and fancy goods.

Mrs. Ed Noland is visiting relatives in our town.

The Board of Supervisors was in session last Monday.

Mr. A. Cohn paid a flying visitin to Brookhaven last week.

Mrs. And Mrs. J. D. Carlisle are visiting Wesson this week.

Several cash subscribers this and last week, for which we return thanks.

Mr. T. L. Mendenhal, of Westville, was in attendance upon Chancery Court last week.

Mr. I. V. Enochs passed through town last week en route for Poplarville. Accept our congratulations, Ike.

The big bridge over the was below town is being repaired.  We think it is a step taken none too soon.

There was a thanksgiving sermon preached in the Presbyterian church last Thursday by Rev. J. W. Wellborn

Hons R. H. Thompson and A. C. McNair of Brookhaven and A. H. Longino, of Jackson, were in attendance upon Chancery Court last week.

Miss Florence Deason, of Brookhaven, was in our town last Saturday.  We learn sh contemplates taking charge of a school in this conty at an early date.

Administrator's Sale

Est of Wm Weathersby. By virtue of an order of the Chancery Court of Lawrence county, miss, made at the Nov Term, 1888, I will, on the 29th day of Dec. 1888, at the court house door in the town of Monticello, within legal hours, sell to the highest bidder for cash the following claims to wit:

P. C. Mullins, James Kennedy, W. C. Dickerson, Wm Brewer, Wm Taylor, Henry Brewer, Dave Sutton, Perry Carlisle, Matilda Washington, Jim Caves, Jim Davenport, John Parkman, Lewis Carr, John King, Bill Wilson, Dick Fugler, Joda May, John Terry, Bob Fuller, Henry Johnson, Joe Williams, Commodore Davis.


Laney Barnett, wit: W. D. Boyd, W. H. Barnett, Daniel Alexander, E. M. Collins, all of Sartinsville, William R. Lambert, wit: J. D. May, of Saulsbury, S. T. Wallace, John H. Carlile, John King all of Monticello, Daniel A. Scarborough, wit: O G Jolly, J E Daughdrill, G W Johnson, J D Stephens, all of Hooker. Charles F Prime, wit: Thomas Williamson, John Herrington, Jepe F. Thompson, all of Dale

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