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Nathaniel Green Barlow 1838 -1897 +

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      Submitted by: Lucy Lenora McDonald Neel,
      from a copy in Alice Adell Barlow McDonald's Bible.

      The subject of this sketch was a former resident of Copiah County, where he lived with his very excellent family until his demise, one mile east of Crystal Springs, Mississippi his native heath, where he was for many years a prosperous farmer, an enthusiastic citizen and a prominent churchman along all lines. As brother Barlow's children came to the years of youth hood the increased responsibility of educational advantages for his children impressed him, hence his move in their interest that he always looked upon with much pleasure and great satisfaction.

      N.G. Barlow was born May 4, 1838, and grew up a vigorous, resolute, obedient son to his parents, gradually developing traits of inborn generalship that is so characteristic of the family name. In the early years of his life he made a profession of religion and united with the Baptist church of his community, that he became worthy of and that as a result of his move he regretted very much to leave. As a church member and a true believer in Jesus Christ, Brother Barlow caught in the Christian life the spirit of his responsibility to his Savior and Lord, therefore when able he was always found in his place at church, and was ever ready to be used in the interest of the Master's Kingdom according to the will of his brethren, either in personal service or contribution of his means to every good cause presented.

      Brother Barlow was first married Jan. 7, 1858, to Miss Laurinda Guynes. To this union there was born a family of fourteen children, twelve of whom survive him, and a family who are worthy of their name. This remarkable union was broken Dec. 10, 1895, by the death of Mrs. Laurinda Barlow, who in all these years had proved herself to be the true wife that she pledged herself to be and the affectionate mother that she was designed to be by her Creator. The Godly woman was not only a loss to her husband and children but a loss to all of her acquaintances. In 1897, Brother Barlow was married the second time to Miss Maggie Guynes who survives him, who has ever been watchful and careful for the interest of this loving husband all these years whether in sickness or in health.  But this union according to a wise Providence, must be broken, that as a result has left sorrowing hearts in the home, the family circle and the community at large.

      As a result of the declaration of the Civil War, and the need of courageous men to sustain a great principle involved, Brother Barlow like many other patriotic citizens, heard the bugle call in the defense of his country to which he was true to the last moments of his life.  He  enlisted in Company A of the 4th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment and served his country faithfully until the surrender in 1865.  As husband and parent, he was lovable, kind, sympathetic and yet positive in all his rulings that ever characterized him as being true to all alike.

      As a neighbor, he will be missed, ever being ready to sympathize with the unfortunate and ready to give council to help the bewildered.  He has faithfully served his day and generation and has been called to the "rest that remaineth to the people of God."
      A FRIEND

      Nathaniel Green is the son of my gr-gr grandparents...George Washington Barlow and Flora Anne Byrd and the brother of my gr grandfather, Andrew Jackson Barlow. Nathaniel Green was named for George Washington Barlow's twin brother...

05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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