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Barnes Family Letters

Feb 19th 1860

Miss Mary Davis
My faculties seem to fail me when I take up my pen to address you for the first time in life. I hardly know what to say, what I feel I dare not write, often have I thought when in your company I would talk to you of things concerning my future, to life-long happiness, but my heart has failed me as often. Miss Molly, I look up to you as to no other woman living. I am a plain man & wish you to deal true and honest with me. Will you favor me with an answer to this? I regreted very much to learn you were going to Perry County to teach school. Hopeing to hear from you soon I will close
Berry Gardner
PS direct your letter to B. M. Gardner. Columbia. Marion Co. Miss.

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All Stewart and Barnes letters, documents and photos courtesy of Mary Renna. Copyright protected.

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